Chapter 548 “Ghost Story” Premiere (middle)

    Liu Gangsheng is here.

    In fact, Lu Chen did not expect to be able to invite the Hong Kong Island Heavenly King. After all, the other party is not an ordinary person. The usual work is definitely full of arrangements. It is not easy to see one side.

    He just sent out an invitation letter in the past.

    The result was unexpected to Lu Chen. Liu Gangsheng actually said that he would attend the premiere of "Ghost Story" and sent a message on one's own blog.

    Liu Gangsheng has the highest number of fans on the Hong Kong Island blog. Among all the artists in the Entertainment Circle, his influence is also the biggest, so many fans have come to see idols in advance this evening.

    Liu Gangsheng definitely knows this, so he did not take the VIP channel of the underground garage of the Triumph Theatre, but walked the same way as everyone else, not letting the fans disappoint.

    Above the fans, Liu Gangsheng’s reputation has always been excellent.

    He also won the love and admiration of the fans, and invisibly also gave the "Ghost Story" a strong momentum.

    Since someone started shouting the name of "Liu Gangsheng", he appeared in front of the theater lobby door, and it took a full ten minutes!

    "Son brother!"

    Lu Chen waited with Chen Feier to wait.

    Liu Gangsheng, who is still wearing a black-blue suit and a white shirt, saw Lu Chen. He showed the familiar smiles of the fans: "We are not coming late?"

    Liu Gangsheng did not come alone, and there was a female companion with him.

    The female companion was about forty years old. She was tall and slender, dressed in a purple evening gown. She was graceful and graceful, and her long hair dyed dark brown fell to her shoulders.

    Although she is no longer young, she can see crow's feet in her eyes when she smiles, but no one will ignore her existence when she is standing next to Liu Gangsheng.

    Her name has actually been called out by many people outside.

    Liu Gangsheng said: "This is Tina, my good friend, this is Lu Chenchen."

    The woman flashed a flash of light, and she took the initiative to extend her hand to Lu Chen, and smiled: "Listen to Hong Kong students who have said you several times, and it really is a Taipa."

    Lu Chen quickly grabbed her hand and said, "Tina sister, hello, I really didn't expect you to come over."

    Tina's Chinese name is Shi Fang. She is an artist who debuted with Liu Gangsheng. She is also a superstar of Xiangjiang film and song, and a true post-class figure.

    Since the official debut, Shi Fang has launched a total of 12 solo albums, with a total sales volume of tens of millions. Many of her classic songs have been popular in the domestic fashion, and fans are numerous.

    Shi Fang also appeared in many TV dramas. She won no more awards in Music and movies than Liu Gangsheng, and even more in Music.

    Only five years ago, Shi Fangsheng was seriously ill. During the recovery period, he basically withdrew from the Entertainment Circle. He rarely appeared in public, but his influence was still there. Today, she and Liu Gangsheng came to participate in the premiere of "Ghost Story". I will definitely be able to board the headlines of the entertainment version tomorrow.

    Shi Fang's looks look very good. There have been rumors that she has got an incurable disease. Now it is definitely a healthy life. Otherwise, it is impossible to talk to people.

    Lu Chen introduced Chen Fei to Shi Fang.

    Chen Feier is also a fan of Shi Fang. She is very excited to see idols, and Shi Fang also likes Chen Feier very much. The two soon exchanged happily together, but they took Lu Chen and Liu Gangsheng to the side.

    Liu Gangsheng shook his head a little helplessly. He asked Lu Chen: "Chen Chen, is it convenient to talk a few words?"

    Lu Chen: "Of course no problem."

    Liu Gangsheng certainly did not bring Shi Fang to join in for no reason. The matter he talked with Lu Chen was not complicated. He hoped that Lu Chen could create several works for Shi Fang’s new album.

    After five years of illness, Shi Fang is ready to come back. She needs a new album to announce her return.

    However, in terms of Music, the queen has always been very picky. She was originally graduated from the Hong Kong Island Music College. She has a high level of professionalism and appreciation. She has high requirements for her work, and she also has one's own arranger and lyrics and play the piano. It is also considered a talented woman.

    It is just the popular Musical World in Hong Kong today. What is lacking is the excellent creator. There is strength and talented senior or retired or deceased, or there is no inspiration. Shi Fang chose not to choose a few satisfactions.

    In her name, there are many songs that Manager Corporation can invite, but the quantity does not represent quality.

    Shi Fang is not satisfied with her, she will not come back. The temper of Xiangjiang Tianhou is quite stubborn. Whoever says it will not listen.

    Under such a situation, as a friend of Shi Fang's circle, Liu Gangsheng recommended Lu Chen to her.

    Today's Lu Chen, it is not the first time to come to Xiangjiang, only a few people who know the circle.

    His talents are well known, and his works are known by more and more people. The nickname of "Golden Hand" is not lost in the circle, and many Singer and Entertainment Manager Corporation come to the door to seek songs.

    The best example is undoubtedly Shu Wei. At present, her new album "Years of the Year" has achieved good sales results in Xiangjiang and the mainland. With Lu Chen's "Summer Wind" and "Courage" The first work is firmly in the ranks of Xiangjiang A-list female Singer.

    After listening to a few songs that Lu Chen’s own sing and wrote, Shi Fang immediately made a decision.

    So she will appear here tonight.

    Knowing the cause and effect, Lu Chen said without thinking: "Son brother, then let's talk about it."

    Liu Gangsheng has always appreciated Lu Chen. Without the support of the Heavenly King superstar, he could not develop so smoothly in Xiangjiang and could not be so quickly integrated into the circle.

    With this kind of person, how can Lu Chen not give face?

    It is also a very face-saving thing to write songs to Shi Fang. I don’t know how many songwriters can’t ask for it!

    Hearing Lu Chen promised to be happy, Liu Gangsheng smiled and said: "Thank you!"

    His gratitude was very sincere, and Lu Chen’s heart was moving.

    In the Entertainment Circle of Xiangjiang, Liu Gangsheng and Shi Fang are recognized good friends. The friendship between the two can be traced back to more than 20 years ago, and it has become a popular story.

    The two have also heard of an affair, but after all, it is not true. Shi Fang has had two boyfriends but they are friendly and broke up. They are still single.

    Liu Gangsheng had one's own wife and children.

    Here, Shi Fang and Chen Feier also talked about it. The time is already close to 8:00, so everyone enters.

    The No. 1 screening hall of the Triumph Theatre was packed and there was no special ceremony. The premiere of "Ghost Story" officially began.


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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