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The 585th chapter is coming (on)

    "Brothers, I will leave in half an hour…"

    Qi Haoyun pointed out that he was hitting the keyboard like a fly, and spoke in the group of flying news: "We will see you in the theater when we arrive!"

    His message had just been sent out, and a large number of responses immediately emerged from the group.

    "I am already on the road!"

    "Haha, I am also on the taxi, but Huainan Road is very blocked now, the road is very bad."

    "Hey, at night, I took a female ticket and watched "Ghost Story", are you envious?"

    "Enjoy a bird, I bring two!"

    "I am going to go, you guys, I haven't eaten yet, have you been out?"

    "Hey, he is ready to go, and finally he can see the mouse."

    "Then you have to be ready to vomit…"

    Although being ridiculed by the group of friends, Qi Hao is not pissed off, laughing happily: "Roll!"

    Qi Hao is a member of the Jinling Luchen supporters. Because of the name of the net, plus the qualifications are old enough and easy-going, so everyone is very affectionate to call him a child.

    Qi Hao is one of Lu Chen's earliest fans. When Lu Chen first opened the live broadcast in [Starlight Show], he was one of the audience, and also rewarded Lu Chen with many stars.

    Later, Lu Chen and [Starlight Show] turned his face. Qi Hao followed him to [Whale TV]. He liked Lu Chen's Music works very much. He was a hardcore fan of Lu Chen.

    The most important thing is that Qi Hao has studied Music. He is a half-professional. He often reviews Lu Chen’s songs in forums, post bars, and Fetion groups. The analysis is well-founded and interesting, because one's own is also circled. A lot of powder, has a very high prestige in the fans group.

    Although Qi Hao did not hold any position in the Jinling Luchen fans support group, his appeal in the large group of 5,000 people in the support group is very strong. It was initiated by him tonight’s viewing and viewing activities. Strong support from the group of friends.

    A few days ago, Qi Hao put forward a suggestion in the group. Everyone jointly funded the crowdfunding, and included a large movie hall to watch the movie on the day of the release of "Ghost Story", as a support for Lu Chen.

    As soon as his suggestion was put forward, the group members were simply responding to the tide and said that the number of people to attend was numerous.

    And fundraising was completed in a short time.

    Then Qi Hao ran to contact a large local theater and filed a reservation for a hall that could accommodate 700 spectators, but even so, there were still many members who did not catch up, or they could not catch up.

    Many members of the group had raised two copies at the time. They all wanted to watch with their male/female friends. Therefore, they occupied a large number of places, and those who wanted to catch up with the crowd were very dissatisfied and clashed in the group.

    In desperation, Qi Hao had to raise crowdfunding again, and also packed two other theaters in the same theater at the same time, but still could not meet the needs of everyone.

    However, there is no way, because this movie "Ghost Story" has so many platters, and it has specially adjusted the time to meet the needs of the private field. Otherwise, the three studios under normal situation will not play a platoon rate at the same time. High new film.

    "Ghost Story" has been published in the official website a few days before the ranking of the three major cinema lines in the Domestic, with an average of 15.75%, which is already very difficult.

    As one of the supporting films of China and Hong Kong and Xiangjiang New Film, "Ghost Story" enjoys 10% of the first week of the first week in the Domestic Cinema, but can not guarantee the specific time and higher placement rate.

    The excess of 5.75% is the result of the efforts of Chenfei Media. In addition to the public relations on the cinema, the publicity also played an important role. Lu Chen and Chen Feier also played a certain role in the circle, and the time was not The arrangement is too bad.

    It is also the strong performance of the "Flames of War" in the heat, which has severely squeezed the market space of "Ghost Story". If the performance of "Ghost Story" is not good, the filming rate will drop at any time.

    Cinemas and cinemas are very realistic. The most important factor influencing their platoons is the box office. Since the release of "Flames of War" since March 20, it has been nearly two weeks since the box office, and the box office has exceeded 800 million.

    In the absence of a strong competitor's situation, the Hollywood blockbuster filming rate is high, and it is said that United States Superstar Pictures intends to apply for an extension to SARFT to further increase the box office results.

    Despite the fact that Hollywood's blockbuster films have been deferred, the chances of winning the Flames of War are small, and they fully demonstrate the scenery of this Hollywood blockbuster in the current Domestic movie market.

    The more beautiful the "Flames of War", the greater the pressure on the "Ghost Story" released today!

    Qi Hao, who has been paying attention to blogs, knows this very well.

    He also participated in the slogan of the film critic Wang Xiaoxu. Although he has confidence in Lu Chen, he does not think that Wang Xiaoxu's analysis is reasonable.

    But this can not shake Qi Hao's support for Lu Chen, he came forward to organize this private viewing event, which is the embodiment of this support!

    Qi Hao, who lives alone, eats dinner in a small restaurant outside. After eating, he rushes to the theater.

    The theaters of the fans' support group belong to the Guangying Cinema Line. They are located in a large shopping mall. It is close to the single apartment rented by Qi Hao and it is only 10 minutes walk.

    The light and shadow theater opened less than a year ago, the facilities and facilities are very new, and the service is quite good.

    The movie ticket of the movie theater has already been sent to everyone's cell phone by Fetion, and after showing the identification code of the movie ticket to the theater staff, Qi Hao received a bucket of popcorn and a cup of cola belonging to one's own. Step into the hall 1.

    The spacious hall is brightly lit, and 700 seats have already been seated by more than half of the people. Although the time of the movie hall is very tight, even if it is a private space, there will be no more room, but such a situation still allows The vast expanse.

    You know that it’s about 20 minutes from the first movie!

    "what? Is this not a mouse? ”

    Just as Qi Haodong and Zhang Xiwang looked for one's own position, an audience who came early came to discover him and recognized Qi Hao – Qi Hao was exposed in the FeiXin group earlier.

    His fame in the fans group is relatively big, the other party shouted, almost everyone turned around and looked over.

    Qi Hao instantly became the focus of the audience.

    Most people have never seen Qi Hao real people, so most of them have strong curiosity.

    This makes Qi Hao feel very embarrassed, can only smile and waved his hand: "Hi, everyone good evening!"

    The next moment, the pot was fried.


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