Chapter 569, a strong counterattack

    Lu Chen also clearly remembered Chen Wenqiang's evaluation of Zhou Yi.

    Zhou Yi is a real businessman.

    A real businessman is the best at judging the situation. When he faces the choice, he always chooses the best for one's own. If you need to put down your face, you will never stand on the shelf.

    Real businessmen can't be true friends either.

    Lu Chen will not be a friend of Zhou Yi. As a business partner, there is no problem, so after the mutual understanding between the two sides reached a consensus, he entered the topic.

    "Our new film is too low, I hope Zhou boss has more Kungfu in this regard."

    The filming of "Ghost Story" on the first day was less than 20%. It was not too bad, nor did it meet Lu Chen’s expectations. It was the task of Jiayang Film Industry to communicate with the cinemas and cinemas in Hong Kong.

    Lu Chen studio has just established itself in Xiangjiang. All aspects of the channel need to be expanded. There is a lack of contacts and resources in the circle, so there is no such thing as a partner like Jiayang Film.

    Zhou Yi smiled and said: "Lu Shao assured that we have this achievement. I believe that any theater can't ignore it. I have sent people to negotiate with Wanli and Deqing. I believe there is no problem in increasing the number of films."

    Wanli and Deqing are the two major cinemas in Xiangjiang. The two sides jointly own more than 60% of the cinemas in Xiangjiang, and their status in the Xiangjiang film circle is very important.

    The famous Oriental Hollywood Theatre is the largest cinema under the Wanli Cinema Line.

    Zhou Yi said with confidence: "Our current film is not high, mainly because "painting skin" buys a box office and takes up a share, but Huaguan and Xingyi can buy a box office for a week, he can't buy it for a month!"

    Buying a box office is a hidden rule in the circle. The rich and powerful owners often play, but they are definitely limited.

    Xiangjiang's film market is small, and a few million can occupy a considerable share of the film, but unless it is arbitrarily to the extreme, no one will lose money to the water.

    In order to support the "painted skin" scene, Huaguan and Xingyi bought a box office for four days in a row. In Zhou Yi’s view, it is basically close to the limit.

    On the other hand, if this cheating behavior exceeds the limit, it will also lead to public outrage.

    If you play too much, no one wants to play.

    Therefore, Zhou Yi is very determined that the high ticket office of "Painted Skin" will not last long. Once the original shape is revealed, it is the day when the "Ghost Story" is a strong counterattack.

    The cinema is not a fool, they are more aware of the tricks, so it is reasonable to increase the "Ghost Story" in advance.

    The most important thing is that the surprise sales of "Ghost Story" is undoubtedly equivalent to stimulants, enough to stimulate the sensitive nerves of the theater, so that they can make wise choices.

    The situation of the facts was not unexpected. On February 22nd, the "Ghost Story" increased to 22.67% in Hong Kong. Many of the sessions were temporarily increased today, and the box office broke through the 4 million mark.

    Its surrounding products continued to rise at the box office with the exclamation in the circle, reaching 3.58 million!

    At the same time, the "Painted Skin", which has been strong for a few days, finally showed its real declining trend. On the 22nd, the box office only harvested 3.1 million, completely behind the "Ghost Story".

    This is somewhat beyond the expectations of the industry. Everyone thought that "Painted Skin" would continue to buy a box office for a few days in order to suppress "Ghost Story". I didn't expect to admit defeat so quickly.

    Then there was inside information, saying that because the real box office results were too bad, Huaguan Film and Star Art Entertainment had serious differences and contradictions. Don't say that they continue to buy box office, that is, publicity is also facing problems.

    Just two days of Kungfu, "Ghost Story" completed a beautiful counterattack, showing the momentum of take-off!

    On the Internet, a large number of netizens commented on "Ghost Story", including articles by several film critics, Wang Dong is in the list.

    As an independent film critic, Wang Dong has a habit of writing a film review, that is, he will not publish a one's own film review before the film is officially released, even if he has seen the premiere in advance.

    "Ghost Story" is no exception.

    Wang Dong wrote a film review article after being invited to participate in the premiere of "Ghost Story", but it was not published on one's own blog until two days after the film was officially released.

    "When I first started watching "Ghost Story", I thought it was a fantasy ghost film similar to "Painted Skin". I also laughed at the fact that the current filmmakers did not conceive ideas and turned the story in "Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio". Change it, add a Celebrity face and a Special Effect to the table to fool the audience, it is very boring."

    "However, after watching the film, I discovered that although I also used the "Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio", "Ghost Story" and "Painted Skin" are works of different levels, and the two cannot be compared."

    "The Ghost Story is too much beyond the painting skin!"

    "A slash of Tsing Yi, a broken hat, a pair of broken shoes, is the image of the protagonist Ning Caichen brought to everyone. There are many things in the world. He has a youthful study, but he has no use. As a result, the hawkers who are being sold are ridiculed as 'high grade and low status'. ”

    "But even then, he did not lose the cuteness in his bones. He is innocent and pedantic, but he is also sentimental and optimistic. He often hits the wall when he is not in time, but there is no slight depression. ”

    "And Nie Xiao Qian is the ghost of a dead family, the female ghost who flows down the barren hill, and the special element of the young man. But this is not out of her intention, often hurt passers-by after her heart will be endless remorse and sorrow torture, she is beautiful, kind-hearted, although forced by tree essence Grandma, although all around the demon ghost are bloodthirsty, she is still lonely to adhere to the heart of conscience, in that foul and dark world unique. ”

    "The encounter between the hero and the hero is an accident, but also the fate of the fate. A period of love and love has connected the whole movie. Even if the ending is not perfect, it is still touching!"

    “The whole plot is compact, the story is exciting, and the soundtrack theme song is first class…”

    "There is another impressive character in the play, that is, Yan Chixia, a bit of madness, drunkenness, arrogance, sorrow, sorrow and sorrow, let us see an old bone Deep skill!"

    "I dare to assert that "Ghost Story" will surely make the classics in the ghost film…"

    Wang Dong’s editor-in-chief, Bowen, wrote more than 2,000 words. It is the longest of the film reviews he has written. It is a rave acclaim, and all the articles are praises. People are skeptical that he is not What are the benefits of taking the film?

    However, anyone who has seen "Ghost Story" will not have such doubts!


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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