The fifth hundred chapters are three things

    Xiangjiang Lion Mountain Film and Television Base, the former site of Faen Temple.

    The studio that has been quiet for a few days has become bustling again, the tarpaulin covering the Item has been torn open, and the expensive HD digital camera has been set up again, recording, lighting, art, makeup…

The members of the drama crew seem to be being beaten with blood and spirit.

    "Ghost Story" is a repeat!

    Since the opening ceremony of the film, the mood of the crew crew has been a big ups and downs. At one time, people thought that they were facing a disbandment. Now, they are always watching the clouds and seeing the moon. Everyone is naturally happy.

    Today's Xiangjiang film and television industry is extremely competitive, but the market cake has not increased. Many industry players can't find a suitable job, or they can't help but go to the mainland or the Japanese and Korean.

    It’s undoubtedly very difficult to get used to the familiar work, and when people leave their homes, the road outside is even worse.

    Therefore, everyone cherishes the opportunity of current work. The most important thing is that Lu Chen, the boss of the film's main investor, is pure and generous, and he will not suffer from it.

    Therefore, when faced with the pressure of Honghua, they all persisted and did not opt ​​out.

    Their choice is undoubtedly correct. In the morning, they received a notice of the retake. Everyone rushed to the studio at the first time, and did not use Chen Wenqiang to direct, one's own initiative to start the work that needs to be done before the retake.

    When Lu Chen took Chen Feier to the Faun Temple studio, it was already full of people.

    The atmosphere is excellent.

    "This is my girlfriend…"

    Lu Chen introduced Chen Feier to Chen Wenqiang first: "This is Mr. Chen Wenqiang, the studio director."

    "Hello, uncle."

    Chen Feier came to Chen Wenqiang to take a take action: "Lu Chen told me several times, thanks to your help, he can stand firm in Xiangjiang."

    Chen Wenqiang was flattered and quickly shook hands with Chen Feier and said: "I like it, Miss Chen Feier, hello, long time, big name, Lu Shaozhen is very blessed!"

    Of course, he knows that Lu Chen’s girlfriend is the famous Tian Fei Chen Feier. As a few mainland Celebrity with popularity in Xiangjiang, Chen Fei’s news is occasionally seen in Xiangjiang’s newspapers and magazines.

    However, the photos in the newspapers and magazines did not capture the Charm of Chen Feier's real person. She didn't apply the powder and the beauty of the day. Everything was a fascinating look. It was really dazzling.

    Xiangjiang is a place where beauty is beautiful. Every year, Miss Hong Kong Island and Miss Asia vote for a lot of outstanding beauty, but Chen Wenqiang feels that those who have seen one's own Hong Kong sister and Asian sister are worse than Chen Feier. what.

    Wan Xiaoquan and Chen Feier are aware of each other. It is also a bit of enthusiasm to meet.

    Wan Xiaoquan joked and said: "Since all come, it is better to be a guest in the movie?"

    Chen Feier and Lu Chen looked at each other. The latter smiled and said: "Want, I am going to let Mayfair play the Grandma."


    Wan Xiaoquan and Chen Wenqiang sighed in unison: "Do you want to play Grandma?"

    The Treema Grandma in "Ghost Story" is a villain big BOSS. The image is fierce and savage, and it is full of demon, so Liu Zhaohui was the female to play this role.

    Liu Zhaohui has withdrawn from the drama crew, and Chen Wenqiang is still a candidate for a headache. Because this character has high requirements for the actor's temperament and acting, otherwise it is easy to play nondescript.

    Now Chen Feier is actually going to play the tree Grandma, how can they not be surprised.

    Chen Feier grinned: "I want to challenge."

    This reason is undoubtedly very powerful.

    Lu Chen was thinking about it on the way. "This is what Feier asked. I can feel it. It is mainly changing the setting. In the Special Effect makeup, Kungfu is much better. The effect is definitely not bad."

    His initial setting for the Treema Grandma was derived from the original version of the dream world. Now that Chen Feier is going to star in, it is bound to follow the original version and must be targeted for changing.

    Wan Xiaoquan thought for a moment and said decisively: "Try it!"

    He thought very clearly. First of all, Lu Chen’s request could not be refused. Then Chen Feier joined the “Ghost Story” to play the villain big BOSS. It is undoubtedly an excellent publicity hype, which is very helpful for upgrading the mainland box office.

    In the end, Chen Feier played the Grandma, which can make the style of this film more diverse.

    Lu Chen and Wan Xiaoquan have no opinions, and Chen Wenqiang will certainly not have any objections.

    As he spoke, another group entered the studio.

    It was Nie Mingzhu who was at the forefront. She saw Chen Feier standing next to Lu Chen, and she flashed a surprised look in her eyes and walked quickly.

    "Lu Shao, Wan Dao, Qiang Shu…"

    Nie Mingzhu greeted Lu Chen and others one by one, and his eyes finally fell on Chen Feier: "This must be Chen Feier's sister?"

    Lu Chen quickly introduced: "This is Miss Nie Mingzhu, she plays Nie Little Qian."

    Chen Feier stunned and smiled and said to her: "Miss Nie, I am very glad to meet you."

    "It's my honor!"

    Nie Mingzhu smiled and said: "You can call me Pearl. I am your fan, ah, your "Flower Woman" album. I bought ten sets of friends from the mainland to collect them. Some songs are really nice! ”

    Her cheering appearance, completely without the usual cold and reserved, is not much different from the ordinary female fans who see idols. The joy comes from the heart.

    To tell the truth, seeing Lu Chen looking for such a beautiful heroine, Chen Feier’s heart is impossible without a little bit of jealousy, but she will be relieved if she sees the other side without the appearance of a city.

    "Thank you, Pearl sister…"

    Just met, the two sisters and sisters were familiar with each other and intimately joined together to speak.

    Their topic from the drama crew actor role, quickly transferred to the maintenance of cosmetic bags and other aspects, really good to talk.

    Lu Chen was so happy that he asked Chen Wenqiang to bring together all the staff of the drama crew.

    After the people were in Qi, Lu Chen announced three things.

    The first is the official re-shooting of "Ghost Story", and all the problems that have appeared in the past have been solved.

    Secondly, Miss Chen Feier from the mainland joined the drama crew and starred in the tree Grandma.

    Finally, after the release of "Ghost Story", Lu Chen studio will take 10% of the box office profit as a bonus, and reward all members of the drama crew according to the contribution of the work!

    Lu Chen announced one thing, the members of the drama crew gave a warm applause and cheers.

    At the end of the day, applause and cheers are about to fly the roof.

    Such an atmosphere and momentum, if you can no longer shoot "Ghost Story", it is really a sin!


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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