Chapter VIII Chapter Arrives (below)

    Most of the supporters who came to participate in this movie-shaping event were not familiar in real life. However, on the Internet, in the Fetion group, many people's IDs are familiar.

    Qi Hao is undoubtedly one of them. He is also one of the initiators and organizers of the event. Therefore, when Qi Hao appeared on the scene, no matter how he knew it, many fans stood up and greeted him enthusiastically.

    "Shit, this is the mouse!"

    "Well, at least one of my tenths is handsome, very good!"

    "Mr., come to me, I am an old man!"

    "Haha, I finally saw the real person, and I was completely worth the price!"

    "Wife, come see the mouse…"

    Everyone is so enthusiastic, let one hand popcorn bucket, Qi Hao of the first-hand cola can not refuse, have to say one by one, unfamiliar first mixed face familiar, familiar laugh a few words.

    After some tossing, time passed quickly, and more and more audiences came to the theater.

    Seeing that the film is about to be played, the lights in the movie theater are getting darker. Qi Hao, who is already sweating, is finally able to get out and find a one's own position to sit down.

    As a result, when I pressed the seat with my butt, I accidentally lost the popcorn bucket in my hand!


    The scattered popcorn spilled onto the neighboring body, letting the other party make a crisp call.

    That is a girl.

    Qi Hao stood awkwardly and even apologized: "I'm sorry, I am really sorry, look at me…"

    He rarely interacts with girls, and he can’t wait to find a place to sneak in – too shameful.

    "It does not matter…"

    The girl next door smiled: "Fortunately, it is not a cola, you can sit down, the movie is about to begin."

    Qi Hao breathed a sigh of relief and quickly sat down.

    At this time, he only saw the other side's appearance.

    At this moment, Qi Hao swears to heaven, earth, and thousands of gods and gods. He sees an angel!

    Or it is the lover of his dream.

    The girl is in her twenties, wearing a goose-yellow down jacket, her face with round long hair and shawl, her skin is very white, her eyes are very long, and when she laughs, there is a dimple on her right cheek.

    Her appearance is not so beautiful, there can be a variety of people, and instantly hit Qi Hao's heart.

    Qi Hao was stunned at the time.

    Seeing his stupid appearance, the girl smiled and asked: "Why, what about you?"

    Qi Hao finally woke up like a dream, said hurriedly: "No…Nothing, are you? ”

    The girl introduced herself generously and said: "I am called the blue sea in the group."

    Azure sea!

    Qi Hao also really knows that this is an ID that is quite active in the Lu Chen fans.

    However, she likes Lumar's drama series, "Blue Life and Death" and "Full House", and Qi Hao likes Lu Chen's Music works. It is not very cold for two romance dramas, so they basically have no What is the intersection.

    Qi Hao did not mention how much regret, I knew that the blue sea is such a soft soft sister, how can he also…

    I don't know if it's too late now?

    "You are coming alone…"

    Qi Hao tempted and asked: "Still with friends?"

    His voice just fell, and a head was revealed from the blue sea, and he laughed and said: "Are you looking at our blue sister? If you want to chase her, you can work harder and come up with sincerity! ”

    The face of the Azure Sea suddenly became red, and I took a picture of my friends.

    Qi Hao is happy to explode.

    In this way, does Azure Sea have no boyfriend or single?

    That's great!

    He has a strong feeling that the girl sitting next to him is the one he has been searching for.

    The fate is so wonderful, if it is not Lu Chen’s fans, if there is no such movie as “Ghost Story”, if there is no whim to propose an activity initiative, if…

    His love will not come!

    The movie has begun.

    The packed theater quickly became quiet, and all the talks and laughter disappeared quietly.

    All of them are Lu Chen's fans. They gathered here today to enjoy Lu Chen's first film work and support for one's own idol.

    This attitude of support actually exceeds the expectations of the film itself.

    However, everyone is not disappointed.

    The 90-minute time is not long, and the short is not short, but it is too short for the 700 viewers on the scene!

    When the subtitles of the film appeared, the lights in the hall lit up, and I didn't know who made the head, and then the warm applause rang.

    "Really good!"

    "It's no wonder that I can take over 100 million box office in Xiangjiang, my morning forformable might!"

    "I don't feel enough. The ending is a little sad for me."

    "Lu Chen’s scholar is a bit silly, and it feels very different. Chen Fei’s tree Grandma is absolutely perfect!”

    "That Yan Chi Xia is very good!"

    "I like Nie Little Qian very much. It seems to be a newcomer? very beautiful! ”

    "Nothing beautiful, no Filipino!"

    Although it was already in the field, many people still sat reluctantly, talking excitedly about the plot and the characters in the play, all of which were still unfinished.

    This kind of situation, in the ordinary audience's field can not see, that is, the fans of the party gathering, everyone will chat with unfamiliar people, because there are common idols.

    Qi Hao raised the courage to watch a movie, and said to the blue sea that just got up and left to leave: "I…Can I ask you to have something to eat, ice cream? ”

    Azure sea "ah" a cry.

    She wants to refuse. After all, the two sides only met for the first time. Although Qi Hao has a good character in the network, the girl has one's own restraint, how can she easily agree to the other party's invitation.

    Qi Hao’s affection for her, how can she not see it?

    However, she had a good friend and immediately picked it up: "Ice cream? Everyone noticed, the mouse brother said to invite everyone to eat ice cream! ”

    The bossom friend is simply pushing Qi Hao into the fire pit. You must know that there are hundreds of people in the room. Even if everyone has a three-dollar cone, it will cost more than two thousand dollars!

    The people who did not know the truth heard it, and suddenly they started to swear: "The consumer is a treat!"

    Qi Hao has a feeling of vomiting blood, but looking at the girl in front of him, where can he say no?

    It’s just a week’s salary, just fight!

    "I invite, one person with a cone!"

    Although it is just a cone ice cream, it still makes the inside of the cinema a sea of ​​laughter.

    Qi Hao didn't have any feeling of losing money, because this evening, he saw a wonderful movie and met a girl who made him feel excited!


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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