The 554th chapter of Valentine’s Day roses and movies

    ["Painted Skin" premiere received rave reviews, Valentine's Day officially landed in Hong Kong Island theaters. 】

    [Multiple Celebrity big coffees cheered and cheered the premiere ceremony of "Painted Skin". 】

    [To create a Hong Kong-made fantasy masterpiece, "Painted Skin" first-class Special Effect is comparable to Hollywood giant system! 】

    [Jiang Wei Hao Yan "painted skin" Hong Kong box office 50 million! 】

    ["Painted Skin" Premiere View…]

    On the second day after the premiere of "Painted Skin", the entertainment videos of Xiangjiang's major media and websites were screened by this new film. The Celebrity artists who participated in the premiere published blog posts and praised the story of "Painted Skin". How wonderful, how the Special Effect is outstanding.

    A number of Xiangjiang film critics have strongly recommended the "Painted Skin" in newspapers and blogs. They believe that it is a rare and wonderful work that has been rare in the past few years. It is worthy of spending 30 yuan to enter the cinema.

    Their film review articles and media praises for the upcoming "painting skin", and the effect is undoubtedly very good. Tickets for the "Drawing Skins" of the major theaters on Valentine's Day are basically scheduled, even 15 and 16 The votes have been booked for most of the time.

    This is the power of advertising publicity. Before a new film was released, the audience was actually very easy to be guided by the media. The publicity of the media largely determined the consumption orientation.

    Of course, the word-of-mouth of the film is not blown out by the film critics and the advertisement. The final success of the “painted skin” at the box office depends on the audience’s evaluation.

    Just before that, "Painted Skin" is unparalleled in the limelight of the Hong Kong Island movie market.

    "You are not worried at all?"

    In the bustling crowd of Xiangjiang Central Red Rose, Chen Feier curiously asked Lu Chen, who is holding one's own hand: "In a few days, our movie will premiere."

    Today is Valentine's Day. This pedestrian street in the bustling business district of Central is very lively. The flower beds on both sides of the street are covered with blooming flowers. More government volunteers send roses to the couples in the past. The shops along the street are early. Festive advertisement poster.

    Even the air is a romantic taste.

    Chen Feier was flying to Xiangjiang last night. Valentine's Day is such an important festival. She must be with Lu Chen, and she will stay in Xiangjiang for the premiere of "Ghost Story".

    To this end, she deliberately pushed out a lot of announcements and Program invitations.

    Tonight, the two of them had a warm dinner together. After eating, they came out shopping, holding hands and mixing them in a pair of lovers, it was also a very happy thing.

    The most important thing is that this is the second Valentine's Day that Chen Feier and Lu Chen fell in love with each other.

    But Chen Feier is not the kind of little girl who regards romantic love as life.

    Today is the release day of "Painted Skin". As the strongest competition opportunity of "Ghost Story", the publicity offensive of this movie a few days ago was so fierce that she was smelling the smell of smoke at Beijing.

    In contrast, the publicity of "Ghost Story" has never been warm and has maintained its original rhythm.

    This inevitably made Chen Feier feel a little worried.

    In many cases, the competitors are the one-step leader who is leading step by step. The "painting skin" that takes the lead and the advantage of the first hand is at least at the moment, "Ghost Story" is far behind.

    Whether the "painting skin" that will be premiered in a few days can catch up with the pace of opponent naturally becomes a concern for her.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I don't worry, because I know that worry is useless. Besides, today is Valentine's Day. Are you really ready to talk to me about work?"

    Chen Feier gave him a sigh of relief: "The people are not caring about you!"

    Although the success or failure of a movie has little effect on Lu Chen in the economy, even if the investment of tens of millions is completely lost, it will not be enough to make him hurt.

    However, "Ghost Story" is Lu Chen's first film work, and it has been smashed with "Painted Skin". If the box office is defeated or even won the support quota, it will be a big blow to his reputation and career.

    In the circle, some people say that Lu Chen self-expands too much. Singing does not mean taking a TV line. The TV line can't prove the strength in the movie. The road to the amphibious Celebrity is so good!

    If "Ghost Story" fails, it will undoubtedly give these people sarcasm.

    Not to mention the Huaguan Film Industry, which is now a deadly enemy. I don’t know what they want to laugh at!

    Lu Chen said with her hand: "I know that you are best for me…"

    Although the relationship between the two has reached the most intimate level, but at this moment, the tenderness of Lu Chen, still let Chen Feier could not help feeling ashamed and sweet.

    The two stood hand in hand on the street, and the people around them came to flow, but it seemed that the whole world only existed for two people. The rest was all in the background.

    "Sir, your girlfriend is so beautiful, why not buy her a bunch of roses?"

    At this time, a little girl carrying flower baskets walked over and sold her bouquet of roses to Lu Chen: "Where is one!"

    The red rose pedestrian street is full of roses, and there is a free rose delivery, so the business of selling the little girl is quite poor, and no one is interested in a basket full of dozens.

    Chen Feier has a gift of roses in her hand.

    But the little girl didn't give up, and looked at Lu Chen pitifully with her big, watery eyes.

    This kind of trick is often of no use to couples who are used to selling flowers.

    Lu Chen is not a big man, but he still asks: "How much is it?"

    The little girl quickly said: "One hundred yuan, one bundle has twelve, all picked in the morning, very fresh!"

    Lu Chen counted the bouquet in her basket and said, "I have to spend eleven flowers here."

    The little girl was overjoyed and said, "Thank you, thank you!"

    She gave the rose directly to Lu Chen along with the basket, and then disappeared cheerfully into the crowd.

    Lu Chen took a basket of roses and smiled and said to Chen Feier: "I remember that I didn't seem to have sent you many roses. I will make it up today!"

    The two have fallen in love so far, Lu Chen did not send a lot of roses to Chen Feier.

    Chen Feier glanced at him charmingly: "Do you know?"

    Having said that, she still took a large bouquet of roses from Lu Chen.

    Looking down, Chen Feier asked: "Where are we going?"

    Lu Chen showed two movie tickets like a trick: "Of course, watching a movie!"


    Chen Feier whispered: "What movie?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Painted skin."

—————-(To be continued~^~)

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