Chapter 568 is together (below)

    Speaking of finding a door recently, Lu Xizhen has a stomach to say, because it is basically a pot of Lu Chen.

    One of them makes my sister speechless.

    Around the Spring Festival, a number of reporters from various media came to the studio. They did not come to interview Lu Chen, but to inquire about the news of "Recalling the Ancients."

    “Recalling the Ancients” is the pseudonym used by Lu Chen to publish and publish “Jiang Hu”.

    "Swordsman Jiang Hu" was first published in Inspur, which caused a certain influence, but because it could not be signed with the website, it was spread by readers in Little Fan.

    However, in November of last year, Shanhai Publishing House officially published "Jiang Hu", which has a total of 5 million words. According to the publishing contract signed by both parties, 100,000 sets of hardcover editions and 100,000 sets of paperback editions are printed. The total number of first printed books reached 1.5 million copies!

    For the private Shanhai Publishing House, publishing such a high-profile version of "Jiang Hu" is also a big risk for them. If the contract is not for the copyrighted Lu Chen studio, they are certainly not afraid. So bold.

    Lu Chen Studio also recommended this set of books.

    As a result, this novel of "New Modern Martial Arts" has caused great repercussions in the market. Through the unremitting marketing and promotion of Shanhai Publishing House and the reputation of readers, it has been among the best-selling books at the end of last year.

    The martial arts novels are not new things. As early as the Qing Dynasty, there was a classic masterpiece, "Three Heroes and Five Immortals." The earlier source can be traced back to the Rangers and Assassins of the Han Dynasty.

    In the modern Republic of China, people were liberated from the feudal sect, and various schools of thought flooded into China. The newspaper industry and the publishing industry were unprecedentedly prosperous. The martial arts novels also sprung up everywhere. It was deeply loved by the unique martial arts spirit of the martial arts. The martial arts case and the short-selling storytelling were very popular.

    In the 1970s and 1980s, Xiangjiang and Baodao emerged a group of martial arts novelists. They inherited the development of martial arts novels in the past, and they were born such as "The Maniac Biography" and "Swords Out of the Clouds" and so on. The contemporary martial arts novels, which also have the Wuxia movie and the drama series.

    However, in the 1990s, martial arts novels and martial arts films went down, but they were not cut off.

    Nowadays, online novels are popular, and many fantasy fantasy stories also contain the shadow of martial arts novels.

    And "Jiang Hu" is undoubtedly a very special work, its story is far more exciting than the old martial arts novels, the plot is ups and downs, more suitable for modern people to appreciate the taste, and then not as bizarre as the network fantasy White, giving people a refreshing feeling.

    Some critics have given the name "Jiang Hu" the title of "new martial arts pioneering work", asserting that more books of the same type will appear on the market.

    As of today, the first edition of "Smiling Jiang Hu" is sold in both hardcover and paperback editions. The second edition of Shanhai Publishing has incremental printing of 300,000 sets, and the third edition is included in the plan.

    "Jiang Hu" has stirred up a new martial arts style in the reading market. Shanhai Publishing House is naturally earning a lot of money, and its reputation is so excellent, so it has naturally attracted the attention of many media.

    After reading "Jiang Hu", many readers want to know the origin of the author himself, whether he is writing a new book, and the related blogs and forums are in full swing.

    So many media have heard the wind and want to dig out the story behind this best-selling martial arts novel.

    As a result, the reporters first touched the wall at Shanhai Publishing House. In fact, Shanhai Publishing House was very curious about the author. He once thought about the author's invitation to sign the book sale event, and the result was rejected by Lu Chen studio.

    "Yi Jin Gu" signed all the copyright rights to Lu Chen studio, I am very mysterious, even the blog is not, the network can not find any information.

    So the reporters had to go to Lu Chen studio to explore the truth. Lu Xi was of course informed, but she could not sell Lu Chen’s secrets, but had to rely on the author’s unwillingness to contact the media.

    "Look what you are doing!"

    Speaking of this, my sister is a grievance, obviously harassed by the media reporter: "play mystery…"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Is this not very good? Playing mystery is actually a good marketing tool! ”

    No one is omniscient and omnipotent. Lu Chen is both a music original and a TV screen script. He also personally participates in even Director, giving people the feeling of being versatile.

    The reputation of what is enough for him, do not need to add a "martial arts novelist" title to display, so "recalling the ancient" is destined to be mysterious, and now it is not fun to uncover the mystery.

    And "Jiang Hu" is the beginning of Lu Chen's creation of the big martial arts IP. He has won such great success in the publishing market and he is full of confidence.

    "The second book I will finish publishing in the year, the movie "Damao Jiang Hu" and the drama series can also be put on the agenda, of course, after the release of "Ghost Story" and "You from the Stars". ”

    Lu Chen has calculated, regardless of other projects, this year's work is basically full.

    In this respect, the merger between him and Chen Feier's studio is justified and necessary.

    Lu Xi also served Lu Chen: "Then you like to play, just keep playing!"

    At 8 o'clock that evening, Lu Chen Studio and Chen Feier Studio at the same time, the official V of the Inspur blog, released a photo, the content of the photo is very simple, that is, one hand holding the other hand, the background is blurred.

    The title of Xinbo is three words: together.

    The fans of the two studios V are far less than the personal blogs of Lu Chen and Chen Feier, but the fascinating title and picture photos came out at the same time, which suddenly caused a huge sensation in the fan circle of the two.

    Big news, big events!

    Comment on the wave of blogs in the wave.

    "Wow! Am I married in the morning with my Philippine? ”

    "This is the rhythm of the headline, Congratulations, my morning and my Philippine!"

    "Although I really want to express my congratulations, my heart is sour and I have a feeling of crying."

    "Together with! Together! Together! ”

    "Finally really together, Congratulations!"

    Most of the fans think that the two are going to take the last step, and love has become a positive result.

    There are also a small number of fans who are sore and sad, and the mood is very complicated.

    Only, they have guessed wrong!


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