Chapter 534 Special Effect is not bad

    From east to west, the Red Rose Walking Street in Central has come to the end, the Rose Theatre.

    In the Xiangxiao Big Xiaoxiao Bailai Cinema, the Rose Theatre is definitely not the largest and most advanced facility. In fact, it only has 5 independent auditoriums and no 3D giant screen. It is not at all in the East Hollywood Theatre not far away. A series.

    But on the popularity, the Rose Theatre is no less than the Oriental Hollywood Theatre, and the popularity of the couple is even greater than the latter.

    Because the seats in all the auditoriums in the Rose Theatre are all two-seat, that is, couples, the comfort and privacy are excellent. The films that are played all year round are mainly romantic and romantic comedies, especially the couples. Like it.

    On the day of Valentine's Day, the theater also gave extra gifts such as chocolate popcorn, so the tickets for the five screening halls were booked early.

    Lu Chen’s ticket is still made by Chen Wenqiang through the relationship, otherwise it will definitely not be available now.

    The ticket is a VIP VIP ticket, and the seat is a VIP private box with better privacy.

    The film started at 8:10. When Lu Chen came with Chen Feier, it was nearly 8 o'clock. He hurriedly glanced at the display in the hall outside and found that the film of "Painted Skin" reached at least 35%!

    This is very powerful. Generally speaking, in addition to the Hollywood blockbuster, when the Hong Kong film or the China-Hong Kong co-production film is just released, the filming rate is between 10% and 30%, and then adjusted according to the subsequent market reaction.

    At the beginning, 35% is basically the treatment of Hollywood blockbusters. Considering the fact that there are many new film releases today, the production of "Painted Skin", Huaguan Cinema and Xingyi Entertainment have definitely spent a lot of effort in the hospital. Public relations on the line, in order to make a hit.

    This undoubtedly puts considerable pressure on the competitive opponent.

    Like Lu Chen's "Ghost Story", after Jiayang Film's multi-party running and efforts to coordinate, on the 21st, the number of films in several major theaters was only 20%, and it is not completely guaranteed.

    Because the market's situation Ever-Changing, it is like the weather, although it can be predicted in advance, but there is always the possibility of change, the "Ghost Story" released after the "Painted Skin" must face the extrusion of the former.

    Join the "painting" box office sales, the theater to increase the filming rate, other films including "Ghost Story" in the same period must be to make a way out – can not hinder the theater to make money?

    Therefore, Lu Chen will come with Chen Feier today, romantic and work. His success or failure in "Ghost Story" is not too heavy, but it will not be indifferent to the competition.

    Knowing ourselves and knowing each other can only be a battle.

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier came to the box and sat down. The theater's customer service personnel left the coffee drink and small gifts and left the private space for the two.

    When leaving, the customer service personnel was quite curious to see Lu Chen.

    She feels that this tall and handsome guy is a bit familiar, like a Celebrity, but Celebrity, who usually comes to the theater of roses in the theater, so there is no special concern.

    Chen Feier leaned on Lu Chen’s arms and smirked and said: “Are you not observing the enemy behind the enemy?”

    Lu Chen laughed dumbly: "Which is so exaggerated…"

    After a pause, he continued: "In fact, as far as I am concerned, I still hope that regardless of Domestic or Xiangjiang, I can shoot more good movies and recapture our lost market."

    Since entering the new century, the movie market in Domestic has continued to flourish, and the box office has risen steadily. It is already the second largest box office in the world after United States, and is expected to surpass it in the next five years.

    But in such a large market, more than 50% of the shares are taken by the imported films, especially the Hollywood blockbusters, and the film-related peripheral products, the latter is more than 90%!

    Many Hollywood movies rely on the sale of peripheral products to achieve a net profit of more than 200% at the box office.

    In contrast, domestic films are simply weak in this regard.

    This has made many people of insight in the Domestic film industry speak out loud, revitalizing domestic films and enhancing the added value of the products surrounding the film has become the mission and responsibility of a new generation of young filmmakers.

    In this regard, Lu Chen, who just entered the film circle, also tried. The hand model of the "Ghost Story", poster items, jewelry toys, etc. were made in Xiangjiang, and will be sold in the theater on the day of publicly.

    When I first came in, Lu Chen deliberately detoured the film's peripheral product sales area, and found that in addition to the poster, "Painted Skin" basically has no surrounding sales.

    Although Hollywood's blockbusters have an absolute advantage in this regard, local film companies can't get used to this advantage, and then put one's own in the position of the spectator, worrying about losing money and doing nothing.

    On the other hand, this is also a performance that is not confident enough in the film itself.

    What Lu Chen said is not to show how high the one's own in front of Chen Feier is, but from the heart. The more he integrates into the film circle, the more his feelings are.

    Chen Feier held his hand, and the bright eyes flashed.

    What she likes is exactly this Lu Chen!

    The atmosphere in the box quietly became warm and sweet, and the movie began.

    Chen Feier re-adjusted her sitting posture and comfortably leaned into Lu Chen’s arms. Lu Chen hugged her willow waist, and the two began to quietly appreciate the painting skin produced by Huaguan Film and Star Art Entertainment. .

    After watching the 110-minute movie, it is already 10 o'clock in the evening.

    Chen Feier stretched out and made a very cute yawn, a little sleepy.

    She turned her head and kissed her on Lu Chen’s face and said, "Look, let's go back."

    Lu Chen nodded and asked, "How are you feeling?"

    Chen Feier: "Oh."

    Maybe it feels like the response is too simple, she added: "Special Effect is not bad."

    Special Effect is not bad…

    This evaluation is fully recognized by Lu Chen. It is the strongest Special Effect production company in Hong Kong. Although it can't compare with the top Hollywood counterparts, it has at least the quality of A-list.

    As a fantasy blockbuster, the performance of the Special Effect alone, Lu Chen scored 8 points for "Painted Skin".

    The full score is 10 points.

    He stood up and said, "Let's go, let's find a place to have a drink."

    Today is Valentine's Day, tonight is a romantic night, it is enough to spend two hours of precious time here.

    Next, it should be two sweet Era.


Last night, the typhoon was blown, the flight was cancelled, and the hotel that was temporarily checked in was shut off and the power was cut off. It was speechless.

    This chapter is in Starbucks code, today, anyway, we must code two chapters out, ask for support! ! (To be continued~^~)

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