The 580th chapter is stable!

    In the light and shadow theater, Li Le is observing and thinking, and in the office of Beijing, the new era art center Chenfei Media Headquarters, which is a thousand kilometers away, Lu Chen is waiting.

    Waiting for the first day of the "Ghost Story" box office results.

    To be honest, although there is sufficient confidence in one's own movie work, Lu Chen still feels long-lost and a little uneasy after the "Ghost Story" is actually released.

    Faced with a powerful opponent, in the movie publicity, he has done his best to one's own, the quality of the film itself is not a problem after the test of the Xiangjiang market, but this does not mean that "Ghost Story" will inevitably win high box office. .

    There is a lot of uncertainty in the market, and the tastes of the audiences in different places are not the same, and there are many factors that affect them going into the theater and spending tens of dollars to watch.

    Some films have made a great publicity, and the box office forecast is extremely high. The special cast of the investment cast is in place. After the release, the audience does not recognize it, and the result is finally bleak.

    Some movies are not optimistic in advance, publicity is not enough, but rely on word of mouth to win countless audiences!

    As a movie of light and shadow magic, you want to pull out the money in the audience's pocket, strength and luck are indispensable.

    The cost of "Ghost Story" has long been recovered, and has earned a good profit through the sale of peripheral products, but for any filmmaker, the market of Domestic is the ultimate test of the work.

    Xiangjiang’s movie box office is limited, and the potential of the mainland is endless!

    Lu Chen doesn't care how much the "Ghost Story" finally can bring to one's own, but he also hopes that one's own first movie will succeed in Domestic.

    So he will be nervous.


    The door of the room was squeaky, and Lu Chentou, who was sitting at the computer and browsing the web, did not lift: "Please come in."

    The door opened and a pretty lady came in with hot coffee.

    Until the coffee cup was placed on the table, Lu Chen woke up: "Feier? Why are you still not resting? ”

    It’s not an assistant who gives him coffee, but Chen Feier!

    Chen Feier smiled softly: "I will wait for you to wait for the result."

    Lu Chen couldn't help but feel a little sweet. He didn't pick up the cup and drink coffee. Instead, he reached out and hugged Chen Feier and let her sit on one's own lap.

    Chen Feier did not resist, and naturally fell into his arms.

    Lu Chen put her chin on her shoulder and sniffed the familiar body fragrance of her girlfriend. The nervousness in her heart disappeared without a trace, and the whole person relaxed.

    Chen Feier asked curiously: "Are you nervous?"

    When she came in, she noticed Lu Chen’s look and saw his feelings.

    Lu Chen smiled and laughed and said calmly: "Yeah, don't know why, suddenly afraid of failure."

    Chen Feier couldn't help but reach out and touch his face. He said: "It doesn't matter if you fail. We can lose."

    Lu Chen in her impression is optimistic, strong, calm, and rarely reveals so weak and fearful, but it is such a Lu Chen that makes her feel incomparably real, flesh and blood.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I know, maybe I care too much. After all, this is the first operation project of our two companies. I don't want to let everyone down…"

    "But now, I don't worry, I Believe one's own !"

    Chen Feier felt that Lu Chen, who was confident and unbeatable, was back. She didn't say much, but she took the initiative to send a kiss and used action to express one's own support for Lu Chen.

    The beautiful Era will always go very fast, the coffee on the table turns from hot to cool, and time passes quietly at midnight.

    At 1:27, the first day box office score of "Ghost Story" was released!

    Thanks to the tremendous development of the great Internet and IT industry, things that were previously impossible to achieve have become very common. The data of theaters across the country have been aggregated into the theater, and feedback has been passed to Chenfei Media. Less than two hours of time.

    38.75 million!

    The first day of the "Ghost Story" is nearly 40 million at the box office!

    There was a burst of cheers in the outside office area. The employees who stayed with Lu Chen and stayed up late saw the box office results at the first time, and they were all excited.

    Although this box office is much worse than the 120 million "Flames of War" on the first day, it is necessary to know that the average lineup of "Ghost Story" is less than 20%. As a low-investment film between China and Hong Kong, it is already very Dazzling!

    With such an excellent first-day box office, as long as there is no significant drop in the next few days, the filming of "Ghost Story" will inevitably increase. After all, the most important opponent has been released for two weeks.

    Unlike the cheering employees, Lu Chen only felt a bit gratified at the box office results, and did not have much excitement, because he is very clear, behind the nearly 40 million box office is one's own and Chen Fei children countless fans in support.

    According to the situation he understands, the fans' support groups in the major cities of the two countries have organized private viewing activities, and many fans have booked movie tickets in advance.

    Box office height is normal, if it is low then there is a big problem!

    So he continues to wait.

    Sales data for peripheral products are coming out.

    Peripheral products are different from movie tickets. Although they are all computer scan records, they involve different scenarios in different theaters. The time for statistical summarization is not so fast.

    The sales performance of the surrounding products is undoubtedly more important for the current Lu Chen, because it can more truly reflect the reputation of "Ghost Story" in the audience.

    Many fans are willing to spend three or fifty to go to the theater to support one's own idol, but in the face of hundreds of peripheral products, in addition to a relatively small number of real iron rice, it is not so easy to pay for a pocket.

    Unless they really like this movie, like the stories and characters in the movie, they will be willing to pay for it.

    Unlike United States, the market for Domestic movie peripherals is not too big, especially for domestic films, which almost gave up this market, so that Wang Xiaoxu would think that "Ghost Story" was fraudulent in surrounding sales.

    Can you prove innocence, the surrounding sales on the first day is undoubtedly crucial!

    Lu Xi also came, she and Chen Feier accompanied Lu Chen to wait for the results.

    Until 2:57, the surrounding sales data of the cinema line finally passed.

    25.98 million!

    In the office area of ​​Chenfei Media, there was another warm cheer and a loud applause.


    A big stone in Lu Chen’s heart finally landed steadily, and he could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.

    This achievement is better than expected!


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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