Chapter 561, a grim start

    "Ghost Story" is officially released on Tuesday, February 21.

    Just yesterday, as the biggest competition opponent, "Painted Skin" announced the first week of the box office.

    Since the release of the 14th, as of the 19th, a total of 6 days, this film by Huaguan Film and Star Art Entertainment has a total of 36.77 million movies, the results are quite dazzling.

    In the past ten years, Xiangjiang's local movies have been under the impact of Hollywood blockbusters. The situation has been quite bad. A large number of film and television production companies have closed down, and the industry has outflowed talents. The box office has achieved little success.

    Although "Painted Skin" is a co-production film, it is the flag of Hong Kong produced on publicity, so the first week of the box office of 36.77 million has set a record for Hong Kong production in the past three years.

    Huaguan Film and Xingyi Entertainment are naturally celebrated. Even Jiang Wei, who was forced to apologize because of Wang Dong’s public anger, was revived on the blog. He even sent several essays to show off his blog, and the spring breeze was very proud.

    Only the people who do not know the truth will think that the performance of "Painted Skin" is very good. The box office in Hong Kong has exceeded 100 million. It is just as good as they are blowing, but the inside industry is very different.

    "Painted Skin" released top three days of results really bright, 24,400,000 box office arrogant peers unparalleled, showing a flying king of the tyrants.

    However, on February 17, the box office of "Painted Skin" suddenly dropped to 4.27 million, which is close to 50% compared with the 16th!

    On February 18th, "Painted Skin" had a box office of 3.2 million and continued to fall sharply.

    It didn't improve until the 19th, and the 4.85 million box office showed a tendency to rebound, accumulating a total of 36.77 million at the box office in the first week and staying at around 5 million in the next 20 days.

    On the surface, it is still very good. At the box office of 5 million a day, many movies produced by Xiangjiang may not be able to be reached for a few weeks, and it is still possible to crush the Hong Kong film released at the same time.

    However, the insider revealed that, since 19th, the Huaguan film and Star Arts Entertainment take action to the city.

    To put it bluntly, I bought a box office.

    The so-called "box office" refers to the unfair competition method adopted by some film producers in order to create the illusion of high box office and to exclude the competition films. That is, the film party pays for a large number of movie tickets, and then sells them at a low price. The way to the audience.

    Since the cinema layout is a scarce resource, the “buy box office” creates a false box office number, which not only misleads the audience, but also squashes other movie sessions.

    The phenomenon of buying a box office is in Xiangjiang. It is more in Domestic, and the source is still in United States Hollywood. It belongs to the hidden rules in the film circle, and everyone is unaware of it.

    Buying a box office is only 5 million, the real box office can be imagined, the most crucial thing is that "painting skin" on the Internet bad reviews, the follow-up box office results are worrying.

    At this critical moment, "Ghost Story" was released.

    There is no need to say more about the competitive relationship between "Ghost Story" and "Painted Skin". Both films are adapted from Pu Songling's "Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio". First of all, the types of themes are similar, and they all belong to the fantasy ghost film.

    And there are other grievances between the two sides.

    "Ghost Story" is released one week later than "Painted Skin". The two are naturally like Mars hit Earth, which is quite eye-catching in the industry. It is also one of the hot topics in the circle.

    Many insiders believe that it is impossible for "Ghost Story" to win "painting skin" at the box office. First of all, the investment of the two is several times worse. The cast is also stronger than the former.

    As for the most important publicity, "Painted Skin" is the whole aspect of crushing "Ghost Story", which can be seen from the premiere of the two films. If the Ghost Story is not the light of Liu Gangsheng and Shi Fang It is estimated that there are not many media reports that will be widely reported.

    In addition, there is a key point. "Painted Skin" takes up the first-hand opportunity and consumes a large part of the box office potential. Naturally, it also gives the same type of "Ghost Story" great box office pressure – everyone has seen this one. Kind of film, then save money, it is really necessary to think about it, the money in the pocket is not the wind.

    Finally, "Painted Skin" will also squeeze the "Ghost Story" by means of buying a box office, so the situation faced by the latter is very serious. Some professionals have inferred that the "Ghost Story" in Hong Kong should be at 1,500 in the box office. – between 25 million.

    The location of the real decisive battle between the two sides is still in the mainland.

    Regardless of the public opinion in the industry, "Ghost Story" is on time to visit the major theaters in Xiangjiang.

    On the same day, the film of "Ghost Story" was 18.75%, which was less than the estimated 20% in the previous days. The reason is naturally the malicious extrusion of competitive opponents.

    18.75% of the platoon can not be said to be too bad, but compared to the "painted skin" that is undoubtedly a big difference.

    As for the reservation, the network and telephone reservations of "Ghost Story" are also very unsatisfactory. After the premiere, on the 21st, only 20,000 tickets were booked.


    "A Hui, I am downstairs."

    Zhai Zihao pinched the cell phone and lowered the Voice. "You, when can you come down?"

    He was very nervous, sweating in his palms, and he tried his best not to let one's own Voice tremble. The slightly eccentric appearance made the passing scorpion cast a strange look at him.

    Xunzi Hao did not have no awareness, all his attention was on the cell phone.

    He is worried that A Hui will be cool about putting pigeons.

    Zhai Zihao is a sophomore at the Mingde High School in Xiangjiang, Kowloon. He recently liked a high school student.

    Xunzi Hao's family is ordinary, and he looks white and clean. Although he is not handsome, his appearance is not very bad, but his character is a bit introverted, so he has not yet held any hands with any girl.

    And chasing girls, courage must be big, a little thicker!

    Zhai Zihao likes Jia Hui, a very cute school girl, so with the encouragement of his good friends, he has the courage to pursue Jiahui.

    Sadly, the girl who looks like Jiahui is not lacking in the pursuit, and he is not surprised by his words, so so far, I can only say that there is a little hope, at least three streets away from success.

    This evening is the first time that Zhai Zihao came out of Zhai Zihui, although the latter agreed, but before he saw anyone, Xunzi Hao was still suffering from grief.

    "How come you are coming soon?"

    Fortunately, Jia Hui did not mean remorse. She said in the cell phone: "That will give me another 10 minutes, can I?"

    When the scorpion Hao Hao was a big man, he quickly said: "No…No problem, 100 minutes will do!"

    In the microphone, Jiahui’s “噗哧” laughter was heard immediately, and the face of the scorpion was so bright that he couldn’t wait for one’s own slap – it was too shameful!

    At the end of the call, Zhai Zihao scratched his head in annoyance.

    He has a feeling that he can pursue success and look at the performance of one's own tonight.

    The result was a loss first.


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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