The 487th chapter of the taste of success

    "This movie is very good!"

    “Well, the Special Effect is a bit ordinary, but the story is very good, and the soundtrack is awesome!”

    "I like the theme song and the episode inside, it is worthy of Lu Chen!"

    “The reason is that the Special Effect is also good, and the scene of Yan Chixia’s Grandma is very exciting.”

    "My morning formidable might!"

    "I still want to see it again…"

    Just after 8:30 in the evening, a large number of spectators poured out in the cinema of the Light and Shadow Theater. They came to the lobby with a smile in twos and threes, so that the spacious lobby would soon become crowded.

    Those who just finished watching the movie, some took the elevator or walked straight down the stairs, but more did not rush to go, but chatted and chatted in the lobby.

    Today is Sunday, the last day of the weekend, and the golden time of watching the movie, so the newly opened light and shadow theater business is very good, there are many viewers watching the movie, some waiting in the hall, some are buying tickets.

    Suddenly there are so many people coming out, and everyone is talking about the same movie, listening to the evaluation is still very good, this kind of scene is definitely rare.

    Then someone curiously asked: "Hey, man, what movie are you watching?"

    Was asked by the smile: "The "Ghost Story" just released, highly recommended, five stars like!"

    "Really good?"

    The inquiry suddenly hesitated, and I couldn’t help but turn around and ask my girlfriend: "Would we like this too?"

    The most popular movie in the theater is of course the "Flames of War", but this Hollywood blockbuster he has seen, and his girlfriend does not like this sci-fi theme, originally intended to see "our youth is not lonely 》.

    "Our youth is not lonely" is a domestic youth inspirational film, just landed on the Domestic cinema line yesterday, the first day of the box office has also passed 10 million, online word of mouth is OK.

    The girlfriend thought about it and said, "Look at this one."

    The person inquiring nodded and turned to the ticket office to buy a ticket.

    But unfortunately, the tickets for the last few games of "Ghost Story" have all disappeared, because there are a lot of online reservations today, and there are not many movies in the theater.


    The brother snorted and could only switch to the ticket "Our youth is not lonely."

    Because it was in the public, his snoring was not loud, but Li Le, who was still mixed in the crowd, heard it.

    He pulled his lips and showed a hint of meaningful smile.

    Li Le is the manager of the marketing department of Guangying Cinema. He is thin and slim, but he has been mixed for decades in the cinema theater, and his experience is very rich.

    As the head of the marketing department, his attention to the Domestic film market is extremely high. Before any new film is officially released, he will try to understand the information about this film, and finally provide valuable layout for the theater and even the cinema. reference.

    The Guangying Cinema Line is a cinema line established in recent years. Compared with the three major cinema giants, the strength is still weak.

    Because of this, light and shadow must have the best service and the most sensitive sense of smell, in order to lay a piece of one's own in this highly competitive market.

    Li Le's responsibility is very heavy, and his sense of responsibility is also very strong. Any new film is released in the light and shadow. Even if it is a movie that does not seem to have any box office market, he will pay attention to it on the spot.

    Simply put, it is to watch the audience's reflection.

    Today is Lu Chen's first film work "Ghost Story" released on the first day of the Domestic Day. Since the Light and Shadow Theater received three private rooms in advance, Li Lege paid extra attention.

    For Lu Chen, Li Le has a certain understanding. He is quite admired for this young Celebrity who rises like a comet in the Entertainment Circle and has both strength and idol.

    Of course, admire and admire, Li Le will not say that it will increase the "Ghost Story" in the line of Guangying Cinema. He made a serious investigation on the release of "Ghost Story" in Xiangjiang.

    The results of the investigation were beyond the expectation of Li Le. The friends from Xiangjiang told him that the over 100 million box office of "Ghost Story" was completely authentic. Basically, there was no purchase of a box office or a fictional box office.

    In addition, the sales of "Ghost Story" are also not mixed with water. The 40 million+ sales miracle makes the Xiangjiang industry exclaimed unbelievable. It is not that no one is questioning, but it is impossible to find a problem.

    Unless it is the cinema of Xiangjiang and Xiaoxiao, it is even more impossible!

    At that time, Li Le was silent for a long time. After pumping a whole pack of cigarettes, he submitted an investigation report and proposal to the top of the theater, suggesting to increase the placement rate of "Ghost Story" and pre-stocking its surrounding products. To deal with possible market sales.

    In this document, Li Le can be said to have a reputation for one's own. If the theater has followed his advice and the results are quite different from his predictions, then his future is worrying about the future of light and shadow.

    Li Le does not need to do this at all. Anyone who has been in a circle for decades has to know how to avoid disadvantages and will not put one's own in a passive and unfavorable situation.

    However, Li Le is betting that the box office market of "Ghost Story" will be blasted. Once he is really counted, his position in the high-rise of the theater will be greatly enhanced.

    Li Le is not a gambler. He is using one's own keen market sense and decisively grasping the opportunity.

    Although the final theater did not fully accept his suggestion, the "Ghost Story" is still more than 25% in the light and shadow, second only to "Flames of War", at least one-third of the surrounding stores. The display cabinet is surrounded by the products of "Ghost Story".

    Today is the first day of the release of "Ghost Story", and the crowds of people watching the movie let Li Le sniff a sense of success. Those from the evaluation of the film in all directions, enhance his confidence little by little. !

    Of course, he knows that many of these audiences are Lu Chen's fans. It is already commonplace for fans to come to the theater to support Celebrity. It is much easier to get praise than the average audience.

    However, the audiences of these fans are not limited to the role played by Lu Chen, and they have positive comments on the story, character and even the Special Effect of the whole movie.

    This is not easy!

    It is a pity that the film of "Ghost Story" is still a little less, otherwise today's box office results will be better!

    Li Le thought in his heart and looked at the surrounding shops not far away.

    I don't know how much I can sell around the Ghost Story.


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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