Chapter 560 is welcome

    The lively celebration will not end until 11pm, and the champagne alone will open hundreds of bottles.

    The bustling and distracted, the drama crew of "Ghost Story" stayed.

    Because this 50 million celebration will have the last program not completed, it is a red envelope!

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier together, the latter carrying a heavy bag, and then sent a red envelope that had already been sealed to the hands of each drama crew, Director, Deputy Director, drama, photographer , lighting engineer, art…

    Of course, the most important actors are indispensable.

    On the spot, when the film "Ghost Story" was in trouble, the drama crew was turbulent. Some members were afraid of trouble and chose to leave, but most people still persisted.

    Lu Chen promised them that after waiting for the release of "Ghost Story", he will take out 10% of the Xiangjiang box office to reward all the crew members, thank you for their support and hard work.

    Although there is still a short time between "Ghost Story" and Xiangjiang downgrade, Lu Chen has a good reason to use this celebration to pre-distribute some of the rewards to everyone.

    "Thank you Lu Shao!"Thank you BOSS! ""Thank you Lady Boss! ”

    The members of the drama crew who got the red envelopes all smiled, and all of them couldn't wait to open the envelopes. The banquet hall was filled with a very happy atmosphere.

    Ma Rongzhen also got a reward for one's own.

    When he first took over the role of Yan Chi-Xia, he was in the midst of the extreme, and he played in the Lion Rock Studios. He almost didn't even have enough food, so there was basically no requirement for pay.

    And now with this distinctive character, Ma Rong can be said that the salted fish turned over, and the rewards of others who took the initiative to find the door were dozens of times at that time!

    "Ghost Story" was released to the present, and Lu Chen and Chen Feier did not talk about it. The main thing was to hold two people. One is Nie Mingzhu, who plays Nie Little Qian, and the other is Ma Rongzhen.

    After many children were taken by the family to see "Ghost Story", they only left the most profound impression on Yan Chixia. When they went home and played with other peers, they waved the purchased musical toys. It’s a cool thing to scream “The World’s Promise”.

    In the surrounding shops of the theater, Yan Chixia's dolls are very hot, and the Item Sword and Fu Yi are also popular products.

    So of course, the red envelope he got at night is also the biggest.

    After seeing the amount on the check, Ma Rong’s heart couldn’t be described in words. His hand holding the check was shaking slightly.

    Ma Rong really did not see the money. When he was in the scenery, his personal pay was also a few million Gundam. This check is not too much.

    However, the wind was always blown away by the rain. Now Ma Rongzhen rents it in the squatter house in Tin Shui Wai. The monthly rent of thousands of blocks makes him stretched. This check is enough for him to move to New Territories Kowloon to settle down. Need to worry about livelihoods.

    Compared with the earliest paid for him, Lu Chen is really too generous!

    Ma Rongzhen debuted for decades, and he has been mixed in the circle for decades. The number of bosses he has seen has been numerous. There are really few people who have the temperament of Lu Chen, so keep their promises.

    Feeling admire, he found a chance to talk privately with Lu Chen.

    "Lu Shao, I want to ask, when does the "Ghost Story" take a sequel?"

    A movie that sells so hot, it must be a sequel, Ma Rong is really grateful to Lu Chen's enlightenment, so no matter what high prices others dig to dig people, his first choice is still Lu Chen studio.

    Lu Chen understood that Ma Rong really meant it. He smiled and replied: "The sequel will take at least a few months to shoot again. Uncle Ma, if someone else is looking for you at a high price, you can pick it up and don't worry about us."


    After a pause, Lu Chen continued: "The sequel I am going to transfer the copyright to Jiayang Film, so the specific contract you find a manager to talk with, I Believe Zhou boss will not let you suffer."

    For Lu Chen, it’s enough to shoot a "Ghost Story". If he wants to make a new movie, there are too many scripts and themes to choose from. There is no need to eat old books.

    However, it is very suitable to sell to the partner Jiayang Film, and the latter will be photographed as a treasure.

    Ma Rongzhen was somewhat disappointed. He really wanted to repay Lu Chen. He also wanted to sign in Lu Chen studio. He did not expect that Lu Chen had no such meaning at all. He did not even have a report and gave him the greatest freedom.

    This made him both moved and stressed – the human condition is too big!

    Ma Rongzhen can only say: "When Lu Shao will need me in the future, I will be on call, but I can’t think of anything else that will reward you with great greatness!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Ma Shuyan is heavy. If you need it, I must be welcome!"


    Ma Rong really nodded heavily.

    After the red envelope is issued, the celebration will be officially announced, and the song ended.

    "This uncle Ma is really not easy…"

    Chen Feier followed Lu Chen and sent Ma Rongzhen away. Looking at the figure of the vicissitudes of the vicissitudes of life, she said quite succinctly: "I hope he can polish his eyes and find a reliable manager."

    The Celebrity artist is often used by the manager pit. The degree of the original manager of Ma Rongzhen is also rare. Although the other party was finally retributed, Ma Rongzhen was so devastated that he had fallen for more than ten years.

    "He should want to sign it for you?"

    For Chen Feier's guess, Lu Chen nodded: "There should be such an idea, but his image has been fixed, and he will play a supporting role in the future."

    Lu Chen is very clear. For Ma Rongzhen, Yan Chi-Xin is undoubtedly the pinnacle of his acting career. There is no possibility of surpassing in the future. In the future, other characters he plays may not be able to get rid of the impression that this character leaves the audience.

    Although Lu Chen recommended Ma Rongzhen to sign in Jiayang Pictures, this is his best choice.

    "Lu Chen…"

    The two were talking, and there was a sweet voice behind them.

    Lu Chen turned around and saw Nie Mingzhu with his assistant coming over to one's own.

    She stopped in front of Lu Chen and asked: "Are you and Fei sister going back to Beijing?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Yes."

    Xiangjiang is his film career, it is definitely not the end, and Beijing is his root.

    The most important thing is that "Ghost Story" has basically got the quota for the new film support policy.

    So it is time to go back to the mainland to launch a new publicity plan.

    Nie Mingzhu turned his face and asked: "If you go to Beijing, are you welcome?"

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier smiled and replied in unison: "Welcome!"


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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