Chapter 564 Big Name Director

    "Let's welcome two directors!"

    Hangcheng, C3901, Rongjing Building, Xihu District, spacious and tidy office area, dozens of employees of Star Factory Media Co., Ltd. gathered together, under the leadership of Chairman and General Manager Ms. Tian Tian, ​​warmly applauded the two Come to the company's big director.

    Some of the employees present were the veterans who joined the team six months ago. Some of them were newcomers who were new to the company. Everyone knows that there are three partners in this new media company. In addition to Tian Tian, ​​the former Zhejiang Satellite TV host, there are two. It is currently the hottest Celebrity artist in the Domestic Entertainment Circle – Lu Chen and Chen Feier.

    Some employees are joining the Star Factory for two talents.

It’s just that they usually see Lu Chen and Chen Feier on TV and online. In reality, they have never seen these two company directors appear in the company, although it’s unlikely that Tian Tian’s identity is Fictional members of the board of directors can be inevitable for a long time.

    Moreover, the first project of the Star Factory has been prepared for such a long time, and has not yet officially started production. Although everyone's salary is paid on time every month, some employees still feel unreliable.

    Compared with wages, they are more concerned about the future development and future of the company!

    Now with the appearance of Lu Chen and Chen Feier, all the doubts in the hearts of these employees disappeared in an instant, and the heart that was originally hung was completely solid.

    As for the new employees, they were even more excited and greeted with two Celebrity directors.

    If it is not the rules of the publicly, we have been waiting for signatures and photos!

    Tian Tian saw the atmosphere in the office just right, so he said, "I have a good news to announce to everyone, in addition to asking two directors to come and inspect today."

    The applause disappeared and everyone's eyes were all on her body.

    “Our variety show, the reality show Program “The Voice of China” is about to start, and we have invited four big-name characters to be mentor, two of whom are in front of everyone!”


    The applause that just calmed down again, although everyone expected it, but after hearing the good news, they still felt very excited.

    Tian Tian continued: "The other two mentor, one is the Romantic rock and roll, and the other is the Xiangjiang Tianhou Shi Fang Shi Teacher!"


    Lu Chen and Chen Feier acted as the mentor of "The Voice of China". Although they were very excited and excited, they were not surprising. Because the two are directors of Star Factory, their own powerful resources must be used.

    The other two instructors are really a surprise, and it is a big surprise!

    Liao Jia knows that in the Musical Music World, it is the famous rock and roll old gun, the spiritual idol of many people, even if there are no good new works in recent years, there are still countless fans.

    Xiangjiang Tianhou Shifang, it is just like a slap in the ear, a few years ago due to illness temporarily quit the music, but now she will come to the mainland to open a concert, to ensure that the high fare has a large number of people to join.

    The most important thing is that these two big buds seem to be the first time to participate in the draft program as a mentor judges, which is undoubtedly an excellent selling point in publicity.

    There is nothing to worry about in Viewership Ratings of "The Voice of China". When the news is released, Singer who comes to register for Program will definitely be a sea of ​​people.

    Everyone thinks that they are all excited. They can only express their inner excitement with desperate applause. Morale has reached its peak.

    When I saw the inspiration, Tian Tian smiled and waved and said: "Well, this news everyone knows, just don't mess around, wait for the company to officially release the announcement, and everyone can do things with peace of mind!"

    The employees have promised to return to their place, but they obviously cannot return to work at once.

    Tian Tian accompanied Lu Chen and Chen Feier to inspect the various departments of the company.

    The office building rented by Star Factory is located in the CBD of Xihu District. It is located in the bustling area of ​​the main city of Hangzhou. It is very close to the West Lake Scenic Area. The surrounding traffic is very convenient. Of course, the rent is very expensive.

    There is no reason for Tian Tianxuan to open a company here, because Zhedong TV Station is next to it, and there are also a large number of related institutions in the film and television industry around it, which can enjoy the benefits of clustering.

    Tian Tian’s enthusiasm is also very large. The office rent is the highest top floor of Rongjing Building, with an area of ​​more than 400 square meters. The company has marketing, public relations, publicity, design, production and other departments. Currently, there are more than 50 employees. Has not lost to some old counterparts.

    Of course, the bigger the scale, the bigger the expenditure. Although the Star Factory has also received some outsourcing orders since its establishment, the real self-made project has not yet begun, and it is currently in a state of sitting on the mountain.

    Therefore, Tian Tian is struggling to pull the two directors of Lu Chen and Chen Feier and officially finalize the project of "China Voice".

    "You don't come again, I really have to jump from here!"

    In the chairman's office, Tian Tian complained to Chen Feier: "You two do not know, I have not slept well in recent months, and I have lost a few pounds. My Mother has let me not go on, I got rid of it earlier. !"

    Chen Feier held her in her arms and smiled. "Are we not here now?" Hard work, you should not be too tired one's own, ask a professional manager to share the work. ”

    Tian Tian explained: "This professional professional manager is not good at digging. I have already asked the headhunting company to look for it. After the broadcast of "The Voice of China", I believe it will be much easier."

    The current status of the Domestic TV Variety Program is that, on the one hand, various kinds of draft entertainment programs are emerging one after another. On the other hand, there is a shortage of professional talents. Tian Tian founded the Star Factory, and it took a lot of effort to dig up a group of people.

    This is also thanks to the signature of the two directors, otherwise it is only by her one's own, others may not be able to see.

    The composition of the shares of Star Factory Media is actually very simple. Tian Tian is the chairman and legal representative and owns 40% of the shares. Lu Chen and Chen Feier each account for 30%. The company's registered capital and actual investment are 10 million.

    Although the establishment of the time is only more than half a year, it is still a recruit in the industry, but Star Factory Media can be said to be very high, because the reputation of the two directors is loud enough.

    In fact, for Lu Chen and Chen Feier, the investment of the two is more due to friendship considerations, which is support for Tian Tian’s independent entrepreneurship, rather than saying how much money he wants to earn.

    But for Tian Tian, ​​this company is the whole focus of her life and career!


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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