The 485th chapter is too hot!

    38.75 million box office + 25.98 million surrounding sales, meaning "Ghost Story" on the first day created a performance of 60 million +, for a film that has just exceeded 15% of the film, it is already very dazzling.

    Most importantly, the surrounding sales of 25.98 million are too beautiful, not losing to some of Hollywood's popular IP blockbusters, and the profits are more than the proportion of box office splits. In the next movie release cycle, the periphery of "Ghost Story" It can be a golden hen that lays eggs!

    Many of the employees who stayed at the morning Philippine media this evening are all in the circle, and they understand the meaning of them. Therefore, their cheers and cheers are from the heart's excitement and excitement.

    In addition to the first day of the box office and the surrounding sales, the audience evaluation of "Ghost Story" on Inspur blog, film and television related websites and forums was also collected and collected by the marketing staff of Chenfei Media at the first time.

    "Light and shadow network score 8.7, the number of people rating 1785!"

    Light and Shadow Network is a well-known community website of Domestic. It mainly focuses on the recommendation and comments of movies, TV and books. The light and shadow scores reflect a large part of the audience's evaluation of the film and television drama.

    This part of the audience is dominated by the Literature and Art, petty netizens, so their ratings are not necessarily related to the movie box office and the drama series Viewership Ratings, but only represent a comment point.

    It is worth mentioning that the shareholder of is the Guangying Cinema.

    As a commercial film, "Ghost Story" can get a score of 8.7 on the Light and Shadow Network of the Heritage and Art. It is undoubtedly valuable, because the members of the Light and Shadow Network are very picky.

    "Tomato Online, 5693 fresh tomatoes, 385 rotten tomatoes, 93.23% freshness!"

    Tomato Network is a more popular movie website. No matter the influence or scale strength, it is not comparable to that of Light and Shadow. The evaluation of the film in this website is not reflected in the score, but the favorite audience is sent a fresh tomato ( Virtual rating Item), if you don't like it, send a rotten tomato.

    The amount of fresh tomatoes minus the rotten tomatoes divided by the original value is freshness, and conversely if the number of rotten tomatoes exceeds that of fresh tomatoes, then the degree of decay – the sign of rotten tablets – is calculated.

    A movie that has just been released, as long as the quality is not too bad or too ugly, usually the freshness will be high, but there are only two scenarios for the first day to exceed 90% freshness.

    One is that the film is cheating on the tablet, and the other is that the film is really well received!

    Whether it is the early Lu Chen studio, or the current morning Philippine media, although it attaches great importance to online publicity marketing, it has never been used as a means to falsify.

    This is the pride of Lu Chen!

    So in the absence of any cheating situation, "Ghost Story" got 93% freshness, which is undoubtedly very exciting, especially for the marketing department of Chenfei Media, which is quite comparable. Millions of publicity effects.

    "Inspur blog movie scored four and a half stars, the number of evaluation 25307! Five-star rating accounted for 86.75%! ”

    "Feixun movie score 9.1 points…"

    Domestic professional or unprofessional film rating websites, there are many influential and reference values, but the data of these ten websites are summarized. The overall rating of "Ghost Story" has reached A+ level, only At the highest S level.

    Any movie, even if the first day's audience evaluation data can reach the A-level, it has already won the initial success in the market word of mouth, A+ that means full word of mouth!

    This score, calculated by specialized software, also represents a strong follow-up market potential.

    It is able to affect the number of cinemas and cinemas!


    When Lu Chen walked out of the office with Chen Feier and Lu Xi, the employees who had been fighting in front of the computer all night long stood up. They sent congratulations and respects to BOSS with neat and loud applause!

    "thank you all!"

    Lu Chen smiled and raised his hands, indicating that everyone was quiet, and then said: "Thank you for your hard work, I believe everyone must be very hungry now? I invite everyone to eat late at night! ”

    Although it is already 3 o'clock in the morning, in Beijing, no matter when you want to find a restaurant to eat, there is no problem, especially in the business district and business district, there are businesses that are open all night.

    "Tomorrow, no, it should be a holiday today, and everyone will have a good sleep after eating and drinking!"

    “All employee bonuses double this month!”

    When Lu Chen said the last sentence, the cheers in the office area almost broke the glass!

    This atmosphere full of vitality and vitality is basically not present in the big companies and large groups. It represents the strength of the spirit and the strong cohesion!


    《<倩女幽魂>The first day of the box office was 38.75 million, and the surrounding sales were 25.98 million.

    "The rise of new types of domestic movies? <倩女幽魂>Yesterday's box office was excellent, and the reputation was shocked! 》—Easy.

    "The new record of domestic movie sales, <倩女幽魂>Hot sale 25.98 million! 》—Movie Express.

    "Don't be afraid of Hollywood heavy weight, <倩女幽魂>Deliver beautiful transcripts on the first day – every day.

    On April 3, the second day of the official release of "Ghost Story", many websites and newspapers published comment articles, and even appeared on the entertainment headlines of several big websites!

    In today's Domestic movie market, the box office of "Ghost Story" on the first day of 38.87 million is actually not high. In the first few years, the box office of over 100 million in the first day of the past few years is everywhere. The box office of 30-40 million has no report value at all. Unless the film's public relations is put in place, it can be blown with a squint.

    However, the sketch of "Ghost Story" is different from other films. First of all, this movie is a hot topic on the Internet. In the past few days, the famous film critic Wang Xiaoxu and Lu Chen fans' slobber on the wave blog is full of enthusiasm. Also once boarded the home page hot search list.

    Secondly, this film investment is only 30 million. Opponent is also the strong Hollywood Special Effect blockbuster "Flames of War". In front, there is a failure of the same type of film "Painted Skin". The filming rate is less than 20%. Under the situation, I was able to win nearly 40 million first-day box office, which really deserves one.

    However, the box office of "Ghost Story" is not the focus of media interest, but its surrounding sales!

    25.98 million!

    This data is too eye-catching, making people unable to look directly and even have doubts.

    Many people, including many media reporters, have to ask, is this true?

    It’s too hot!

    Because the "Flames of War" of "Ghost Story" was crushed at the box office, it completely lost to the new film of China and Hong Kong in the surrounding sales!


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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