The 524th chapter of the new cabinet at home

    Unconsciously opening his eyes, the consciousness is still not very clear. It is entirely out of daily habits. Lu Chen’s detective touched the bed around him, but he touched the air.


    Lu Chen was a bit puzzled, turned over and took the action arm, and accurately grabbed the cell phone resting on the bedside table.

    Light up the screen and the time shown above surprised him.

    It is already 10:03 in the morning!

    Lu Chen instinctively sat up in bed, his sullen head made him unable to kneel down and snorted.

    The memory seemed to emerge in the mind like a tide, and Lu Chen shook his head helplessly.

    Last night [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs] After the awards ceremony, he was pulled by Liao Jia and Tan Hong, went to a private club to celebrate, and then was filled with a lot of wine.

    Lu Chen feels that one's own has never drunk so much wine in his life, so he was unconscious for the first time.

    As for how to come back later, Lu Chen almost forgot to do it.

    It is also his physical quality is good enough, otherwise the sequelae of hangover is not so easy, but the habit of morning exercise is still broken – the biological clock can not hold the power of alcohol!

    "Are you awake?"

    At this time, Chen Feier, wearing a pajamas, walked in the door of the bedroom and came in and asked with concern: "Is the head hurting?" I will take you two pieces of aspirin, and you will sleep more. ”

    Lu Chen took a sigh of relief and smiled: "I am fine, no need."

    Chen Feier sat down on the edge of the bed and said, "You are still very embarrassed to say that you drunk so much wine last night, and you can't persuade them. They are really few, not good people, and Tan Big Brother is not stopping!"

    Lu Chen only smiled.

    Excessive alcohol and tobacco is a great injury to Singer. Lu Chen does not smoke, and ordinary wines are rarely consumed. Most of them are red wine or low-grade beer to protect one's own.

    However, the situation of last night was different. In addition to the two big brothers, Liao Jia and Tan Hong, there were also Yu Ming, Lin Zhijie and so on. What kind of face can you give?

    You have a cup of him, Lu Chen has to drink all the time, no one can do it.

    People in Jiang Hu, a lot of times are also involuntarily!

    Chen Feier took a few words and said: "I prepared breakfast for you, hot in the kitchen."

    Lu Chen pulled her over and took a kiss on her face: "Thank you wife!"

    "Go! Go! Go!"

    Chen Feier smiled and pushed him away: "Come on, you have an important interview in the afternoon!"

    In the afternoon, I was interviewed by CCTV's variety channel reporter. The work has already been arranged well, so this is not a good deal. You must wait in time at the studio.

    Lu Chen cheered up and immediately got up and dressed, running the bathroom to wash and clean.

    When he came out freshly, Chen Feier had placed the breakfast on the table. The content was quite rich. Milk, sandwiches, rice porridge, fried dough sticks and meat packs were all available.

    Lu Chenping often has a large amount of exercise and is busy with work, so his appetite is very good. Although the hangover is more or less affecting appetite, he will wipe out all the breakfast as a wind and cloud.

    After eating and drinking, Chen Feier, who was sitting at the table, handed Lu Chen a napkin and then smiled and asked: "Do you feel any difference at home?"

    Lu Chen took a paper towel and wiped his mouth. He looked around and wondered, and soon found the answer.

    The home is a bit different. I don’t know when there is a beautiful glass display cabinet on the left side of the living room. There are five golden trophies on the top of the room.

    Lu Chen couldn't help but get up and walked over and asked in surprise: "When did you buy it?"

    Chen Feier followed closely and reached out to hug his waist and asked: "I just sent it in the morning, do you like it?"

    Lu Chen nodded hard.

    These five Golden Bailing trophies are exactly what he and Chen Feier had at the Awards Ceremony of [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs] last night, namely, media recommendation, best composition, best male Singer, best female Singer and most Good album!

    Among them, Lu Chen is the best composer and best male Singer, and the other three are won by Chen Feier.

    Among the five trophies, the most interesting one is probably the best album. As the last heavyweight award of the Golden Melody, Lu Chen’s The Ordinary Road and Chen Feier’s Flower Woman are nominated for the nomination. Candidates, the result of this couple's matchup was won by the woman.

    After the answer was announced, Lu Chen also went to stage and Chen Feier sang a Love Song as the finale of the Awards ceremony.

    Later, when drinking, Lu Chen listened to Tan Hong. When the judges group selected the best album, the votes of the two albums were very close. "Flower Woman" only beat "The Ordinary Road" by 3 votes.

    Tan Hong is one of the members of the judges group [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs], so I understand the inside story, but according to Liao Jia’s words, no matter who wins, the best album is Lu Chen’s.

    Recalling the bit by bit last night, Lu Chen’s lips could not help but smile.

    Chen Feier put the delicate and rounded chin on his shoulder. Hee Hee smiled and said: "Now I have one more than you. In the future, all the trophies we have won will be here. See who is there."

    In the past, the two also won awards. Chen Feier is especially rich, but the trophy awards are displayed in their respective studios instead of being placed in one's own home.

    The Golden Bailing Award is undoubtedly the beginning.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I am afraid this cabinet can't be placed?"

    For Lu Chen, [Global Chinese Original Gold Songs] is a peak of his Music career, but it is also a new beginning. The future road is long and long for him, and there are boundless scenery.

    Although Chen Feier has debuted for more than ten years, he has just completed his career transformation and embarked on the road of comprehensive development of film and television songs. The awards that will be won in the future are certainly not in the minority.

    Chen Feier said with domineering: "Then we buy another cabinet, and we only put the most weight, and other small prizes are lost in the studio!"

    Lu Chen smiled and turned around to hold her into her arms and bowed her to give her a deep kiss.

    Chen Feier warmly greeted her, and she was kissed to the eye-catching and silky spring, and she broke away from Lu Chen’s embrace: “I’m going to have dinner with Lu Xijie at noon, we are going to be late!”

    Thinking of the appearance of his sister's face, Lu Chen had no choice but to let go of the beauty.

    Yesterday's glory moment has passed, and life will continue. In the foreseeable future, busy work will never be less.

    Lu Chen is ready to meet new challenges!


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