Chapter 546 Two poles

    On February 14th, "Painted Skin" was officially released in various cinemas in Xiangjiang, with a filming rate of 37.5%.

    7.5 million at the first day of the box office!

    Such a box office score is uncompromising, and it is undoubtedly the box office champion of the day, and has created the best results of the first day of the box office in Hong Kong in the past 13 months.

    Such a bright first-day box office also made the confidence of Huaguan Film and Star Art Entertainment soar, and the advertisements in the major media increased, and the publicity offensive was fierce.

    The media that got the benefits were naturally touted, what China and Hong Kong co-produced the first fantasy blockbuster, what went beyond the Hollywood blockbuster, what opened up the new type of ghost film, and so on, and did not want to go up the money, simply touted the sky.

    The Xiangjiang actors who participated in the "Painted Skins" have sent blogs to celebrate. The heroine Jiang Wei is proud to say on the blog that one's own is not underestimated for the box office results of "Painted Skin".

    The 50 million Hong Kong total box office is not the end, but the beginning!

    In another important publicity position, Hong Kong Island blog and Hong Kong Island Forum, there were also a lot of blog posts and posts praising "Painted Skin", most of which are the so-called ordinary audience.

    “The plot is wonderful, the Special Effect is outstanding, and it’s worth spending money on cinema support!”

    "I don't think we can make such a wonderful Special Effect blockbuster in Hong Kong. We must give you a compliment."

    "I went to see my girlfriend yesterday. The box office booked a few days ago is worth it!"

    "I also took my girlfriend to see it. My girlfriend said it was very good. I want to see it again."

    “Wonderful, really exciting…”

    There are so many praises in blogs and forums that people feel that they are not lost by one's own. In addition, the Lottery activities launched by the official V, the momentum on the network is nothing lower than the reality.

    But unlike newspapers and magazines that readers can only passively accept, in an infinitely vast and free online world, not everyone can be bought or flickered, and the opposition Voice appears much faster than expected!

    "I saw "Painted Skin" yesterday, I can only say that 35 dollars is lost."

    "The special effect of "Painted Skin" is really good, but the plot is terrible, the story is logically chaotic, poor!"

    "Don't blow it, I saw half of it with my girlfriend, and it didn't mean anything."

    "The "Painted Skin" is really not very good. There is no such thing as blowing in the media. It is also a Special Effect."

    "I am very disappointed after reading it. Is this a huge fantasy of investing in one or two hundred million?"

    "The story is simply blood…"

    These opposing Voices first appeared in the film version of the Hong Kong Island Forum.

    The film and television version is one of the most active sections of the Hong Kong Island Forum. There are hundreds of thousands of active registered members. Most of them are young people who like movies and TV. Posting and discussion are more positive.

    A newly released movie, wanting to get feedback from the audience at the first time, the film and television version of the Hong Kong Island Forum is undoubtedly an excellent place to filter out some public-small marketing-small-sized, forum members' evaluations often say something It can truly reflect the viewing experience of young people.

    Of course, in such an important public opinion position, it is definitely a publicity promotion of public marketing companies. However, there are many IDs for the praise of "Painted Skin", but it is impossible to suppress those opposed to the Voice.

    Most importantly, most of the praise comes from the forum's Small-sized or marketing number, and the bad reviews are mainly senior members. The credibility of the two is high and low, but anyone who has mixed the forum for a few days will be clear.

    These Voices were also quickly fed back into the blog, sparking more discussion.

    So on the Internet, the comments on "Painted Skin" showed a polarized situation.

    There are a lot of good and bad things to say, and the two sides are not arguing, and they are also overwhelmed by those who eat melons.

    At 9:00 on the 15th, Xiangjiang's well-known film critic Wang Dong sent a film review blog on one's own blog.

    The protagonist of this blog post is "Painted Skin."

    “…The outstanding Special Effect can't cover up the pale plot. The chaotic story makes this movie a disaster, so that several viewers who watched with me in the same room left early. ”

    "The Special Effect of "Painted Skin" is not strong enough to ignore these shortcomings. Although the media publicity movie is comparable to the Hollywood blockbuster, it is not a popcorn-style classic blockbuster, it is only effective!"

    “Director tries to adapt the horror story in the original book into a beautiful love drama, and there are too many things in it. The actors are mostly young and beautiful, but the acting skills are lacking!”

    "When I was full of hope and holding a movie ticket into the theater, I was disappointed…"

    Xiangjiang’s film critics came out after the Xiangjiang film entered the golden age. At that time, it was very influential in the media, but since entering the Internet era, everyone can be a film critics on the Internet to publish articles on the Internet. The film critics have been declining.

    Most of the film critics who have survived have become the mouthpieces of public relations marketing companies. The difference between them and the network promoters is less and less, and there is less and no exercise.

    However, there are still conscientious film critics. Wang Dong is undoubtedly one of them. He is a well-known writer in the Literary circles of Xiangjiang, but he has been paying attention to the development of Xiangjiang movies and writing film review articles for many newspapers and magazines.

    Unlike those marketing critics who sell for a living, Wang Dong never writes public relations companies for their film reviews, so his film reviews are relatively fair and fair, so they have a high influence in many Xiangjiang audience groups.

    Especially the Xiangjiang people who are 30 or 40 years old, like to read his film review articles.

    Of course, Wang Dong’s film review is not perfect, he is more inclined to the Literature and Art category than the commercial film works, so those popcorn movies that are sold at the box office are often criticized by him.

    As for the so-called "sucking the fart" and "sudden laughter family" movies produced by Xiangjiang Port, it was worthy of being criticized by Wang Dong, and it also made him a not very popular person in the Xiangjiang film circle.

    But even if he is hated by people, Wang Dong never changes the movie style of one's own. The film producers who are praised will be complacent because of the free praise. Then the production of "Painted Skin" is produced by Huaguan Film and Star Art. Entertainment is definitely very unhappy.

    The first shot was Jiang Wei, the hero of "Painted Skin". He directly on the blog. Cursed Wang Dong's film review was black and black. He took other people's money to smash "Painted Skin" and his words were very fierce.

    Although Jiang Wei quickly deleted one's own blog post, his accusation of Wang Dong caused a sigh of relief on the Internet, and made "Painted Skin" a hot word for Hong Kong Island blog.


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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