Chapter 582 is not optimistic

    On March 21st, the "Flames of War" two-day box office totaled more than 200 million.

    According to this trend, the total box office of this Hollywood blockbuster exceeds 1 billion. There is basically no problem. It is normal to reach 1.2 billion to 300 million, but it is not easy to get higher, such as 1.5 billion.

    After two days of release, "Flames of War" has a two-level trend in the word of mouth on the Internet. People who like it think that the film's Special Effect is very good, the plot is exciting, from the beginning to the end of the climax, completely Value back to the fare.

    The disliked audience's evaluation of "Flames of War" is a typical popcorn-style Hollywood blockbuster. Except for the Special Effect battle scene, the other is not worth mentioning. The storyline is full of loopholes. It is nothing but a stimulus that is strong enough.

    Similar big movies, everyone has seen a lot, there is not much freshness.

    Regardless of the positive comments, simply saying these negative words actually reflects a problem that Hollywood films face in Domestic, that is, the introduction of large-scale homogenization of the situation is serious, too much pursuit of the Special Effect and neglect the plot and the shaping of the characters. It is like a delicious dish for the audience, which is full of MSG.

    Young people are more liked, and they are also the main viewing group of this Hollywood blockbuster.

    Of course, there are also some real boutiques in the Hollywood movie, but the film of the trend and art trend is difficult to introduce into the Domestic, and the box office after the introduction is often very poor, not to be seen by the cinema.

    Because of this, coupled with the state's protection policy for domestically produced films, Hollywood's blockbusters have had a huge impact on the Domestic film market, and domestic films have also taken a place in the last decade.

    However, the domestic youth idol films and popular IP movies that are mainly based on the market are also facing serious homogenization problems, which makes the movie market more popular and the prospects are confusing.

    Lu Chen led Chen Fei Media and wanted to seize the site in this huge market. Strength, connections, luck and opportunities are indispensable.

    As a newcomer to the film circle, he is not optimistic about many insiders.

    At 8 o'clock on the evening of March 26th,, one of the largest portals of Domestic, broadcasted its weekly entertainment program "Weekly Talk" on time. It involved Lu Chen and "Ghost Story".

    “With the further opening of the Domestic film market, there will be a further increase in the number of Hollywood blockbusters entering Domestic in the future. The domestic film protection month will be canceled…”

    "In recent years, Japanese and Korean films have sprung up, and many good works have been introduced into Domestic, which has formed a close relationship with domestic films. Therefore, the situation is very serious and the market share may be further compressed!"

    The guests sitting in the live broadcast room talked: "So the domestic film wants to highlight the key, the key is the film production organization, the domestic film company needs to be bigger and stronger, the technique is closely following the international mainstream, the content needs Fit the Domestic market and invest more money to develop."

    "Weekly Movie Talk" is a network variety program. It is one of the famous brand videos of Yiwang video. It broadcasts one issue a week. Each issue invites a famous person in the film circle, such as Director, actor, producer, screenwriter, Film critic, etc., to comment on the film released this week, and to predict the new film released next week.

    This program has a high click-through rate.

    This issue of "Weekly Film Talk" invited Wang Xiaoxu, a well-known columnist and film critic.

    Wang Xiaoxu is not the first time to go to this Program. He is also very familiar with Host. In addition, the network program has a higher degree of freedom than the TV Program, so he speaks very well and does not have much scruples.

    "This Week" flames of War star "has won 500 million of the box office, a breakthrough of 1 billion is inevitable, from which we should see, now the successful Hollywood film companies are basically Big Mac, small and medium-sized film companies a small number, compared to our domestic The film production unit is many and scattered, seemingly large scale, in fact, individual strength is not strong enough, naturally difficult to overcome opponent. ”

    Host took a deep nod and said: "You are very reasonable, and next week there will be two domestic new films to be released, one is "our youth is not lonely", one is "Ghost Story". ”

    At the same time as the introduction of the Host, there were two trailers of the movie on the big screen behind him.

    “Wang Teacher, what do you think of these two domestic new films?”

    Wang Xiaoxu turned his eyes back from the screen and said: "I have seen all the trailers of the two new films. "Our youth is not lonely" needless to say, or youth idols, there are not many fresh routines from the trailer. The box office should be there. After all, this movie market has always been there."

    "As for the movie "Ghost Story"…"

    He shook his head.

    Host Sensitive: "You are not optimistic?"

    Wang Xiaoxu smiled and said: "It is not very optimistic. The reason is very simple. "Ghost Story" is a fantasy ghost film adapted from the story of "Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio", and the same type of "Painted Skin" has been released on the 14th. More than 40 million."

    "Picture Skin" is bigger than the "Ghost Story" in terms of cast and investment. The Special Effect scene is more, and even the cost can't be recovered at the end, indicating that the audience does not like the film of this theme, plus "Flames of The high volley rate of War Star, "Ghost Story" will not be better than "Painted Skin"."

    Host has different opinions: "Wang Teacher, as far as I know, "Ghost Story" in the Xiangjiang show at the box office over 100 million, word of mouth and box office can be better than "painted skin"!"

    Wang Xiaoxu disapproved: "Xiangjiang's situation is very different from that of Domestic. The audience there prefers ghost films, and when "Ghost Story" is released, there are no Hollywood blockbusters in the same period, and…"

    After a pause, he said: "And the "Ghost Story" over 100 million box office…It is said that the surrounding products have sold tens of millions. To be honest, I don’t believe it. ”

    Wang Xiaoxu's suspicion of the "Ghost Story" Xiangjiang box office, although not clearly stated straight out, but the expression on the face of anyone who sees it.

    Probably I feel that this topic is too sensitive, and Host has quickly shifted the topic: "That Wang, what do you think about the recent movie market…"


    The morning of the "Weekly Movie Talk" network broadcast, Lu Chen saw it in the office.

    Lu Chen did not know that there was this Program, but his fans and Program guest Wang Xiaoxu had fought on the Inspur blog, and they made a lot of noise!


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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