Chapter 542 refuses to speculate

    [Late night will be filmed, Jiang Wei and Wu Mengzhen love exposure! 】

    [Star art popularity Xiaosheng late night secret will be a popular actress, behaving intimately suspected! 】

    [Fake the show really? "Painted skin" men and women starring in front of the apartment building to kiss. 】

    [Underground love is badly kicked, Jiang Weixing is worried! 】


    On February 10th, the entertainment editions of many media in Xiangjiang were screened by Jiang Wei and Wu Mengzhen. The photos and news about the exposure of the two people were hanged in the headlines by many tabloids, accompanied by various bold headlines, which were particularly attractive. Eyes.

    The number of photos published on the Internet is as many as dozens. It is said that a famous paparazzi was shot downstairs in the apartment where it lived. The time was 11:00 on February 9th, when Jiang Wei and Wu Meng Really intimate, suspected of being in love and cohabiting.

    This anecdote Eight Trigrams immediately caught the attention of many people.

    Jiang Wei is a popular star of Star Art Entertainment. He has debuted his debut album for just over a year. He also starred in a hit TV series. With his handsome appearance, he has circled a large number of powders.

    Recently, he has starred in Star Art Entertainment and Huaguan Films' investment in the large-scale "Painted Skin" actor, and the limelight is very strong, and it has appeared frequently in the publicity activities of "Painted Skin".

    The actress's heroine is Wu Mengzhen, the heroine of "Painted Skin". Wu Mengzhen debuted earlier than Jiang Wei. The glamorous and charismatic character was bold and was regarded as a goddess by many fans. Popularity is only higher than Jiang Wei.

    When the two collaborated on the filming of "Painted Skin", there was an anecdote, but because there was no evidence, and the denial of both parties and Manager Corporation, there was no storm.

    But this time it was captured by paparazzi, and there was an ironclad certificate. With the help of the media, it was quickly spurred.

    The two parties responded quickly and immediately clarified on their respective blogs, indicating that the two were just good friends. The so-called intimate photo was only paparazzi sneak shot by means of borrowing, and there were third parties present at the time, but only friends. The difference after the party.

    Jiang Wei also angered the sneak shot of paparazzi in an indignant manner, and retained the right to legal action for violation of privacy rights.

    Jiang Wei and Wu Mengzhen signed a contract with the company, saying that the two did not fall in love. As for the cohabitation, it is even more nonsense, because there is also Wu Mengzhen’s assistant, but it was ignored by paparazzi.

    The media is holding on, the parties are desperately denying, no doubt fueling this anecdote!

    “It’s actually hype!”

    Chen Wenqiang said disdainfully: "Who can't see people in the circle?" Both sides are speculating, and Star Art Entertainment and Huaguan Films have all squandered money. Otherwise, those media are so boring, there is no other news to catch? ”

    On the evening of the same day, Lu Chen and Chen Wenqiang attended the banquet at the invitation of Zhou Yi to discuss the publicity and release of the "Ghost Story". It was a meeting of the two parties.

    Zhou Yi himself came to the scene, Nie Mingzhu also came, and there are two high-level officials of Jiayang Film.

    After three rounds of wine, everyone talked about the opponent, which is "painting skin", and naturally talked about Jiang Wei and Wu Meng really gossip.

    Chen Wenqiang sneered at it: "The paintings were premiered the day after tomorrow, but they chose a good time."

    As the most powerful opponent of "Ghost Story", "Painted Skin" is scheduled to premiere on February 12th, and officially released on February 14th. The anecdote of male and female protagonists suddenly exposed at this time, no tricky thing is a strange thing!

    In fact, Celebrity artists use the scandal to speculate on the movie or drama series starring one's own. It is no longer a novelty. It can even be said that it has long been a bad tool. Most of the so-called gossips are operated by companies that have Celebrity contracted.

    However, because this method is simple and rude, quick and cost-effective, even if there are any negative effects, at least it can attract a lot of eyeballs, so it is played over and over again.

    Especially now, the "Picture Skin" publicity offensive is in full swing. Star Art Entertainment and Huaguan Films have made such a move again normal. However, it is nothing more than trying to occupy the public's attention, so that the release of "Painted Skin" in Xiangjiang can win the door. In turn, we will ensure our own advantages in the subsequent competition.

    Shopping malls, such as the battlefield, don't say hype, some artists and companies can do a lot of things for the publicity, the bottom line, Chen Wenqiang has been in the Entertainment Circle for so many years, but also seen.

    Of course, because of the reason of the opponent, his heart must be very uncomfortable.

    “Would we also come to publicity?”

    Zhang Yifan, general manager of Jiayang Film, said that he looked at Zhou Yi, the owner of one's own.

    Zhou Yi really showed an interesting look: "How do you say?"

    Zhang Yifan’s courage suddenly became a lot bigger. He said in a hurry: “They will stir up the scandal, we will also speculate. I think Mr. Lu Chen and Ms. Nie’s hype are more valuable. Of course, we can speculate in a subtle point. .."

    Zhang Yifan’s response is actually very simple. It’s a poison attack. Let Lu Chen and Nie Mingzhu also make some scandals. With the relationship of Chen Feier, it is absolutely possible to transfer the public’s attention in an instant, so that the opponent dumb can eat Huanglian. Out.

    On the fame and strength, where Jiang Wei and Wu Mengzhen can compare with Lu Chen and Chen Feier, Nie Mingzhu is also very red on the Internet. Hype scandals can achieve excellent results without much effort.

    However, his suggestion was vetoed by Lu Chen: "No, we don't have to follow the steps of the opponent. The success or failure of a movie depends on quality. I have confidence in "Ghost Story"!"

    Lu Chen certainly knows the benefits of hype, saves time and effort, but he is resentful of this means from his heart, not to mention Chen Feier, so he does not consider it.

    If Zhang Yifan was Zhou Yi’s person, Lu Chen turned his face directly – what broke the idea!

    Being arrested by Lu Chen, Zhang Yifan’s look was a bit embarrassing. Zhou Yi said with a smile: “Yes, we still rely on strength, they let them speculate, and the last one is the winner!”

    Zhou Yi supports Lu Chen, not only because Lu Chen has strong enough strength, but also because the girl sitting next to one's own – Nie Mingzhu can not agree.

    He thought about it and said: "At the premiere of the 18th, I will find a way to ask more friends."

    The premiere of "Painted Skin" is No. 12 and No. 14 is officially released, and the premiere of "Ghost Story" is officially released on the 18th and 21st.

    Although avoiding the confrontation on the same day, the competition between the two sides will never be weakened.

    The days of the winners and losers are getting closer and closer!


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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