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The No. 580 Chapter just Good

    Back in the car, Lu Xi stared at Lu Chen.

    At the beginning, Lu Chen didn't pay attention, but he was quickly seen by his sister's strange eyes.

    "what's wrong?"

    Lu Xishen took action and pointed his forehead and said: "I am wondering if you are my brother!"

    Lu Chen Khan: "I am not your brother, who is it?"

    Lu Xi said very seriously: "The body is the body, but I suspect that the first thousand years old ghosts are hidden inside!"

    Lu Chen dumbfounded: "Sister, when did you start watching online novels?"

    Lu Xi said: "In the past two years, you have given me too much surprise. I can't believe everything now."

    She is sincere.

    In the past two years, Lu Chen has risen rapidly in the Entertainment Circle like a comet, illuminating the sky that belongs to him. From pop music to film and television, his amazing talent not only makes people outside the circle stunned, but also makes him most familiar. His sister also felt incredible.

    And this evening, in the contest with Wan Jinping, Lu Chen played the old fox in the palm of his hand. At the cost of Xiaoxiao, he pulled a very powerful allied army and really let Lu Xi open. Eyes.

    Switching to her one's own, it is absolutely impossible to perform better.

    But this is not the kind of playful, self-willed brother she is familiar with!

    Lu Xi also knows that Lu Chen’s changes in the past two years are huge. Perhaps is really mature after he experienced the hardships.

    But she always has the feeling of being in a dream.

    Sometimes I am afraid, everything will not exist after I wake up, everything is the same.

    Lu Chen held the hand of her sister and said, "I am still the original, I have never changed."

    Only in his mind, there is a memory of the world.

    Lu Xi felt the sincerity of Lu Chen, she smiled, and the atmosphere in the carriage became very warm.

    Time flies, the pace of running is also in a hurry, the two brothers and sisters have not talked about for a long time.

    叮 铃铃~

Unfortunately, the cell phone ringing suddenly broke the tacit understanding. Lu Xi shrunk the one's own phone from the bag and connected it: "Hey, hello."

    "Well, I have already eaten, just getting ready to go home with Lu Chen."

    "what? It’s too late now…”

    "that…OK then. ”

    After she said a few words, she hung up the phone. Lu Chen asked curiously: "Who is this?"

    Lu Xi hesitated, still replied: "It is Mu Shi, she asked me to do yoga and SPA at night."

    Lu Chen suddenly had a bad feeling.

    "Sister, is Li Mushi often going out with you?" You know she…"

    Lu Xi’s face was red and said: “I know, but she doesn’t mean to me. We are good friends now. I have no friends in Beijing, so…”

    Lu Chen is speechless.

    Although he is a brother-in-law, he can't interfere with the private life of one's own sister: "Then you're one's own."

    Lu Xi gave him a look: "What to pay attention to, Mu Shi is not Old Hu, can you eat me?"

    "Brother Zhang, you can put me down at the front intersection."

    Zhang Xiaofang, a part-time driver, promised to stop and lean on the steering wheel.

    Lu Xi took a photo of Lu Chen’s shoulder and said, “Don’t think about it. I’m here, go to the clubhouse, you’ll have a rest, and something to say tomorrow.”

    What can Lu Chen say? I can only smile and agree.

    He really wanted to make a phone call to Li Mushi, telling the other party not to think about Lu Xi, but I don't know how to open it, but I can only be so confused.

    When returning home, Lu Chen was still very depressed.

    However, his depression only lasted until the door was opened, and it disappeared in an instant!

    "When did you come back?"

    Standing behind the door, this pretty woman is not Chen Feier or who?

    During this time, Chen Feier was not in Beijing. Her daily schedule was full. Today in Shanghai and Shanghai, it is possible to fly to the deep sea tomorrow. This is still the result of many announcements and advertisements.

    Relying on the two series of drama series "Blue Life and Death" and "Full House", Chen Feier is definitely the most expensive actress in the Entertainment Circle. The popularity of the audience is not comparable. .

    Although she is in love with Lu Chen, and one's own has earned money for a few years, she never thought about staying at home and being a small woman in love. Career is to keep her youth and life. The most important source of vitality.

    In this respect alone, Chen Feier worked harder than Lu Chen.

    Perhaps because of this, she has a sigh of relief for Lu Chenhuai, and it is necessary to make up for it.

    Chen Feier plunged into his arms and smiled and asked: "I just came back and gave you a Xiaoxiao surprise…"

    When her words were not finished, they were blocked by Lu Chen’s mouth.

    The time when the two people know each other is not short. Usually, they are gathered together, but the feelings of each other are not weakened. Instead, they become more and more intense as time goes by.

    The beautiful woman in the soft jade Wen Xiang, Lu Chen suddenly left his old sister's things behind, indulge in tenderness.

    One night.


    Two days later, on the evening of March 19th, the Golden Jubilee Selection Committee announced the 2017 Golden Jubilee Award on its official website, nominated for all 39 awards!

    Among them, the 2016 ratings champion "Full House" was nominated for the best screenwriter, best music and best editing, and missed the heavyweight such as Best Director, Best Actress, Most Popular Actress, etc. Awards.

    This is different from the news circulating on the Internet a few days ago. "Full House" is not a gain in the Golden Jubilee Award.

    Lu Chen didn't feel strange about this, because as he said to Wan Jinping, "Full House" is really a nomination, and it is definitely not one's own.

    Three small and medium awards are the fig leaf of the Golden Jubilee judges!

    "I guess we can get a prize, and in all likelihood, it is the best Music…"

    Lu Chen said to Lu Xi and Chen Feier: "So send a representative to the past. I can see Chen Xin."

    Chen Xin is a colleague working in KFC before Lu Chen. Now he is the assistant to the general manager of Chenfei Media.

    Lu Xi hesitated: "Is this not very good?"

    I don’t give Kim Jong-soo nostalgia too.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Then send two more representatives, three nominated three people, just right."

    The other party has smashed the slap, and one's own has to get together?

    Offended is offended, Lu Chen does not rely on the awards to eat, and he is very clear who is doing the stalk.

    The seriousness is that "Ghost Story" will be released in the Domestic, publicity has just reached the most important stage, where there is any thoughts and intrigue with others: "If there is a reporter interview, all will be rejected, no comment!"


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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