Chapter 547, publicity war (below)

    The first batch of "Ghost Story" stills released on the blogger V has a total of 20, mainly concentrated in the four important roles of Ning Caichen, Nie Xiao Qian, Yan Chixia and Grandma.

    After decades of development, Xiangjiang’s film industry has become extremely mature and has set aside the real factors. The same film may take half a year to complete in the Mainland, and it will be settled in Xiangjiang in two or three months.

    Because of the various aspects of the entire film industry, the large and small companies in Xiangjiang are fully equipped. A drama crew has been pulling people from scratch. It is much simpler and more convenient than the mainland. Some of the early productions are professional.

    The key is to be willing to spend money.

    The reason that the price is worth the price is reflected in the dramas of "Ghost Story". The three roles of Ning Caichen, Nie Xiao Qian and Yan Chixia are gone, a lonely scholar and a ghost ghost. There is a Jiang Hu Daoist Priest, which has a distinctive costume design but is never luxurious and refined. It is perfect for the identity of the character.

    The only tree in the Grandma is different. As the biggest villain in this movie, Lu Chen has set the redo for this character to be far more than the original version in the dream world!

    The clothes worn by Chen Feier alone were hired by professional stylists, costumers, and Item divisions to work overtime. The full set of hands took a total of seven or eight thousand.

    The resulting stills are of course first-rate!

    "Wow, my Philippine style is too demon, I like it!"

    "It’s amazing!"

    "This once again proves the strength of my Philippine, what is it like, how many can do?"

    "true.The queen is unparalleled, and the villains are sent against it. ”

    "Don't say anything, I will download the wallpaper first."

    "Who can tell me when is this movie released in the Mainland? I must go to the cinema to support! ”

    "Support +1, it is worth buying tickets for these stills."

    "I am looking forward to…"

    There are a total of three photos of Chen Feier's stills. The most amazing one is undoubtedly the photo of her first go on stage in the film. The kind of world-famous BOSStemperament, with gorgeous costumes and accessories, mature and beautiful. With fierce anger, the countless fans on the blog shouted, and they were named "Queen".

    According to the statistics on the Inspur blog, after the two official V released the original photo of "Ghost Story", in just 12 hours, the total number of downloads of 20 stills exceeded 5 million, and Chen Feier’s The three stills account for more than 70%, and the most outstanding stills are 40%+!

    This aspect shows Chen Feier's current powerfulity in the Domestic Entertainment Circle. The Charm of the stills itself is also indispensable. Otherwise, there are more photos related to Chen Feier on the Internet, and there is no such high download. .

    The Hong Kong Island blog's situation is almost the same, and Xiangjiang's netizen fans have also been shocked.

    However, compared with the mainland fans' support for Chen Feier, even the male lead Lu Chen ignored it. The Xiangjiang netizens saw other highlights from these stills.

    The highlight of their eyes is the Nie Mingzhu of Nie Little Qian in "Ghost Story".

    As the heroine, Nie Mingzhu’s stills are not less than Chen Feier, and they are also three.

    It is only relative to Chen Feier's gorgeous domineering, Nie Mingzhu is undoubtedly too much element, three stills are two white and red, Emei swept long skirts flying, soft and melancholy like lotus.

    However, it is precisely this kind of temperament full of classical charm, which deeply touched many Xiangjiang netizens.

    "Nie Little Qian is so good!"

    "The one that likes her flying skirt is like a dream. It’s not like it."

    "I have never seen such a beautiful female ghost!"

    "It's exactly the same as my dream lover."

    "Well, I found that I have fallen in love with her, what should I do?"

    "Nie Mingzhu is the beauty of our Xiangjiang? How have you never seen her work and photos before? ”

    "it's beautiful!"

    Nie Mingzhu is Zhou Yi's cousin and the heroine recommended by the owner of Jiayang Film. Her identity is quite mysterious. She used to be in the Entertainment Circle. The Ghost Story can be said to be her first debut.

    Nie Mingzhu's natural appearance does not need to be said. When Lu Chen saw her for the first time, she also had a sense of surprise. The girl with the heavenly spirits temperament was also recognized by Director Xiao Xiaoquan.

    On the appearance, Chen Feier and her have their own merits, mature and sexy, but judged by temperament and aesthetic point of view, Nie Mingzhu played Nie Little Qian is definitely more appropriate.

    Because she has the jiangnan beauty of the soften, and the ancient lady's pure elegant, wearing a custom-made costume of the white long skirt show the effect, is a real nie little Qian!

    Although it is said that the beauty of Hong Kong, but so pure and moving, temperament classical Xiangjiang beauty is also like a rare existence, on the island blog to attract the local netizens greatly praised is very normal things.

    Many netizens read very much like, download existence one ' s own computer not to say, also have forwarded to individual's blog as well as the forum inside.

    In this way, the beginning of the Nie Mingzhu has not been released, she has been in the vast number of netizens have a small reputation, the number of personal blog fans suddenly increased, turned a full dozens of times times!

    Really clever publicity, rely on not shouting sell big pill type of marketing, but embellish fine silently imperceptibly, "Qian Female Ghosts" publicity from still start, also did not boast to boast, but only by virtue of a few excellent photos of the charm, The result is that it may take dozens of or even millions of advertisement inputs to achieve.

    On the Inspur blog and Hong Kong Island blog, I expect more and more netizens to release "Ghost Story" as soon as possible. They have posted on the official V and expressed the eagerness of one's own.

    This is undoubtedly an excellent sign. Lu Chen’s studio is hot and iron. On February 8th, the first trailer of “Ghost Story” was released, and it was broadcast on TV, internet and street media!

    This 3-minute trailer was produced during the Chinese New Year, but the quality effect is not bad. The content includes the appearance of four important characters, the beautiful love clips of the male and female protagonists and the wonderful pieces of the BOSS battle.

    The trailer was released, and the attention of the fans of "Ghost Story" was greatly increased. At the same time, the movie's publicity offensive was pushed to a climax!

    However, Lu Chen’s opponent will never bow to his head. On the contrary, in order to suppress the publicity of “Ghost Story”, he further increased the offensive and used various speculation methods.

    This movie before the Valentine's Day, the publicity war, reached a crucial moment in life and death!


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