Chapter 554 Strong Potential

    When Zhai Zihao came out of the movie hall with two girls, it was already 11 o'clock in the evening.

    "Ghost Story" is 90 minutes long, and it takes 3 hours to revisit it, plus the interval between the two, so it is very late to watch the second game.

    Jia Hui began to worry: "Oh, it’s too late, the family must be worried."

    Ni Hui did not care: "I am afraid of anything, no phone calls, it is not too late!"

    Zhai Zihao said thoughtfully: "I will send you home now, we will play taxis."

    When I came, the three people were on the subway. The price was cheap but there was no taxi. It was convenient for the scorpion, and the courage of the scorpion was finally opened, knowing that the girl should not be embarrassed.

    He uses his holidays to earn money, isn't it for the present?

    Jia Hui hesitated: "That is too expensive…"

    In the evening, Zhai Zihao asked her and Ni Hui to see two "Ghosts of the Ghost" and bought a lot of snacks to cover the mouth of Sini Hui. Not to mention more, three or four hundred pieces are definitely there.

    Like Zhai Zihao, she is obviously not a child of a wealthy family.

    Xiangjiang's taxi is not cheap.

    Her words have not finished, her sister Ni Hui took her I'm free and ran: "You don't want to be jealous, hit a taxi!"

    Jia Hui was dragged away by Ni Hui, and Zhai Zihao quickly followed behind the two.

    But when he passed the product store around the entrance of the theater, his footsteps slowed down involuntarily.

    The small shops around the movie have a good business. There are a lot of people in the crowd. Most of them are couples who are right and right, and the place where they gather is a big publicity poster of "Ghost Story".

    Obviously everyone is buying, is the peripheral products of "Ghost Story".

    Zhai Zihao was a bit surprised. He didn't pay attention when he first came. He didn't think that this ghost film had peripheral products for sale. Usually, the peripheral products sold in Xiangjiang Cinema are basically from Hollywood blockbusters, especially Manhua Hero films.

    "Oh, you see this Ning Caichen's doll is so cute, I want to buy it!"

    "Boss, this set of hands I want!"

    "I like Yan Chixia, this sword is so handsome, how much?"

    "I want Nie Little Qian…"

    The voices of the customers in the store made the scorpion's footsteps become hesitate.

    Just walking to the door, he stopped and touched one's own pocket, his face showing a struggling color.

    After a while, the scorpion slammed his teeth and turned and turned to the store.

    When he ran out of the theater, the two girls had been waiting outside for four or five minutes.

    Jia Hui is not pissed off or dissatisfied, but Ni Hui is shouting: "Are you guys in the pit? Let us wait for such a long time, the family is calling! ”

    They thought that Zizihao went to the toilet.

    Zhai Zihao did not dare to provoke Ni Hui, he walked quickly to Jia Hui and handed over the items that one's own had just bought.

    "A Hui, this is for you."

    He gave Jia Hui a limited edition doll of "Ghost Story". There are four hands in total, namely Ning Caichen, Nie Xiao Qian, Yan Chixia and Shura Grandma.

    This set of dolls is very beautifully made, the clothes and the hair are completely customized according to the stills, the characters look vivid, but also a bit of Q cute, and it is beautiful inside the wooden dice.

    Of course, the premise of the beautiful is the price, a set of 388 yuan is not discounted, and the scorpion is still the last one!


    Jia Hui did not expect that Zhai Zihao just went to buy a movie doll and gave it to one's own.

    She blushed again and quickly said, "This is too expensive, I can't."

    On the side of Ni Hui's eyes lit up, did not hesitate to take action and snatched: "Sister, don't, then it is mine!"

    Jia Hui is ashamed and anxious: "Nie Hui!"

    She actually likes this set of dolls very much, and she doesn't want to let the scorpion squander so much money, and her heart is very contradictory.

    Scorpion scratched his head and said, "Let's go."

    A taxi was stopped by the roadside, and Zhai Zihao sent the two sisters downstairs to their home.

    "A Hui, goodbye…"

    Jia Hui, who didn't talk all the way, nodded and took Ni Hui to the stairs.

    Zhai Zihao looked at the figure of the two disappeared on the stairs, and lost.

    Standing quietly for a while, he turned and prepared to leave.

    His one's own home is nearby, so I just let the taxi go first, avoiding spending more.

    In the evening, this date made the money saved by the scorpion sergeant a lot less.

    But he didn't feel a little bit of a pain.

    "Zi Zihao!"

    Scorpion Hao just stepped out of the way and suddenly heard a familiar call from behind.

    He suddenly turned his head and saw that Jia Hui, who had just gone upstairs, ran down and flew to his front.

    "thank you!"

    After saying thank you, Jia Hui picked up his toes and kissed him on the face of Zhai Zihao as quickly as he could, and then ran like a frightened bunny, blinking and disappearing on the stairs.

    Scorpion singer seems to have been in petrified surgery. After a long time, he was awakened by the cold wind that Long Street blew.

    He looked up unbelievably and touched the place where one's own face was kissed by Jiahui.


    Booking two "Ghost Story" movie tickets is undoubtedly his most correct and most Luck thing!


    On February 21st, "Ghost Story" was officially released in various theaters in Xiangjiang, and the first day box office of 3.28 million was obtained with 18.75% of the film.

    The box office of "Painted Skin" on the same day was 5.9 million, nearly double the "Ghost Story".

    From the box office data, the "Painted Skin", which has been released for a week, completely crushed "Ghost Story", which seems to be unable to threaten the market position of the former.

    However, many people in the industry also learned a message and surprised them.

    That is the surrounding products of "Ghost Story", which sold 2.65 million on the same day, plus the box office that is 5.93 million, which is more than 30,000 paintings.

    "Painted Skin" also has peripheral products, but very few, there are several sets of posters, sales are negligible.

    This makes people feel incredible!

    It is necessary to know that Lu Chen’s studio has been arguing for a large number of things around the “Ghost Story”. Many people in the circle are talking about jokes.

    They feel that Lu Chen is too ignorant of Immense World. The movie peripheral products are patents of Hollywood blockbusters. A Chinese and Hong Kong co-production film with an investment area of ​​20 to 30 million actually produces a large number of surrounding areas. It is simply equivalent to throwing money into the water. Waiting to put the ash in the warehouse!

    But reality is not like these people imagined, "Ghost Story" actually took more than two million peripherals on the first day, if there is no tricky, then…

    That means the film has great potential!


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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