Chapter 526 new drama new plan

    "The Global Chinese Original Golden Melody List is gorgeous, and 24 Golden Bailing Flowers are the Lord!" 》

    "Music talent" Lu Chen takes the best male Singer and best composition, and makes a new idol myth! 》

    "The biggest winner of the Golden Melody List – Chen Feier's best woman Singer, best album, media recommendation"

"Chinese Popular Musical World Best Couples Shining Gold List Awards Ceremony"

"Stars shine, the global Chinese original gold music list leads the popular Musical World new trend!"


    Sitting in the back seat of the business car, Lu Chen holding a tablet to look at the entertainment sector of today's major media sites.

    I got up too late in the morning, I had dinner with my sister at noon, and I had an interview with CCTV in the afternoon, so until now he was able to make a point to browse the news of the online media.

    Without any surprises, the news of the Awards ceremony of the World Chinese Originals is the entertainment headline of the mainstream media. The award-winning situation, the details of the ceremony, the behind-the-scenes footage, and so on, are matched with the photos of the Celebrity. To create a very lively atmosphere.

    This is actually very normal. The first [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs] Awards ceremony has a profound impact on Domestic and even Xiangjiang Island and the global Chinese Musical World. The most advanced specifications, CCTV global satellite live broadcast plus Rich and attractive rewards are bound to bring a new wave of Chinese popular Music.

    In this Music Festival, Chen Feier, who won the best female Singer, the best album and the media recommended three trophies, is undoubtedly the biggest winner, and the arrogant scenery is incomparable.

    Although Lu Chen only won two of the six nominations, the best male Singer and best composing two heavyweight awards also pushed him to the peak of the Music career.

    With these two trophies, Lu Chen can be said to be among the top Singers of Chinese Musical World. He used to have the corresponding popularity and strength. Now he is certified as a correct result.

    Don't say that this honor can't be seen and touched. It represents real benefits. Let's not talk about the bonus of the Golden Bailing Award. There are best male Singer and best composing double prizes. The price of Lu Chen’s commercial performance is at least 50% bonus, as for writing songs to others, the price of breaking a million also makes people have nothing to say.

    Because he got it, it is the highest achievement of the popular Chinese Musical World.

    There is no shortage of media to say that the Golds Chart Awards ceremony last night has become a couple show of Lu Chen and Chen Feier, but more media praised the organizing committee and the judges group, because the awards are basically not big. The controversy is quite consistent with the results of previous online surveys.

    For the Music Awards such as the [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs List], it is very difficult to do this. In the past, the Music Award or the movie award selection of Domestic will always make small tricks out, and the heat will appear frequently, not being Be optimistic about becoming a dark horse, and then from time to time engage in a few "double yellow eggs" and "more yellow eggs".

    On the arbitrage of pork, the audience ridicule ridiculed the wind, affecting its credibility, the organizing committee and the judges group still do not care, it has become a common problem of these awards.

    In this context, Lu Chen wants to get the best male Singer who represents the highest honor. It is really unrealistic.

    [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs] has at least largely reversed this trend.

    After watching the entertainment news and watching the blog, Lu Chen’s personal blog and studio official blog have all been smashed. People in the circle who don’t know the industry, countless fans have sent congratulations. If Lu Chen wants to reply one by one, It is estimated that it takes a few months.

    "Your fans are catching up with me!"

    Chen Feier is holding the same tablet computer to brush the blog, she seems to find the New World: "It is 2 million!"

    As the largest interactive community of Domestic and top three, almost all of the Domestic Celebrity artists have one's own certification V number in Inspur blogs, and the number of fans largely represents the popularity index.

    At present, Chen Feier’s number of fans is 36 million+, which is doubled compared with a year ago. This is mainly due to the two drama series she starred in, “Blue Life and Death” and “Full House”. To a large number of fans.

    Lu Chen’s fans are 34 million+, although his girlfriend is 2 million, but to know that his blog was opened, but more than a year ago, the increase of Speed ​​is terrible.

    The most important thing is that the blogs of both of them are real and there is no means of cheating by spending money to buy powder.

    The surge in the number of blog fans is a surprising potential benefit, such as the big V of Chen Feier, if you make an advertisement on a blog, the offer price is at least several million.

    Lu Chen said seriously: "Then you have to work hard, don't be caught up by me."

    Chen Feier gave him a blank look: "I am not being chased by you now?"

    Lu Chen was dumbfounded. He put down his tablet and took Chen Feier into his arms: "Are you happy?"

    Chen Feier twisted him, but nodded.

    Inside the carriage, the atmosphere is sweet and warm.

    After a moment, Chen Feier got back straight up. She sorted out the scattered blue silk hair and asked: "Is the drama series prepared for this year, is the script coming out?"

    According to the plan, Lu Chen will return to Domestic to shoot the third drama series after one's own first movie "Ghost Story", which is also the last ending of his urban sentiment trilogy.

    Of course, Chen Feier is still the heroine.

    Lu Chen looked at her a little surprised and replied: "I haven't written yet? what's wrong? ”

    Chen Feier will certainly not ask this question for no reason, her "Sheng Shi Chang Ge Xing" has not finished shooting!

    Chen Feier explained: "A lot of friends asked, there are…Anyway, everyone cares a lot. ”

    It’s just a concern!

    "Blue Life and Death" and "Full House" two drama series big sale, in the Republic of Korea have created a miracle of viewing, Lu Chen endlessly dropped the golden rice bowl, actually went to Xiangjiang to make a movie, it is really a lot to taste A sweet-headed person or a person who wants to share a piece of cake has a dog-like feeling.

    Lu Chenyuan was in Xiangjiang, temporarily separated from the Domestic circle, so many people found Chen Feier, or listened to the news straightforwardly or in a roundabout way.

    In the previous circle, there was a bit of wind, but after all, it was not as credible as it was confirmed by Lu Chen.

    If you can be sure that the message is true, you can do it in advance.

    Chen Feier is a person who is involuntarily in Jiang Hu. Today, she received a soft call from the phone, and all aspects of the relationship were knocked in the name of congratulations, which made her very helpless.

    Lu Chen understands Chen Feier's hardships. He thought about it: "I can definitely get the script this month. As for the date of the start-up shooting, it is tentatively scheduled for March."

    The news can be released first, so that Chen Feier also has an account for others. As for cooperation, it is another matter. Now Lu Chen studio does not lack collaborators.

    Chen Feier curiously asked: "Is the name of the new drama thought?"

    Lu Chen smiled slightly: "Think of it, called "You from the stars"!"


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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