Chapter 566 is together (on)

    A song "Long time no see" sang, the anchor room directly boiled.

    Lu Chen did not disappoint everyone. His works are always so good. In the pop music scene of cover, imitation, and saliva, it is undoubtedly a true clean stream.

    [Whale TV] The number of online viewers in the anchor room has exceeded 2 million. The fans are here to express one's own favorite way, the simplest is to reward.

    The wealthy local tyrants take action is a formidable mighty aircraft carrier. The ordinary fans contribute the fish balls that are usually signed to do the task. The rituals are light and affectionate, and the superposition is also a terrible number.

    These amazing rewards prove once again that on the platform of [Whale TV], Lu Chen’s popularity is unparalleled!

    "Thank you!"

    Lu Chen thanked him: "Thank you for your support!"

    The fans’ response was: “Sing another song!”

    A brush is full screen.

    Lu Chen is very refreshing: "Okay, then I will sing another one."

    The second song is still new song, but it is the national version of the theme song "The Road to the Ghost".

    At present, "Ghost Story" is still on the Xiangjiang River, the cumulative box office has exceeded 80 million, and it is hoped to reach the goal of 100 million before the next file.

    The film is very popular in Xiangjiang. Both the general audience and the industry have a good reputation. The soundtrack and music in the movie have won countless praises. The theme song "Roads by People" has been called the port of ten years. The best in the production.

    Some people have asserted that this year's Xiangjiang Golden Awards is the best film original song.

    This song is very popular on Hong Kong Island, bringing great popularity and restoration to Lu Chen.

    And now he sings the Mandarin version of "Roads with People", the Mandarin and Cantonese versions are exactly the same, but the lyrics are slightly modified, the same classic is excellent.

    "Ghost Story" must be released in the Domestic, although the schedule is not fixed, publicity can not fall behind.

    This kind of publicity not only works well, but also does not cost a penny, and even earns money!

    The fans in the anchor room have already heard the song, and they immediately shouted out with the barrage, but they are definitely the first time to listen to the Mandarin version, and they feel fresh.

    After the sing of "The Road to the People", it is the barrage to enjoy the tide, the fans are still unfinished, continue to linger.

    Tonight, Lu Chen is very good at speaking. He is good at it, and then plays a few pieces of one's own past works.

    One by one, the fans are never satisfied, and Lu Chen sang seven songs before ending the temporary live broadcast at night.

    Two hours of live broadcast, the highest online number exceeded 3 million, and the reward for Lu Chen was divided into millions.

    A live broadcast earns millions of rewards, and the revenue is amazing. But this is also the enthusiasm that fans have accumulated for a long time. If Lu Chen plays live broadcast every day, it is certainly not such a good thing.

    "are you tired?"

    Lu Chen had just turned off the computer, and Chen Feier came in with a blue-and-white porcelain bowl: "Hurry and eat it."

    She cooked a bowl of sugary eggs for Lu Chen.

    When Lu Chen live broadcasted, Chen Feier had never appeared. Apart from the privacy reasons, the main reason was that he did not want to cause unnecessary harm to single dogs.

    Lu Chen was surprised: "Where are the eggs coming?"

    He hasn't lived in this family for a long time. Although there are people who regularly clean it, it is definitely empty in the refrigerator.

    Chen Feier explained: "I let the assistants buy food in the supermarket, can't eat it every day?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Then I have to taste your craft."

    Hot syrup eggs are delicious and sweet in the mouth, but the most important thing is that there is a happy taste inside!


    The next day, when Lu Chen woke up from his sleep and looked at the girlfriend who was attached to one's own arms, the feeling of happiness was stronger, and the idea that he had in his heart was also strong.

    Lu Chen bowed his head and kissed Chen Feier's red face, and Chen Fei's closed eyes moved, then slowly opened.

    She turned her head in confusion and asked, "What time is it?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "It's still early, you can sleep more."

    Chen Feier couldn't sleep, twisted in Lu Chen's arms and whispered: "I don't sleep, I will give you breakfast."

    Lu Chen said: "I don't worry, I have something to discuss with you."

    Chen Feier was completely awake: "What?"

    Lu Chen hugged her and said: "This time, we will merge the two studios!"

    Celebrity entertainers are based in Entertainment Circle, either signing up to Entertainment Media Manager Corporation, or one's own open studio, Lu Chen and Chen Feier have one's own studio.

    The business conditions of the two studios are very good. Although the time of the establishment of Lu Chen Studio is not long, but the profit last year was over 100 million, the outstanding performance is enough to make any peers envy and hate.

    Chen Feier studio, then needless to say, in the past ten years, the position in the circle is as stable as Taishan, on the strength scale is still above Lu Chen studio.

    It is the so-called two benefits, if the two studios can unite together, it is undoubtedly a strong combination!

    But there is also a problem here, which is related to Lu Chen and Chen Feier.

    To know that many couples have their own careers, Lu Chen and Chen Feier are still only male and female friends. If the two studios merge, in the future, if there is a change…

    That trouble is really big!

    Therefore, Lu Chen also made such an idea to Chen Feier after careful consideration.

    Because he has confidence in love, he has confidence in both.

    Chen Feier was silent.

    Lu Chen, who could not get a response, couldn’t help but scratch his head and said, “If you don’t like it…”

    When his words were not finished, Chen Feier blocked his mouth – mouth to mouth.

    After a warm and lingering kiss, Chen Feier smacked Lu Chen’s chest and gasped: “Actually, I have been waiting for you, and our two studios merged!”

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "That is simply upgraded to a company. We have discussed with our sisters today."

    If the two studios merge, the scale is very impressive. The pattern of studio is obviously not enough. Level Up is inevitable for the company, and it is also considered for long-term development.

    Chen Feier nodded and had no objections.

    叮 铃铃~

At this time, the phone resting on the bed suddenly rang.

    Lu Chen quickly reached for the microphone: "Hey?"

    "Get up? Get up, then hurry up to studio! ”

    The voice of my sister Lu Xi came from the phone: "A lot of things are waiting for you!"

    What really said what, Lu morning quickly said: "I know, I have something to tell you."


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