The 576th chapter of the double happiness

    Lu Chen Studio and Chen Feier Studio simultaneously released photos and blog titles, which not only misled countless fans, but also sent a lot of friends in the circle of two people to express congratulations and Congratulations.

    This is really big!

    When the two studios saw things in an uncontrollable direction, they immediately released the real news.

    "After Lu Chen and Chen Feier's solemn consideration, in order to better expand their careers, the two studios will be merged in the near future and form a new media company!"

    Actually it is such a "together", not what everyone thinks.

    So the fans who stunned a scene suddenly became ridicule.

    "It turned out to be a studio merger. I thought I was going to marry me in the morning!"

    "It's just a waste of my feelings, hurting my care!"

    "Compensation, you must compensate for the loss of emotional damage, scare your baby a big jump!"

    "Haha, people in the city really will play."

    "That's also worth Congratulations. The studio merger is the first step for the two to be together. Everyone is safe."

    "I said, it must be tricky…"

    In addition to the official V of the two studios, countless fans ran to Lu Chen and Chen Feier's personal blog to continue ridicule, yelling for compensation for mental damage, lost dog food and medicine costs…

    Lu Chen pleaded guilty, saying that 2888 fans will be drawn from the ID of the comment area, and the gifts and movie soundtracks of the "Ghost Story" with a total value of more than 1 million will be presented, as well as the theater recharge movie card!

    He also showed photos of these movie peripherals on one's own blog.

    "Ghost Story" has been released in Hong Kong since the release of Xiangjiang. In addition to the box office sales, it has also created a remarkable record, that is, the sales record of peripheral products of Hong Kong films.

    It must be known that this market was basically occupied by Hollywood blockbusters. Hong Kong films could not even be eaten with soup. The "Ghost Story" has sold 38 million+ peripheral products so far, which shocked the industry.

    At that time, Lu Chen also completed the design and production of the surrounding products of "Ghost Story" in advance, and entrusted the large factory in the deep sea. Whether it is a doll hand or a jewelry daily souvenir, the quality is absolutely superior.

    In particular, Ning Caichen, Nie Xiao Qian, Yan Chixia and Shuo Grandma's hands have been divided into several versions, in which the simulation version and the Q version are sold very well, and the surrounding stores of several large theaters are sold out. Out of stock.

    The photos posted by Lu Chen were taken by professional photographers in the studio. The photos were beautiful and attractive. Although the "Ghost Story" was not released in the Domestic, it was enough to evoke the interest of the fans.

    This is a big deal. Lu Chen’s blog commentary area has been smashed in the blink of an eye. Everyone said that as long as they can be drawn, they will forgive Lu Chen’s “harm” behavior.

    A Xiaoxiao storm was wiped out, although Lu Chen paid a million dollars, but compared to the publicity effect that these comebacks can play, it is nothing at all!

    The so-called good thing is double. On the second day after the two studios announced the merger and formation of a new company, good news came from the Xiangjiang side. The "Ghost Story" passed the review of the Xiangjiang Film Association and received a valuable mainland release. The pass card can also enjoy the one-year special treatment support policy of the Xiangjiang government.

    This is actually unexpected. With the excellent box office and word of mouth of "Ghost Story", if the Xiangjiang Film Association has stuck this movie, it will definitely not be the former.

    It is worth mentioning that "Painted Skin" is also on the list.

    This does not make people feel strange, Huaguan Film and Star Art Entertainment are big companies with strong strength, and the power in the circle is strong. Although "Painted Skin" has been defeated to "Ghost Story", but compared with other people in the same period. The advantages of Hong Kong films are quite obvious.

    Huaguan Films has spent so much money on "Painted Skin", and the money lost by Xiangjiang is definitely going to be recovered in the Mainland.

    I believe that the two adaptations from a novel will have a dragon fight in the Domestic.

    However, as long as it is not stupid to come home, Huaguan Film will not break the box office with "Ghost Story".

    Therefore, Lu Chen, who got the news, did not put the original opponent on his mind. He asked Studio to submit the original film to SARFT for review, and on the other hand, to contact the theater through a partner.

    Although it is said that the Hong Kong film (the China-Hong Kong co-production film) with the green channel has the first week's guaranteed bottom row, it is a big mistake to rely on the above policy to lay down and sleep peacefully.

    Domestic's cinema line is three-thirds of the world, and the three major theaters hold more than 65% of the market share, especially in large and medium-sized cities, the market share is even higher, and the voice is naturally very powerful.

    In addition to building cinema expansion channels, the three major theaters also have mastered or invested in film companies in the upstream.

    Therefore, in the film, the three theaters must first take care of the film produced by their own or related households, then the introduction of Hollywood blockbuster, and finally the other films.

    In the end, how much can be left to imagine, but the competition is still fierce, and there is no point in the background strength.

    It is said that up to one-third of Movies filmed by Domestic can enter the theater. Others will either return money in small cities or rural markets, or eat on the Internet.

    This is the most fundamental reason why Lu Chen chose to start one's own film career in Xiangjiang. The film is different from the drama series. The market structure has already solidified. He has no ability to break unless he is a big company.

    How can I be willing to be independent of Lu Chen?

    Of course, with the support of Xiangjiang's film support policy, he has taken a shortcut and still has to play a good relationship with the three major cinemas. It is necessary to give some of the benefits in exchange for support on the film.

    In general, a movie wants to be sold, quality, publicity and cinema are all indispensable!

    While "Ghost Story" waits for SARFT review and communicates with the theater, the merger of the two studios has undoubtedly become the top priority.

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier have already talked about it. In order to speed up Speed ​​and reduce trouble, the latter's studio is merged into Lu Chen studio, and then Lu Chen studio is upgraded to form a new company.

    The headquarters of the new company Chenfei Media will still be placed in the place where Lu Chen Studio is currently renting, that is, in the New Age Art Park, there is no need for a big move and a new stove.

    There are no obstacles to registering a new company, and it can be completed in a week or so, but the first problem facing the merger of the two studios is that the site of the New Age Art Park may not be enough!


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