The 549th chapter of “Ghost Story” premiere (below)

    90 minutes, one and a half hours, two classes of time, can take the high-speed rail from Hangzhou to Nanjing.

    There is also a movie in the cinema.

    The "Ghost Story" at the premiere of the Arc de Triomphe begins at 8 o'clock in the evening and ends at 9:30.

    Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

    When the lights in the movie hall lit up, the quiet and silent audience seemed to suddenly wake up from the slumber, and did not know who took the lead, and then the applause quickly spread throughout the audience.

    At the beginning, there was a little messy, but it soon became the same rhythm, like a storm in a summer, swift and fierce, swaying back and forth in the theater.

    One of the other guests stood up and immediately turned to the position of the members of the drama crew of "Ghost Story" and sent them sincere and warm congratulations!

    As the guest of the film premiere, after appreciating the film, applause is a basic courtesy etiquette, but the etiquette is high.

    "Ghost Story" is the highest compliment!

    Hundreds of guests, including representatives of film and television entertainment companies, Celebrity artists with Entertainment Circle, journalists from the media, and members of the Xiangjiang Film Association, who are also members of the judges of the Xiangjiang Film Support Project.

    These represent the upper class of Xiangjiang's pan-film industry. They are not easy to buy. They have one's own position, have one's own judgment criteria, and have one's own likes and dislikes.

    Let them sincerely pay tribute to the members of the drama crew, relying entirely on the strength of "Ghost Story"!

    "Congratulations you!"

    The first person to congratulate Lu Chen was Liu Gangsheng: "You made a good movie, great!"

    Lu Chen holds the hand of Xiangjiang Heavenly King. I am really grateful: "Thank you for your brother!"

    Liu Gangsheng patted him on the shoulder and smiled and said: "There will be a good script next time, give me a role."

    Lu Chen said quickly: "That is my honor!"

    With the status and influence of Liu Gangsheng in the Entertainment Circle of Xiangjiang, he has a lot of scripts to choose from. He doesn't know how many film companies want to cooperate with him.

    Of course, the premise is that it can afford Liu Hongsheng's pay, one of the highest pays among Xiangjiang male actors.

    And he took the initiative to ask Lu Chen for the role, not only for Lu Chen face, but also for the appreciation of "Ghost Story".

    Shi Fang, who is with Liu Gangsheng, said, "I am one."

    Lu Chen is a little dizzy.

    In his memory, there are only one film that Liu Gangsheng and Shi Fang have worked together. This film produced ten years ago has set a record for the box office of Xiangjiang at that time, and has also achieved high results in the Mainland.

    Although the two are excellent friends, the partner filmed this movie only once. If Lu Chen can invite these two to join one's own new film, they don't need publicity promotion at all, which will inevitably cause a sensation in the media.

    Even if the two payoffs are very high, as long as the script is not too bad, it is difficult to lose money!

    The key is to forcefully high enough. Any film company that can bring these two is a success.

    Of course, Liu Gangsheng and Shi Fang may also be polite, Lu Chen does not immediately faint, he just stunned, and immediately smiled: "I go back to write a script at night!"

    Liu Gangsheng and Shi Fang both laughed.

    Shi Fang exclaimed: "I really like the theme song of this movie, I really like it…"

    She asked: "What is this first?"

    Lu Chen replied: "The road is awkward."

    He replied in Cantonese, because the theme song is a Cantonese song, and there is also a Mandarin version for the mainland.

    "The road is easy to follow…"

    Shi Fang gently read these words, his face showed a faint color, and seemed to think of something.

    Liu Gangsheng quietly took her hand and said to Lu Chen: "You should go up."

    Lu Chen nodded and took Chen Feier and all the masters of "Ghost Story" on the stage of the theater.

    Lu Chen, Chen Feier, Nie Mingzhu, Ma Rongzhen, Wan Xiaoquan, Chen Wenqiang…

    In addition to Lu Chen and Chen Feier, other people are basically unknown in Xiangjiang's film and television circles. It is also known as the old Senior, but it has also been on the street for a long time. No one like Wan Xiaoquan has ever heard of it.

    Lu Chen has only recently become famous in the circle. It can be said that the lineup of "Ghost Story" is not strong at all. Even the number of actors is small, and the Special Effect for investment and use is also small.

    However, the show was unanimously recognized by the discerning guests, and the applause lasted for a few minutes.

    As for the ordinary audience who participated in the premiere of Luck, they even shouted loudly and even patted the palm of their hand.

    "Thank you, thank you all!"

    Lu Chen led the members of the drama crew to express their gratitude to the guests and the audience. The next step was to interview time.

    Many cameras have already been set up, and a long gun and a short gun are aimed at the actors.

    In particular, Lu Chen, Chen Feier and Nie Mingzhu received the most care of the reporters.

    When I was free to ask questions, a reporter sitting in the front row couldn't wait to stand up and said loudly: "I am a reporter for the Film Weekly. May I ask Mr. Lu Chen…"

    The media interview lasted for more than an hour. Xiangjiang’s reporters were not good at all. Even if they liked “Ghost Story”, they also took the red envelope of Lu Chen’s studio, and they would still ask questions.

    At this time, the ability of the interviewee is very high. If the response is ugly, tomorrow will definitely be ridiculed by some media in the press.

    Lu Chen is no longer a new and tender artist. The three memories of the world of dreams also give him the wisdom and mature mentality of his peers. Even in the face of the reporter's aggressive inquiry, he still can handle it.

    A few rounds of hands-on, although reporters of several newspapers and websites can not say that they are convinced, at least they also secretly admire Lu Chen's sophistication and cleverness – completely unable to grasp the black spots.

    They had to transfer the breakthrough to Chen Feier, Nie Mingzhu and others.

    "Miss Chen Feier, everyone knows that you are Lu Chen's girlfriend. You co-starred two drama series, both are absolute male and female protagonists. Why is the heroine of "Ghost Story" being Miss Nie Mingzhu, but you play What is a fierce and vicious grand villain?"

    A newspaper reporter stared at Chen Feier and asked questions. His eyes were unscrupulous.

    Chen Feier has been debuting for many years. What kind of reporters have not encountered it? In the face of such problems, she smiled: "It is because I and Mr. Lu Chen starred in two drama series, so this time I will change roles so that I will not let the audience fatigue and challenge my one's own acting level. …"

    She held the microphone and talked, and her body was filled with a beautiful and confident atmosphere, which made people unable to be picky.

    In "Ghost Story" Chen Feier is a big boss, here she is still the queen!


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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