The 552th chapter of the road

    Zhai Zihao waited in uneasiness.

    Jia Hui did not come down after 10 minutes, of course, did not let the Zizi Hao wait for 100 minutes.

    About 20 minutes later, a girl in a white sportswear walked down from the corridor and stood in front of him in a pretty way. She said with a slight shyness: "Let you wait for a long time?"

    Scorpion sly looked at the beautiful school girl in front of her, feeling that one of her own hearts exploded.

    He can't speak.

    Jia Hui was stared at by the son of Zhuang Zihao.

    "Hey Hey hey!"

    At this time, a 13-year-old girl in yellow clothes suddenly came out from behind Jia Hui, and screamed at the scorpion in the brain. "Are you a fool?" What are you doing here? ”

    Zhai Zihao was shocked and instinctively stepped back, as the dream woke up: "Hey…"

    Jia Hui grabbed the girl in yellow clothes and introduced: "This is my sister Ni Hui, she wants to be with me, can I?"

    Jia Hui’s sister’s appearance is similar to her, she’s four or five points, but her character is eccentric, and it’s obviously a kind of courageous and very uncomfortable character.

    "Boy, do you want to soak my old sister? If you want to soak, then you have to please me, otherwise…"

    She breathed gas from her nostrils, squinting at Scorpion Hao, a look of "I am a girl."

    Jia Hui is a helpless face, obviously there is no way for one's own sister.

    Zhai Zihao was not too stupid. He woke up and said quickly: "No problem, then take Ni Hui's sister together."


    Ni Hui said with a grin: "Don't call it so intimate, I am not your sister, where do you go to play at night?"

    Even if Ni Hui’s age is a few years younger than one’s own, Yan Zihao looked at her a little worried, and said quickly: “Let’s go to the movies? In the evening, "Ghost Story" was released, starring Lu Chen and Chen Feier. ”

    He was inquired by a friend that Nie Hui recently fell in love with a drama series called "Blue Life and Death", which is being broadcasted by the TV station. The male and female protagonists in the show are starring Lu Chen and Chen Feier.

    Therefore, Zhai Zihao specifically searched the information of these two Celebrity on the Internet, and then knew the "Ghost Story".

    Jia Hui really surprised: "Great, I just want to see it!"

    "It’s watching movies, old-fashioned!"

    Ni Hui snorted, not very reluctant – she prefers to go to the video game city or ice rink.

    Where does Zizihao care about her feelings and see Jiahui like it, and a big stone in her heart finally landed.

    Of course, there is a Xiaoxiao question.

    That is, he only booked two movie tickets online, I don't know if there is any time at this time.

    Fortunately, now that the technology is developed, the smart cell phone can be installed with the booking app, so Zhai Zihao has added a piece to the liuhui on the taxi.

    The "Ghost Story" ticket officially released tonight sold well. He was also lucky enough to catch the last bus and grabbed one of the last two tickets. Of course, it was impossible to be adjacent to his original position.

    But this is what Zhai Zihao hopes.

    However, he soon discovered that the idea of ​​one's own was a big mistake.

    When I got the ticket at the cinema, Ni Hui directly took the two adjacent tickets and left it to the new one of Zhai Zihao, which made him messy and silent in the wind.

    After all, Scorpion is not a fool. Under such a situation, he did not stupidly stay in the corner to see, but to discuss with others, pay a price for the position, and finally sat next to Jiahui.

    This makes Ni Hui look at him a little differently: "You are not stupid?"

    The scorpion smirked and scratched his head. He looked at Jiahui, and his eyes were full of joy.

    Jia Hui was blushed by him and whispered: "Look at the movie."

    The lights in the movie theater were dark, and the film's title appeared on the big screen. The voice of the audience disappeared and everyone's attention was concentrated. .

    Xiangjiang people like to watch movies. The quality of the audience is usually high. When watching the movie, everyone will consciously keep quiet. The cell phone will adjust to the vibration mode so as not to interfere with other people's viewing.

    Sui Zihao looked around and found that the theaters of nearly two hundred people sat full and the audience was mostly lovers.

    He couldn't help but sneak a peek at Jia Hui.

    But Jia Hui’s eyes only stared at the screen.

    Zhai Zihao's attention followed, and he re-adjusted his sitting posture and began to enjoy the film.

    The first appearance on the screen is the logo of Jiayang Film Industry. This logo is not very familiar to the Xiangjiang audience. Then the Lu Chen Studio Logo is even more strange.

    After the short title, the film officially began. The picture shows a close-up of a dilapidated stone tablet. The three characters of "Lan Ruo Temple" are presented in the audience's sight. The background is an ancient temple under the night.

    With the rendering of the soundtrack, a strange and strange atmosphere quietly hit, so that the audience's heart can not help mention.

    The scorpion ho, who had a dim sum, was also attracted.

    The story of "Ghost Story" is unfolding. The scholars who stayed at the ancient temples and the beautiful women who appeared quietly appeared. The fascination of the seemingly routine was the beginning of bloodthirsty killing. In just two minutes, the audience was brought into a fascinating and bizarre In the world.

    Under the background of red and bloody brocade, the four handwritten Calligraphy characters of "Ghost Story" screamed on it, and the theme song of the film "Roads with People" was followed.

    The protagonist Ning Caichen followed the go on stage, and a lonely scholar was struggling in the wilderness. The situation of suffering and suffering formed a perfect fit with the theme song.

    Zhai Zihao chose to look at "Ghost Story", which is entirely because Jia Hui likes the starring of the film. He himself is not very fond of watching this kind of fantasy movie. He loves to watch Hollywood movies.

    Therefore, he did not have any expectations for the film "Ghost Story". Whether it is good or bad, as long as Jiahui is happy, it is worth more than one hundred yuan of movie tickets.

    Well, there are cola, popcorn, potato chips…

    However, just watching the opening of a few minutes, Zhai Zihao's viewing interest was hooked up, especially the theme song filled with the charm of the ancient style, but also touched his heartstring, let him involuntarily substitute one's own into the protagonist.

    "Life is like a long road,

The road is frosty and frosty.

    There are many directions in the dream of red dust.

Find the crazy dream center love road!

    Life is a dream and aspiration.

There are tears in the dream,

Where do you go to lick my heart,

The wind seems to sigh and sigh in the dream.


    Looking at the scholars who are fading on the screen, listening to the theme songs with melodious and distant words, Zhai Zihao's mind is not on Jiahui next door.

    As for Jiahui, it is even more eye-catching to stare at the screen.


Note: "The Road with People" lyrics / song: Huang Zhan (to be continued ~ ^ ~)

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