Chapter 550 is not disappointed

    At 11:20 pm on February 18, the premiere of "Ghost Story" at the Triumphal Theatre ended.

    The guests were very satisfied because they saw a wonderful good movie and didn't waste valuable time.

    The media reporters were also very satisfied. They interviewed a lot of wonderful content and took the red envelope back.

    As for the audience of Luck, there is nothing to say.

    When leaving the theater, a reporter who was kept outside was stopped and told that the film was very exciting. After the official release, I will re-buy the ticket and review it again!

    The premiere of "Ghost Story" did not make a big deal with great fanfare, but the effect was very good, but the film said that it was too early to succeed. The real test was after the 21st.

    Proof of the movie, only the box office!

    "Lu Shao!"

    When Lu Chen took Chen Feier to leave, he was stopped by Chen Wenqiang who had rushed over.

    "I introduce you to a gentleman…"

    The gentleman introduced by Chen Wenqiang to Lu Chen is in his fifties. His face is clear and his glasses are clean. The two white spots give people the feeling that they have experienced the weather and the temperament is quite elegant.

    "This is Mr. Wang Dongwang."

    Chen Wenqiang is very respectful to this. The "Mr." he calls does not refer to the kind of "Miss Mr.", but a kind of respect for the high-minded Senior.

    Knowing the identity of the other party, Lu Chen is a little moved.

    Wang Dong, Lu Chen, is also a long-standing name. The writer who is famous for Xiangjiang is a true literati. He has served as a professor at Xiangjiang University, writing for many newspapers and magazines, and publishing many novels reflecting various social aspects of Xiangjiang. A film critic who cares about Xiangjiang movies.

    The true literati has his own style, and Wang Dong never writes a film critic. He always writes it with his own heart. Not long ago, he severely criticized the "painting skin", and also attracted Jiang Wei, the hero of "Painted Skin", on his blog. Cursed.

    However, Jiang Wei also suffered a lot of sufferings. Not only was he being denounced by many insiders, but even the blog fans had lost more than 100,000. Finally, they had to apologize publicly.

    Wang Dong has many people who are offended in the circle. His friends are also many.

    The premiere of "Ghost Story", Lu Chen Studio and Jiayang Films issued a lot of invitations, including many well-known film critics of Xiangjiang, including Wang Dong.

    But no matter whether it is Lu Chen or Jiayang Film, no one expects Wang Dong to come.

    Because Wang Dong is watching movies, he has always bought tickets for one's own and does not accept the entertainment of the producers.

    So when I saw Wang Dong himself, Lu Chen was surprised. He quickly said his hand: "Teacher Wang, I didn't expect you to come too, please forgive me for your sorrow!"

    Wang Dong smiled slightly and reached out and shook hands with Lu Chen. He said, "I have heard a few friends talk about you, so I came to see it, no disappointment."

    Standing next to Chen Wenqiang suddenly revealed the color of surprise.

    He has been playing in the Entertainment Circle of Xiangjiang Film for decades. People from all walks of life know a lot. The understanding of Wang Dong is far more than Lu Chen.

Therefore, he is very clear that "no disappointment" four sounds like a very ordinary evaluation, said from Wang Dongkou, that meaning is really unusual!

    Although Lu Chen is not clear, thank you: "Thank you!"

    Wang Dong let go of his hand and his look became serious: "But your movie is far from perfect. Many details are rough and the character is excellent, but…"

    As a writer literati and film critic, Wang Dong's perspective on watching movies is undoubtedly different from that of ordinary audiences. He mainly evaluates the shortcomings of "Ghost Story" from the perspective of professional and artistic.

    These opinions were accepted by Lu Chen.

    "Ghost Story" before and after shooting combined with the later Special Effect, editing and dubbing soundtrack, only took more than two months of time, although the film involved in the plot is not a lot, but time is not allowed to achieve perfection .

    On the other hand, too much pursuit of perfection means that the cost is greatly increased!

    After Wang Dong finished speaking, he still gave a positive affirmation: "In general, don't hide it, work hard!"

    After he finished, he made a point at Lu Chen, then turned and left.

    Why is this going?

    Lu Chen was a bit dumbfounded and quickly said: "Teacher Wang …"

    "Lu Shao, you don't have to stay."

    Chen Wenqiang stopped him and shook his head and said: "Mr. Wang is such a temper, and does not like to be a guest."

    Wang Dong's temper is famous in the Literature and Art circle. He talks with others and is often outspoken. He doesn't say anything, and he has offended many people.

    Lu Chen helpless: "I still want to talk a little more with Mr. Wang."

    Chen Wenqiang smiled and said: "He has already said a lot to you, and I will wait to see the blog tomorrow!"

    Chen Wenqiang is really happy inside. Wang Dong’s influence in the young group of Xiangjiang is very weak. Many young people in Xiangjiang have never heard of him, but for those who are 40 or 50 years old, there are few people who do not know the name of Mr. of.

    The Xiangjiang people, who are forty or fifty years old, are also important box office sources. Since Wang Dong recognized the "Ghost Story", his film review will definitely bring a lot of box office to this film and expand the audience.

    This is a good sign for the "Ghost Story" that has not yet been officially released.

    Xiangjiang people are very superstitious, and Chen Wenqiang is no exception. As the director of Lu Chen studio, he has high hopes for Studio's first film, not to mention his daughter in "Ghost Story".

    At this moment, everyone did not pay attention to Ma Rongzhen standing on the corner of the lobby.

    Tonight, Ma Rongzhen is like a dream.

    How long has it been?

    Even his one's own can't remember, when was the photo taken by reporters last time in the spotlight.

    This long-lost scenery and glory made Ma Rong really feel less real.

    Although the reporters' attention is mainly concentrated on Lu Chen, Chen Feier and Nie Mingzhu, but as the most important supporting actor of "Ghost Story", his old actor who has been behind for many years still gets some attention.

    As long as the box office of "Ghost Story" is too good, then it is not a big problem to find a character. You don't need to find a chance to mix a box lunch in Lion Rock Studios every day.

    At this moment, Ma Rong prayed to the gods of the sky to pray, hoping that "Ghost Story" will sell at the box office.

    The higher the box office of "Ghost Story", the higher his value, the higher the pay for the money!

    At the point where he is now, there is really nothing to ask for.

    On February 21st, after the release of "Painted Skin" for a week, "Ghost Story" landed in the major theaters in Xiangjiang and began a box office battle!


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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