Chapter VIII is waiting to be seen

    The "Ghost Story", which will be released on April 2nd, has already begun its publicity work. The budget of 30 million is not too much, and it is enough to ensure that most of the audience in the country know that this movie will be released.

    However, compared to the two Hollywood movies, "Flames of War" and "Hallows of the Holy Land", "Ghost Story" is undoubtedly in a weak position, and Chenfei Media has no intention of provoking a huge publicity war, which is somewhat low-key.

    So when Lu Chen yelled on the blog, "Domestic box office broke 500 million, and peripheral products sold over 100 million!"The target slogan inevitably caused a great response in the circle.

    In the past decade, the box office of domestic films has increased dramatically with the popularity of the Domestic film market.

    Among them, there have been many popular films with tens of millions of investment and hundreds of millions of box-offices, but these are basically youth idol films, most of which are based on best-selling novels or online novels.

    The investment of "Ghost Story" is only tens of millions. The goal of the 500 million Domestic box office does not seem to be high. Actually, this is not the case. Because the film of low-cost high box office is less and less, the youth idol film is a little bit. Can't play, let alone the gods!

    If "Ghost Story" invests over a hundred million or even two or three hundred million, and spends a lot of money on the Special Effect, relying on the influence of the original, perhaps can attract a lot of audiences.

    Can you invest in 30 million yuan, even if you are all on the Special Effect, what can you do for a few minutes?

    There is no wonderful Special Effect, "Ghost Story" depends on what attracts the movie audience of Domestic. The taste of the taste of the audience is very different from that of the Xiangjiang audience. The ghost film is definitely a small movie.

    Wang Xiaoxu's analysis of "Ghost Story" is very reasonable.

    So what makes Lu Chen so confident?

    The 500 million box office was over, and it actually shouted out the slogan of over 100 million peripheral products, which was really jaw-dropping.

    Many insiders feel that Lu Chen is a bit too bloated. Maybe he developed too smoothly in the past two years, so he believes in the influence of one's own, but forgets that film and TV are different from popular Music.

    If Lu Chen shoots a youth idol film, it is not necessary to worry about the box office.

    This kind of fantasy ghost film is not easy for newcomers to control.

    However, there are also a few people in the industry who support Lu Chen. They have read the original film of "Ghost Story" and have a positive and appreciation attitude towards this film. On the blog, Lu Chen said a few good words.

    It's just that such a voice is very weak, and the general public opinion is not optimistic.

    In Lu Chen’s blog post, although Wang Xiaoxu’s name was not mentioned at all, the film critic still regarded it as a provocation to one’s own and soon sent a new blog post.

    The content of the blog post is very simple, just four words – wait and see!

    Wang Xiaoxu is a mature literati. He has one's own persistence and stubbornness. He is also very sharp compared to the real one, but he will not play boring tricks with others, such as betting with Lu Chen to eat keyboard and streaking. What.

    The words "wait and see" are enough to show his attitude.

    Lu Chen’s fans are naturally supportive of Lu Chen’s blog post.

    "Don't say anything, I will contribute at least 5 tickets to the movie ticket, and look at the situation in the surrounding products!"

    "The box office is over 500 million too conservative, I think it can break 800 million!"


    "Support my morning, when I take my girlfriend to see "Ghost Story"."

    "Xiangjiang's box office and word of mouth are so good, I don't believe that it will be able to fight in the streets."

    "Lu Chen is big, can you tell me what are the peripheral products?"

    "With curiosity…"

    Not to mention, Lu Chen really responded to the questions raised by the fans about the peripheral products. He updated the blog again the next night and released dozens of photos.

    These photos are all related to the surrounding products of "Ghost Story", including the most popular dolls in Xiangjiang, but not the art photos, but the finished products!

    Yes, Lu Chen’s blog post is a stock of finished products of various peripheral products. In addition to the various versions of the main characters in the film, there are also original soundtracks, movie novels, commemorative albums, and jewelry. Wait a minute, everything is there.

    The key is a large warehouse, stocks are full!

    The inventory of these peripheral products was ordered by the factory when Lu Chen was still in Xiangjiang. The number of products in the Domestic market has more than doubled. Currently, it has basically arrived at Beijing.

    The purchasing power of Xiangjiang viewers is relatively strong, and the number of Domestic viewers is large, under the overall balance, so Lu Chen has set a sales target of 100 million for "Ghost Story".

    This goal should be said to be very ambitious, because many of Hollywood's peripheral products are not satisfactory in the sale of Domestic, let alone domestic films.

    But the success in Xiangjiang gave Lu Chen enough confidence!

    And these stock photos, on the one hand, are to prove the confidence of one's own, and on the other hand, a strong counterattack against Wang Xiaoxu's questioning remarks – without the cost recovery, will produce so many products?

    In fact, in the previous blog, Lu Chen has already sent a few photos of the surrounding products, but the artistic photos obviously can't be compared with this "showing" type of stock image, which suddenly caused the fans to vibrate. .

    "Wow! There are so many, can you give me one? ”

    "Puppets are so cute, I have to buy one at the end!"

    "Where is the local tyrant? Come to a big underwriting to send group friends! ”

    "Buy and buy!"

    Finally, Lu Chen said in his blog that these peripheral products have already been shipped to the surrounding stores of major theaters. They will definitely be able to put them on the counter on April 2nd. I hope everyone can support them!

    The fans certainly have to support it.

    Lu Chen’s self-confidence is also derived from the group of loyal and lovely fans he owns. He can get a million-level rewards for a live broadcast, and he can’t sell more than 100 million.

    In the face of Lu Chen’s counterattack, Wang Xiaoxu was silent. Perhaps it was shocked by Lu Chen’s handwriting. Perhaps he was “wait and see”. In short, he did not compete with Lu Chen’s fans.

    Everyone's attention was quickly transferred.

    The publicity of "Ghost Story" is still in full swing. Lu Chen even broke the previous practice, ran multiple announcements, and continued several programs to publicity movies.

    Not only Lu Chen, Chen Feier also spared no effort to use the network and influence of one's own to create momentum for "Ghost Story", and the entire morning Philippine media has fallen into a frenzied working state.

    Everything, just for the arrival of April 2!


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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