Chapter 562 Surprise

    Since the reality draft program became popular, in recent years, there have been many draft programs in the various television stations of Domestic, and some have been successful, and some have had an impact. The situation can be described as two days.

    In addition to the production level and creative concept of the Program itself, the guest judges mentor is also an important factor that has a direct impact on the Viewership Ratings. The more the big names, the more the Viewership Ratings can be pulled up.

    The creativity of "China Voice" is good enough, and there is no problem in production and broadcast. The mentor selection has become one of the keys to the success of Program, so Tian Tian attaches great importance to it.

    Chen Feier is wondering: "I am not letting you contact Tan Big Brother?"

    Chen Feier said that Tan Da Ge is of course referring to Tan Hong. With Tan Hong’s position in the circle, it is definitely enough.

    Tian Tian is discouraged: "I ran Beijing and I met Tan Teacher, but Tan Teacher didn't want to participate in the variety program anymore."

    Originally, Tan Hong didn't like to participate in the Variety Program. The last time he served as the judges of "Singing China", it was entirely because of the relationship between people. Now he is basically in a state of retreat. It is normal for Tian Tian to be rejected.

    "Oh, that…"

    Chen Feier also made a difficult problem. Her network of contacts in the circle is very wide and not fake, but it is not a casual invitation to a real big coffee. The schedule is not full, it can be called big. Coffee?

    She blames Tian Tian: "You don't say it early!"

    Tian Tian has a reason: "I don't want to trouble you this time, this busy man, this time there is no way."

    She is a strong person. When she encounters difficulties, she first thinks about one's own to solve the problem, instead of asking for help.

    It’s just that this trouble is a bit big.

    Tian Tian is a good family. There are also one's own network resources in the circle. I want to invite a big coffee to join the talent program made by one's own company. She is not enough.

    After touching a few times, Tian Tiancai was very reluctant to give up and could only go back and look for Chen Feier to help.

    Lu Chen thought about it and said, "I will try it."

    Chen Feier curiously asked: "Who are you looking for?"

    Lu Chen replied: "Liu Gangsheng big brother."


    With a scream, the BMW car that was driving swayed and almost hit the guardrail next to it.

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier, who were caught off guard, were shocked by a cold sweat.

    Tian Tian, ​​who drove the car, hurriedly regained his steering wheel and hurriedly asked: "Is it really Liu Gangsheng?"

    Lu Chen took a deep breath and angered: "Open your car and kill people!"

    If there is a car accident just now, tomorrow’s headline is properly with him and Chen Feier’s – this headline can still save the province, who loves who to take it!

    Tian Tian spit out her tongue. She slowed down the speed and said with a guilty conscience: "Whoever makes you suddenly explode, I am Liu’s fans, if I can really invite him…"

    If you can invite Liu Gangsheng to be judges, then the Viewership Ratings of "The Voice of China" don't have to worry, because the Xiangjiang Heavenly King superstar has never appeared in any of the candidates' programs.

    It will inevitably cause a sensational effect!

    "You don't think about it!"

    Lu Chen interrupted her dream unceremoniously: "The big brother of Hong Kong is definitely not coming. I want to ask him to help me to see if I can invite a strong person from Xiangjiang to participate in the event."

    The four mentor of "China Voice", he and Chen Feier have two seats each, and it is more appropriate to invite a Xiangjiang Singer to come to it – the status of Xiangjiang Pop Music in Chinese Musical World is irreplaceable.


    Tian Tian closed her mouth a little wrong.

    Chen Feier looked at it and couldn’t bear it. He pushed Lu Chen, who didn’t know the pity and cherished jade: “That’s your contact with Hong Kong’s big brother.”

    Lu Chen nodded and took a call to Liu Gangsheng.

    He is in contact with the other party's private number, and only the phone number in the address book can be opened.

    After a moment of cell phone connection, Liu Hongsheng's unique Voice came from the microphone: "Lu Chen?"

    "Hello, Gangsheng…"

    Lu morning greeted him with a sigh of relief, and he whispered a few words with the Heavenly King superstar, explaining the meaning of one's own.

    Just being scorned by Lu Chen, Tian Tianxin had some resentment, but when she heard that Lu Chen was talking to Liu Gangsheng, she couldn’t help but erect her ears and looked like an irritated one.

    Lu Chen talked with Liu Gangsheng for a few minutes and ended the conversation. Chen Feier asked: "What did he say?"

    This is also the issue that Tian Tian is most concerned about.

    Liu Gangsheng can't be extravagant. It is also very good to be able to ask for a big coffee from the Popular World of Musical World.

    Lu Chen said: "Hong Kong's big brother is willing to help, let me wait for news, it should be very fast."

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "That's it."

    If Liu Gangsheng comes forward, basically no one will give face to Xiangjiang Entertainment Circle, unless it is really time or schedule to come to the Mainland to participate in the Program.

    The superstar is also an enthusiastic person. After agreeing to help, the efficiency is very high. Tian Tian’s car is just in the parking lot downstairs of her company. The phone calls back to Lu Chen’s cell phone.

    "Hmm, thank you, brother, thank you very much!"

    Ending the call again, Lu Chen's look is a bit odd.

    Chen Feier asked with concern: "What is it? Is there any trouble? ”

    Lu Chen shook his head and said: "Hong Kong's big brother helped us to get a mentor."

    Tian Tian finally couldn't help it: "Who is it?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Guess guess?"

    Chen Feier gave him a sigh of relief and shouted: "Where can we guess it!"

    The popular Music of Xiangjiang once had a period of great brilliance. At that time, a large number of excellent Singer emerged, and at least dozens of famous surnames were well known by mainland fans.

    Lu Chen did not hang his appetite and directly revealed the answer: "It is Shi Fangjie!"


    This time, Chen Feier and Tian Tian exclaimed, but fortunately, they were not driving.

    Chen Feier is surprised, Tian Tian is a surprise!

    They never dreamed that Liu Gangsheng actually invited Shi Fang.

    Shi Fang's position in the popular Musical World in Xiangjiang is no less than that of Liu Gangsheng. She is also a familiar figure in the world of mainland fans. She once played two concerts on the mainland and has great influence.

    Although Shi Fang was a farewell to the music scene a few years ago, her reputation and popularity are still there, and she still has a large number of fans who like her.

    "China's The Voice" can be used as a tutor, and the publicity fee can save millions!

    Tian Tian is simply overjoyed: "That's really good, I want to re-changing the publicity program!"

    Lu Chen plus Chen Feier, plus Shi Fang, that is not as simple as 1+1+1=3, the quantitative change is caused by qualitative change!

    But there is still a question: "Who is the last tutor to ask?"

    Tian Tian squinted and the expectation of Lu Chen was directly blasted.

    He can always make a miracle!


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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