Chapter 540, publicity war (middle)

    Wan Xiaoquan’s surprise is not without reason.

    Xiangjiang people like to watch movies. According to statistics, on average, every Xiangjiang person spends more than 300 yuan per year on movies, which is the box office size of three to four billion yuan, not counting other consumption in the theater.

    However, at least 60% of the three-four billion box office was stolen by foreign blockbusters, and the largest number of film companies in Hong Kong were only one billion, and the number of films participating in the sharing of the cake was as many as two or three hundred!

    Oriental Hollywood is not a vain name. Many small and medium-sized movie companies can often shoot a movie in a few weeks. When it was the most insane, there was a so-called "seven-day fresh", and in other words, it was completed in seven days. A new movie is simply shocking.

    Such high-speed production of the film must be a rude, and in order to ensure the realization of profit, this fast-food film is basically a three-level violent bloody and so on, with the advantage of low cost and sensory stimulation also robbed some markets.

    In this way, after the squeezing of foreign blockbusters and low-cost movies, Hong Kong's blockbuster survival is not easy. Although there have been a lot of good works of over 100 million box-offices since the 1990s, there are more losses.

    For example, in the "Mobile Special Police" released in Xiangjiang last year, the investment of 75 million, plus publicity costs Over a hundred million, Celebrity lineup is strong, the result of the release of the box office is less than 50 million, deducting the high share of the theater, the investor Deficiency to vomiting blood.

    The investment in "Painted Skin" is even higher than "Mobile Special Police". This problem is not very big. After all, it is the main attack on the mainland market. However, if Xiangjiang actually wants to drop more than 10 million publicity, it is a bit too much.

    The publicity budget of "Ghost Story" is 20 million, of which 3 million is in Xiangjiang, and most of the budget is still invested in the mainland media.

    Publicity is actually a bottomless pit. It doesn't matter how much money is broken in. It is necessary to do what it takes.

    Chen Wenqiang said: "Look at their publicity posture, 15 million can not fight."

    TV, newspapers, magazines, bus stops, mobile advertising, multimedia…There is also a network, the publicity offensive that has been launched in "Painted Skin" can be said to be full bloom, and the investment funds must be amazing.

    This aggressive publicity offensive is undoubtedly a huge pressure on competitive opponent.

    To know the videos that are released in the New Year, not only "Painted Skins" and "Ghosts of Ghosts", the number of films registered for 20 support places has reached nearly 200, many of them will participate in the box office competition during the same period, and some films also Publicity has been launched.

    For a movie, publicity is a top priority, market competition is so fierce, and publicity is not in place, which means 90% failure.

    It is also a minority that can burn money like "Painted Skin". Wan Xiaoquan really does not understand.

    "Huaguan should want to expand into new markets through this film…"

    Lu Chen said: "Yu heavy gold is the usual means of Cui Xingxian in publicity. He proposed the so-called northward and southward strategy last year. Xiangjiang is equivalent to a bridgehead, so it is not surprising to make great publicity new film."

    At present, the movie box office competition of Domestic is also fierce. The market cake is large, and there are many predators who want to divide the cake. Huaguan Film is not the strongest among them.

    So Cui Xingxian intends to expand into emerging markets. The so-called north to south refers to the film market entering Japanese and Korean and Southeast Asia. Xiangjiang is undoubtedly a strategic location.

    The east wind of the Xiangjiang film support policy is only part of Cui Xingxian's ambition plan. His goal is great. If the "painted skin" suffers setbacks in Xiangjiang, how can it continue?

    Ever since he knew who's own's own opponent, Lu Chen asked Lu Xi to inquire about the inside information of Huaguan Film through multiple channels, and try to know himself and others.

    Therefore, compared with Wan Xiaoquan, he is more aware of Cui Xingxian’s intentions.

    Wan Xiaoquan asked: "How should we deal with it and increase publicity investment?"

    Although there is no one's own name in the subtitles of "Ghost Story", but for this movie, Wan Xiaoquan has devoted countless efforts and hopes, but does not want to drop the chain in the final link.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "It is not a big deal to increase publicity. The problem is that we can't follow the pace of opponent."

    The publicity of "Painted Skin" has already gone ahead. "Ghost Story" wants to catch up, it must pay more, this is not what he is willing to see.

    "I am going to postpone the release of "Ghost Story" and change it to February 21."

    The original "Ghost Story" is scheduled to be officially released on February 14, that is, Valentine's Day, but since it hits the front of "Painted Skin", it is undoubtedly a wise choice to avoid the enemy.

    Because it will be the most fierce and fierce of the publicity offensive of "Painted Skin" by then, it will be much better after a week.

    That is to say, in Xiangjiang, the arrangement of the cinema is much more flexible than that of the mainland. Otherwise, it will be replaced in the Mainland. The temporary replacement period is definitely not so easy, because many movies are arranged long in advance.

    Wan a bit unwilling: "that can only see their complacent." ”

    “One more week is also giving us one's own more preparations for the time…”

    Lu Chen said with relief: "It is the winner who laughs at the end, so we don't have to hurry too much in the later stage."

    He said to Chen Wenqiang: "Strong uncle, the theater has to trouble you to communicate with Jiayang and try to arrange it."

    The cinema is equally important. This aspect is arranged by Lu Chen Studio's partner, Jiayang Film, although the problem of network resources for the future is not very large, but considering the requirements of the change, it is estimated that there will be no twists and turns.

    Time is running out.

    Chen Wenqiang nodded. He suggested: "In fact, we have an advantage in publicity. The drama series of Miss Lu Shao and Miss Feier is on the TV broadcast, and it is entirely possible to take advantage of publicity."

    He deplores and said: "There are so many interviews and Program invitations in the past few days. If you can, then you will be fine."

    In the studio director's opinion, Lu Chen is simply a violent thing.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Strong uncle, you can rest assured, I have a few in my heart."

    It is not that he does not want to take advantage of the situation, but the timing is not mature, but it is also very fast.

    On February 5th, Lu Chen Studio and "Ghost Story" in the Inspur blog, Hong Kong Island blog official V, at the same time released the film's full new picture, the total number reached 20.

    Chen Feier Studio reprinted these stills, "Ghost Story" in the Mainland and Xiangjiang's publicity thus kicked off, officially joined the New Year's movie publicity battle.

    Because Lu Chen and Chen Feier currently have a very high popularity, these beautifully designed and beautiful movie stills have caused widespread fan discussion on the Internet!


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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