Chapter 553, read it again.

    "Bold thief, dare to grab the money of Lao Tzu!"

    In the wilderness, the torrential rain is like a note. Six or seven thieves who are five big and three thick are running out of life. Although they have sharp weapons, they have a horrifying color on their faces, as if there are any monsters behind them chasing them.

    Accompanied by a thunder and anger, a black warrior rushed out of the thief and sneaked into the crowd, but saw a sharp sword flashed, a man flying up!

    Splashing three feet, just sprayed on the face of the scholar who was already scared, let him look like a face.

    However, the killing is still going on. The black warrior waved the big sword and left and right. There was no enemy at all. The two thieves tried to fight and resist the desperation. As a result, they were turned to the ground by a black warrior!

    In the audience, Zhai Zihao saw blood in his mouth.

    He has seen a lot of Hollywood blockbusters in the past, and the fight inside is also very intense and bloody, but compared with the short one minute scene of "Ghost Story", it seems too rough and simple, more violent and less lingering.

    Ten steps to kill one person, do not stay in a thousand miles, things go to the clothes, deep hiding and name!

    In the mind of Zhai Zihao, the famous words in Li Bai's "Knights" are involuntarily displayed. The screen on the screen also has a gripping soundtrack. The background of the troubled Jiang Hu's movie has become so vivid in his eyes.

    There were also several exclamations in other audiences around him.

    The film has only just begun, the two scenes of Lanruo Temple and the wilderness shed have left a deep impression on everyone, and people are looking forward to the story behind.

    In other words, the appetite of the audience has been hoisted.

    On the screen, the story continues.

    The scholar Ning Caichen went to Guobei County to collect the accounts. The rain was forced to go to the legendary Lanruo Temple, but he was rejected by the temple's Daoist Priest Yan Chixia. He sneaked into the temple.

    In the middle of the night, Ning Caichen was attracted by the sound of the piano, so the girl Nie Xiao Qian, but Little Qian suddenly revealed the killing, and was rescued by Yan Chixia.

    Little Qian was moved by Ning Caichen's integrity and kindness, so he had a love for him, but it was stopped by Yan Chixia. Ning Caichen thought that Yan Chixia was a murderer with a slap in the face, and wanted to escape with Little Qian. As a result, Nie Little Qian’s tree Grandma forced her to kill Ning Caichen for yang.

    Little Qian couldn't bear it, and the tree Grandma was furious and took action. Seeing that the two were at stake, or the Knight of Justice take action hit Grandma.

    At this time, Ning Caichen knows that Little Qian is a lonely ghost…

    To be honest, Zhai Zihao booked the "Ghost Story" movie ticket through cell phone yesterday, completely because Jia Hui likes the two protagonists. He is here to make his sweetheart happy and sit here.

    However, seeing now, Scorpion One's own has been fascinated.

    Ning Caichen in the film is a bit pedantic and a little weak, but he still maintains a kind heart of the heart in the chaos, and for the loved one, in the face of real danger, extraordinary courage.

    Zhai Zihao saw one's own figure in him, and he naturally entered it. He became up and down with the ups and downs of the film's protagonist.

    Until there was a low exclamation.


    Among the movies, the BOSS tree Grandma displayed a powerful spell to fight Yan Chixia, and the picture was rendered terrifying, which shocked the audience, including Jia Hui.

    It was entirely instinctive fear, she subconsciously seized the hand of Scorpion!

    When the scorpion Hao Hao smashed, he came to wake up for a moment.

    Jia Hui's hand is a bit cool, the skin is soft and delicate, and the feeling of touching makes his face instantly bright red!

    It’s a pity, it’s the first time that Zhai Zihao’s “intimate” contact with a girl other than one’s own sister has been in his life, and the other person is the one he likes.

    The great joy instantly stunned the minds of Zhai Zihao, and made him feel awkward at a time. Even the wonderful movies could not be watched. I only hope that time will always stay at this moment.

    Regrettably, just a few minutes later, Jia Hui woke up and quickly retracted his hand with shame.

    Don't mention how much lost in the heart of the scorpion.

    Fortunately, there are movies to watch.

    In the movie, Ning Caichen knew that Nie Little Qian was under the control of the Grandma because of the bones being abandoned. He was forced to look for a strong man every night to let Grandma absorb the Yang Jing, so that the latter could gain life.

    In order to prevent Little Qian from receiving further ****, Ning Caichen promised to transport his ashes back to the countryside for burial. Unexpectedly, Little Qian was robbed of his wife by Montenegro. Ning Caichen pleaded with Yan Chixia to save Little Qian. Yan Chixia tried hard to persuade him. He had to take Ning Caichen to the ground and finally saved Little. Qian, let him reincarnate.

    But as a result, Ning Caichen and Nie Xiao Qian are always separated…

    The story is here to the end, and the ending is not a perfect reunion, leaving the audience with unlimited embarrassment.

    With the appearance of subtitles, the lights in the theater slowly lit up, and when it was in the field.

    Many viewers did not get up immediately and were still immersed in the movie.

    Jia Hui wiped the tears in his eyes and said to Zhai Zihao: "Let's go…"

    Zhai Zihao suddenly blessed his soul, or was impulsive. He pulled up Jia Hui’s little hand without thinking, and asked: “Jia Hui, this movie is very good, let’s watch it again!”

    Jia Hui didn't think that Zhai Zihao was so bold, actually pulled one's own hand in public, and the round face suddenly got a layer of fainting, and he struggled subconsciously.

    But the strength is very light and light.

    "Hey, hello, what are you doing!"

    Still, Ni Hui was pungent, and immediately saw the hand of Zhai Zihao: "Don't eat my sister's tofu."

    The courage of Zhai Zihao disappeared instantly, and he hid one's own handcuffs and said: "That…"

    His heart is very scared, afraid that Jiahui will hate one's own.

    "Let's see it again."

    He was trying to say "That's right." I didn't expect Jia Hui to suddenly say: "It's a good look."

    Her Voice falls in the ears of Scorpion, just like a scorpio, and she bursts with joy: "Good…Well, I will go out and buy a movie ticket right away! ”

    Ni Hui snorted and took the opportunity to extort: ​​"Buy more snacks, I want spiced beef jerky, and Haagen-Dazs ice cream, big!"

    Zhai Zihao didn't care. For the date of this evening, he took out the savings of one's own work.

    As long as Jiahui is happy, just fine!

    The conversation between the two was heard by other audiences who were leaving the game, and several couples were discussing and reviewing.

    "It's a good look, I have to read it again!"

    "Nie Little Qian is so beautiful."

    "Let's go buy tickets, maybe there are no tickets."

    "Go and go…"


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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