Chapter VIII, the real opponent

    The 27th Golden Jubilee Award, the biggest winner of the 39 award nominations is the long drama series "The Great Song Dynasty".

    This 85-episode historical drama was broadcast on CCTV last year. Viewership Ratings is still good. The theme is also like the Golden Jubilee Award, so it won the best director, best long drama, best actor, best screenwriter. ..Wait a total of 12 nominations.

    Behind the "Great Song Dynasty" is "Blood War Shacheng", a 37-episode military drama, produced by Xiangnan Satellite TV in conjunction with many domestic film and television drama units, and won 9 nominations.

    In contrast, the three best screenwriters, the best Music and the best editing nominations for Full House are simply weak and poor, knowing whether it is the Great Song Dynasty or Blood Wars, Viewership Ratings and Influence. Compared with "Full House", it is nothing more than the two dramas shrouded the "main theme".

    This is a bit nonsense, because the Golden Jubilee Award is different from the Magnolia Award. The latter is a government award for the Zhengjing Classic. It is judged by the expert judges. It is normal to promote the style of the main theme. However, the selection of the Golden Jubilee Award is produced by the audience!

    The result of the nomination is actually not the audience's favorite, then people can't help but want ridicule.

    Therefore, after the nomination was announced, the innocent blogger V of the Golden Jubilee Award was swallowed up by the surging crowd.

    Most of them are unfair for "Full House".

    “Trouble to explain the nomination criteria, why are there only a few small nominations for Full House?”

    "The Golden Jubilee Award is renamed the Blackbird Award, and a few are black!"

    "You are funny? My mainland morning even the most popular male starring can not be nominated for nomination? ”

    “Oh, how many Viewership Ratings did you know about Full House last year?”

    “Good to remind you that “Full House” won the ratings in the Republic of Korea!”

    "Resist the dog's aunt award!"

    The most ridicule of all, is the "Full House" Golden Jubilee Award missed the most popular actors and actresses, the best Director, the best long drama, etc. No nominations, these two should have the audience to decide the award, Lu Chen And Chen Feier actually can't even mix the nominations, it is simply insulting everyone's IQ.

    The judges of the Golden Jubilee Awards will definitely be very clear. Once they have given two nominations for "Full House", unless they are cheating in the process of counting votes, there is no suspense at all, so simply simply erase them.

    There are more smart people in the netizens, and the intention to see through the Golden Jubilee judges is simple.

    A time blog is full of noise, public opinion!

    But it is a big mistake to expect online public opinion to influence the Golden Jubilee judges. Since they dare to come up with this nomination, they are not afraid of being defamed. The Golden Jubilee Award has been shackled for many years.

    Officer V's face is bullet-proof, letting the comment area sneak into the bricks and dances, it doesn't move, then quickly deletes the ban on the large area, and finally closes the comment.

    This kind of dead pig is not afraid of boiling water rascal performance to make the angry netizens helpless, many Lu Chen and Chen Feier's fans can only flock to the two blogs to confide dissatisfaction, while expressing support for idols.

    Many fans think that Lu Chen and Chen Feier will have a sense of loss. After all, the two-year Golden Jubilee Award is still very influential in the Domestic TV session. It is tempting to see the honor of the Emperor and the Vision.

    However, they did not know that both Lu Chen and Chen Feier had lost interest in the Golden Jubilee Award early. Both of them did not intend to intervene in this slobber, and they did not express their opinions at all, and they also rejected interviews with media reporters.

    At present, the focus of Chen Fei Media's work is the Domestic publicity of the movie "Ghost Story" and the preparation of the drama series "You from the Stars". There is no time and energy to pay for the Golden Jubilee Award.

    For both of them, whether there is a nomination for "Full House" and whether it is possible to get an award is not important. Anyway, who loves to play and who is going to play!

    On March 20th, United States superstar film investment of 170 million US dollars, the sci-fi blockbuster "Flames of War" was released in the three theaters of the same time, ranked 38.76%, box office 127 million!

    Nowadays, the movie market of Domestic is very popular. Since 2010, there have been more than thirty or forty movies at the box office of over 100 million on the first day. Among them, Hollywood blockbusters have occupied half of the country, and the results are extremely impressive.

    Movies that are popular in North America often win high box office in Domestic, and over the years, the painstaking efforts of the Domestic market, Hollywood has accumulated a wealth of experience in how to use the Domestic publicity, it is clear what can touch the movie of Domestic Audience.

    Most importantly, Hollywood's big film company has a very close relationship with the Domestic three cinemas, so any introduction of blockbusters can achieve a high rate of placement, which in turn pushes up the box office.

    Therefore, it is normal for the "Flames of War" to win the 127 million box office on the first day. In the next half-month, it will also exert strong pressure on other films released in the same period.

    On April 9th, another Hollywood blockbuster "The Legend of the Holy Land" will be released in the Domestic…

    This can not help but make people sweat for the domestic film released during this period, although the box office of the domestic film is not bad, relying on youth idols and popular IP blockbusters to hold the site, but at the same time being pinched by two powerful Hollywood The situation is definitely not optimistic.

    Lu Chen's "Ghost Story" is stuck in the middle, although the time point can not be said to be too bad, still the industry is worried, the voice of the singer is endless, it is generally believed that it is impossible to replicate the success in Xiangjiang.

    When "Ghost Story" was released in Xiangjiang, the main competition was "painted skin". It did not collide with Hollywood blockbusters. There was a natural weakness in both investment and publicity.

    It is worth mentioning that "Painted Skin" was released on March 14th. At the time of the week on the 20th, only 32 million box office was won. On the 20th, it was even more than 2 million. It’s very likely that the mistakes will be made in the Xiangjiang River.

    "Painted Skin" belongs to the co-production of China and Hong Kong. It can enjoy the support policy of Xiangjiang's new film and has the basic guarantee of the film in the cinema, but only for the first week.

    The cinema is very realistic. The seats in the cinema are so valuable. They are not going to leave it to those movies that are not popular with the audience. The winners are the rules here.

"Painted Skin" is obviously not a winner.

    In fact, this film has been very hard on the publicity of Domestic. Huaguan Film is also a big company in the industry. The word of mouth of this movie is really bad. The scores on several movie websites are reluctant.

    Therefore, when measuring the opponent, Chenfei Media did not include the "Painted Skin", "Flames of War" and "The Legend of the Holy Land" is the real opponent!


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