The 576th chapter is ready

    Xiangjiang’s new film support policy, the Xiangjiang Film Revitalization Support Program, was released in 16 years.

    The core of this policy is “to create 100 outstanding Xiangjiang films and reproduce the prosperity of the film industry”. The Xiangjiang government has set a special budget for this, and has reached a Writer's Association with the relevant departments of Domestic, recommending 20 Hong Kong products each year ( The film with China and Hong Kong is recommended to be released in the Mainland.

    This is the so-called green channel for Hong Kong production. According to the agreement reached by both parties, it is recommended that Hong Kong films have basic guarantees in addition to the special treatment policies for box office and taxation.

    At present, the movie market of Domestic has become the second largest box office in the world after United States. The competition is fierce and fierce, and the pattern of hegemony has already been established. Newcomers, unless they have strong background strength and financial resources, want to Squeezing in and taking a slice of it is undoubtedly an idiotic dream.

    The popular movie circle of the crocodile makes it difficult for small and medium-sized film and television organizations to survive. If you don't want to be the affiliate of the former, you will only be able to exploit the new media channels and shoot the so-called online movie network drama.

    Xiangjiang’s new film support policy is equivalent to opening a seam in the big market that has been divided.

    So when the wind came out, there were many film and television organizations that went to Xiangjiang to seek opportunities. They even included some of the most powerful large-scale film companies, and they joined forces with local counterparts on Hong Kong Island to shoot new film.

    Finally, there are 178 Hong Kong-made (co-production) films, which apply to the Xiangjiang Government's designated auditing agency, Xiangjiang Film Association, for policy quotas, of which 120 were approved.

    120 films compete for 20 places, the ratio is 6:1, competition is cruel!

    However, no matter how cruel, as the best box office in Hong Kong at the beginning of 2017, the "Ghost Story" with the best reputation has been firmly locked in a quota. Even if the list of final trials has not been officially released, the industry inside the circle has basically no objection.

    The reason is simple. If the "Ghost Story" is not qualified, then which movie is more qualified, the Xiangjiang Film Association really wants to block the "Ghost Story" outside the gate, the so-called new policy is a joke!

    Of course, Lu Chen will not be smug, so he will do his job or public relations, and then put the focus of the work back to the Domestic.

    Getting a quota doesn't mean everything is fine. "Ghost Story" is released in Domestic. There are still a lot of work to be done. For example, the most important theaters, what time and when to release them are important factors affecting the box office. Have publicity marketing and more.

    For example, according to the agreement, the Hong Kong film in the Green Channel will be guaranteed to be 10% in the first week. However, there is no specific date and time limit, and there is a lot of playfulness.

    Some unconventional theaters may even steal box office.

    Therefore, after the completion of the celebration meeting, Lu Chen entrusted the work of Xiangjiang Studio to Wan Xiaoquan and Chen Wenqiang, and one's own and Chen Feier flew back to the Domestic Host.

    The Domestic market is the main battlefield of "Ghost Story"!

    However, on the flight on March 1, the two did not return directly to Beijing, but first flew to Hangzhou.

    "Thousands of hope, I will finally give you both!"

    Picking up at Hangzhou International Airport is Tian Tian. When I saw Lu Chen and Chen Feier from the VIP channel, the former beauty host of Zhedong TV station complained: "You two, are you not wanting? Friends?"

    Chen Feier was amused by her grievances. She hugged Tian Tian and said, "Are we not here now?" I will spoil you in the evening! ”

    "Don't die!"

    Tian Tian Qiao smashed Chen Feier with a red face and sneaked a sneak peek at Lu Chen.

    The two had no time to meet each other. When they met, they seemed to have endless words.

    Lu Chen carrying a big bag, smiled bitterly: "Two beautiful women, can we go back and talk again?"

    Going back to the car that Tian Tian personally opened, first returned to her home in Hangzhou, and after lunch, they came to the media company of Tian Tiankai.

    The full name of Tian Tian’s media company is Star Factory Media Co., Ltd. The name of “Star Factory” was also given by Lu Chen. In fact, the establishment of this media company also came from his suggestion.

    In addition, the Star Factory has a share investment in Lu Chen and Chen Feier. The company was founded by three people.

    Only Lu Chen and Chen Feier have no time management and management, that is, in the early stage of the company's grassroots investment, registration, site selection, recruitment of employees, preparation of projects, etc., is completely Tian Tian is busy in Zhang Luo.

    The first project of Star Factory is called "China Voice"!

    When Chu Tianmei came up with the idea to resign and start a business in May last year, Lu Chen gave her the idea of ​​"China The Voice" in May, but Star Factory Media was not officially established until July.

    Then Tian Tian began recruiting and setting up a project team. Because it was the first venture, and there were two friends from Lu Chen and Chen Feier, so she walked very step by step, and even said it was careful, so I have only entered the project until now. The actual operational status.

    For such a long period of time, Tian Xing led the Star Factory to be fully prepared. Not only did he form a team with rich experience in drafts, but he also reached a Writer's Association with Zhedong Satellite TV.

    "China Voice" was produced by Star Factory Media and will be broadcast during the prime time of Zhedong Satellite TV. The two parties signed a not-to-pass buyout agreement, but a rare advertisement based on Viewership Ratings.

    On the way to the company, Tian Tian briefed the two shareholders on the situation over the past six months.

    Although she complained about how hard it was in her words, how difficult it was to start a business, and she wanted to give up after several times of difficulties, but she could see that she really wanted to find a new world that belongs to one's own. .

    "Now everything is ready for the wind…"

    The complete set of planning copy of "China Voice" has already been completed. The Program team is fully staffed and signed by the Writer's Association. It can be officially produced at any time. It can be said that everything is ready.

    There is only one problem, that is, the list of four judges Teacher has not been confirmed!

    This question is not big, and it is not too small. In fact, Tian Tian and Lu Chen and Chen Feier passed two months ago, but they have not really settled.

    Speaking of this problem, Tian Tian, ​​who is already in a hurry, is overbearing president: "You two don't want to run, you have to help, otherwise don't blame me for turning my face!"

    "And, you have to help me to invite two big lads in the circle, it must be Heavenly King's level!"


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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