The fifty-fifth chapter of the world is hot

    "Ma Shu!"

    Ma Rong really walked down the stairs. A middle-aged man who happened to pass by eagerly greeted him: "Where are you going?" Have you eaten dinner? ”

    Ma Rongzhen nodded and said: "There is a party at night, and it is about to pass now."

    “Definitely in the Advanced Hotel!”

    The middle-aged man said in a rather exaggerated tone: "You are a superstar now, and you can't live here for a few days now?" In the future, I will definitely stay at the hotel every day. ”

    Ma Rong really smiled and didn't pick up the other person's words.

    The other party is his neighbor, usually there is no exchange, and the meeting will be no more than a head, and Ma Rong really knows that this is a hidden contempt for him – he used to be.

    Since Ma Rongzhen’s "Ghost Story" was released at the box office on Hong Kong Island, his reputation and popularity have increased sharply as the actor of Yan Chixia, an important figure in the film.

    Some reporters interviewed, and some people called to ask him to make a movie, and there was a door to want to be his manager…

    Ma Rongzhen’s renting house in Tin Shui Wai suddenly became a city, and then he did not know what he knew, and he saw him smile and greet him warmly.

    The former neighbors knew that Ma Rong had a lot of people, but few of them were so friendly and enthusiastic.

    Everyone usually talks about him, saying that his wife is derailed in the servant's street, and that it is only ridiculous.

    Now that his salted fish has turned over, everything has changed.

    The human condition is warm and cold, and the world is cold, nothing more.

    After prosperous vanity and displacement, Ma Rongzhen has long been bearish, and he has not dared to stun.

    He did not humble with the other side of the guest, he turned and prepared to leave.

    Tonight, Lu Chen Studio and Jiayang Film held a celebration meeting at the Shangri-La Hotel to celebrate the "Ghost Story" box office exceeded 50 million. Ma Rongzhen is definitely going to participate.

    At this time, a black Mercedes-Benz stopped at his side.

    Ma Rong was really surprised.

    The Tianshuiwei he rented was a civilian area of ​​Xiangjiang. The urban construction and environment could not be compared with the prosperous commercial district. The houses were built privately and randomly, and the sewage on the narrow streets was everywhere.

    A million-dollar luxury Mercedes-Benz appears here, almost like a winning prize.

    The next moment, the window of the Mercedes-Benz rear seat was put down, and a fat-headed head was found.


    Ma Rongzhen suddenly stunned, and took a closer look and recognized the other party: "High boss?"

    Ma Rongzhen debuted for decades, and he once had a good time. There were many people who knew outside the circle. Although there was no exchange after the street, the memory was not missing.

    The owner of Gao Hong De Gao is Gao Sheng Film, and has now changed its name to Gao Sheng Entertainment's BOSS. It is a well-stated figure in the Entertainment Circle of Film and Television, and his character is smooth and savvy.

    Ma Rongzhen had previously filmed a movie produced by Gaosheng Film, and the box office was OK. He had a relationship with Gao Hongde, but he later wanted to find Gao Hongde when he was down, and he was rejected by the other party.

    Now seeing Gao Hongde again, Ma Rong really can't help but recall the one's own past, a little lost.

    Gao Hong opened the door and walked down. He smiled and reached out and shot Ma Rong’s shoulder. He said in an old friend’s voice: "We haven’t seen each other for ten years? I don't think you remember me. ”

    Ma Rongzhen was awakened by Gao Hongde, and smiled faintly: "It has been ten years."

    He was really very emotional in his heart.

    If you change to a narrow-minded person, if you have had such a encounter with Ma Rongzhen, you will definitely not have any good looks for Gao Hongde. Maybe you have to ridicule a few words to vent your grievances that were rejected.

    However, Ma Rongzhen had no preconceived opinions about Gao Hongde. At that time, there were more people who refused him. Most of the reasons were also in one's own, and he could not blame others.

    Of course, Ma Rongzhen will not treat Gao Hong as a friend. He is only curious about the other party's intentions.

    "High boss, what are you looking for?"

    Gao Hong said: "Are you going to Shangri-La to participate in the celebration at night? I am just on the way to send you a ride, by the way, how about a few words? ”

    Come along? Ma Rong really has the feeling of being ridiculous, but he has not refused: "That troubles the boss."

    In fact, for the intention of Gao Hongde, he has already guessed seven seven eight eight.

    The two got on the bus together, the Mercedes-Benz re-started, and slowly drove out of the narrow streets.

    The middle-aged neighbor looked at the luxury car far away with envy and opened his mouth and spit on the floor.

    Ma Rong, who was so miserable that he couldn’t afford the meat, turned over. Who can think of it?

    In the car, Gao Hongde looked out through the window and said, "Marco, you have been wronged in these years. Now you are sure to keep your eyes open and see the moon. How can you still live here?"

    Ma Rong really smiled and said nothing.

    Seeing that Ma Rong is really not on the set, Gao Hong De said straightforwardly: "Marco, Lu Chen studio is not giving you a high salary? I have a movie that is about to start shooting. How come you help me? The remuneration is good! ”

    Sure enough, no surprise!

    Ma Rongzhen did not have any accidents. Gao Hongde was not the first to find him to film. The red and purple of "Ghost Story" made his old salted fish completely turned over, and various invitations came in.

    After thinking about it, Ma Rong said with sincerity: "High boss, I can't answer you now. It's better to talk about it at a time. How do you see it?"

    This is where Ma Rong is really sleek and sophisticated. He does not care about the grievances of the year, nor does he sell one's own in a few words. What is the most appropriate for the manager to talk about.

    A brilliant manager can guarantee the interests of artists to the greatest extent.

    Although Ma Rongzhen does not have a manager now, but with his current fame, it is not difficult to ask a reliable one.

    Another reason why Ma Rong really is unwilling to agree to it is because he still doesn't know if Lu Chen needs one's own. If Lu Chen has a new film to let him shoot, then even if there is no penny, he is willing to do it!

    It is precisely because I am used to the cold and warmth of the world, so I understand that it is not easy to send charcoal in the snow.

    Gao Hong did not expect to be able to settle Ma Rongzhen in a few words, but since the latter did not refuse on the spot, it means that there is the possibility of cooperation, nothing more than the problem of the price.

    As long as the value is back to the fare, Gao Bo is not afraid to spend money. He smiled and promised: "No problem!"

    The two talked and laughed, talking about the anecdotes in the circle, as if they were old friends who had not seen for many years.

    Mercedes-Benz drove out of the street into the boulevard and immediately merged into the rolling traffic.

    The Xiangjiang River under the curtain of night is blurred.


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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