The fifth hundred and three chapters of the truth

    Guess the origin of Li Mubai, Jiang Chenghua not only hurts the egg, but his head hurts even more.

    He always wore a dark gray hat, even if Lu Chen and others came after he did not pick it up. It wasn’t that Jiang Chenghua didn’t understand social etiquette, nor was he in his eyes, but this hat covered the head wrapped around him. The straps on the.

    Jiang Tai's ashtray was very heavy, not only smashed Jiang Chenghua's head, but even caused his skull to have a slight bone fracture and concussion. If it is not for the sake of sinning, I am afraid I still live in the hospital.

    Therefore, Jiang Chenghua understood very well how annoyed his old man was at the time. The root cause is that this hippie smile is not in front of him.

    Knowing the identity of Li Mubai, Jiang Chenghua’s attitude has become more polite and cautious.

    He swallowed a bitter bite, stood up and lifted the teapot on the table, and slowly poured a cup of hot tea.

    Then the Xiang Family, who has always been a beggar, took the tea to the front of Lu Chen and said: "Lu Shao, Jiang did not know Taishan, he had previously offended, and asked Lu Shao to forgive!"

    This cup of tea is very particular about it. It represents Jiang Chenghua's most formal apologetic attitude. It also means that one's own face is spread on the ground, and how Lu Chen responds.

    If Lu Chen is not satisfied and refuses to accept this cup of tea, it is equivalent to stepping on Jiang Shenhua's cheeks. The two sides are not dead.

    Of course, the premise is that Jiang Chenghua has the strength of not dying, otherwise it will be that there is no face and no more.

    Lu Chen was slightly indulged.

    Previously, Jiang Chenghua’s Honghua had made a lot of troubles for him, and even the shooting work of the drama crew was interrupted. If he simply forgave the other person, he would definitely be downgrading himself.

    Li Mubai snorted, and the finger resting on the table knocked on the table. The yin and yang said with a strange voice: "A cup of tea is all right?" How can there be such a cheap thing in the world! Next time I also went to Fuyuan and Pengfei factory to throw two dead dogs, and at most I poured a cup of tea. ”

    Jiang Chenghua’s heart suddenly felt that Li Mubai’s identity was correct.

    Fuyuan and Pengfei are the two major factories invested and constructed by the Jiang Group in the Mainland. They are currently being investigated by the tax and environmental protection departments, making Jiang Tai all overwhelmed.

    Jiang Chenghua quickly lost his smile: "Li Shao said that he is serious, and he has prepared a gift."

    He gave a wink, and the assistant standing behind him immediately sent a thin envelope to Lu Chen.

    Jiang Chenghua said: "Xiaoxiao is not respectful, but also please ask Lu Shaoxiao."

    Lu Chen looked at Li Mubai, who gently nodded, so he opened the envelope on the spot.

    Packed in the envelope is a cash check from China Bank, the amount is 10 million.

    In order to counter Honghua, Lu Chen donated 5 million to Xiao Chongbao. Jiang Chenghua must have known it, so he now took out double the price and pleaded guilty. It is also very sincere.

    At this time, Liu Zhenghao said: "Lu Shao, this time, Xiao Jiang is not right, but he is also blinded by people, so…Everyone is angry with you! ”

    Lu Chen blinked and put the check back into the envelope and handed it to Zhang Xiaofang to collect it. He smiled faintly: "Since the five masters have said it, the younger generation must give face, this thing will be revealed!"

    Said, he took the tea cup in the hands of Jiang Chenghua.

    Lu Chen took over Jiang Chenghua's tea, and the atmosphere in the crane-back hall suddenly relaxed. Liu Zhenghao, Zhou Yi and others all showed smiles on their faces.

    As Liu Zhenghao said, it is only in the 1970s and 1980s that it was not in the 70s and 80s when it was alive and well, and it was not good enough to fight and kill.

    Lu Chen took a cup of tea in the dry cup. He put the cup down and said, "But…"


    Jiang Chenghua’s face suddenly became stiff.

    What he is most worried about is that Lu Chen is not in a good position, and he has a lot of demands.

    I only listened to Lu Chen and said, "But I am very curious. Who is blinding Mr. Jiang?"

    Lu Chen stared at each other.

    Jiang Chenghua sighed with relief and smiled bitterly: "This is also a shameful thing to say, but since Lu Shao wants to know, Jiang is naturally aware of all the words."

    In fact, even if Lu Chen did not ask, he would also take the initiative to say.

    Jiang Chenghua was born into a wealthy family. Since childhood, he has been a jewellery, and his life has been smooth. Even after independence, he has not suffered any losses in the business field. This time, he has been particularly heavy and particularly embarrassed.

    Because of this, what he hates most is the one who 怂恿one's own to deal with Lu Chen.

    This is not an ordinary person, but Clement Xingxian, the Sect Master of Huaguan Films.

    Huaguan Film is the top ten film company in the size of Domestic. It is a subsidiary of Huaguan Entertainment Group. The current general manager, Cui Xingxian, is in his early thirties and is a young man in the mainland film and television circle.

    The common feature of the younger generation is ambitious. Cui Xingxian has always been unwilling to be lonely. This time, the Xiangjiang government and the Domestic SARFT introduced a new film support policy, and he saw the opportunity.

    There has been news in the industry that Huaguan Films has taken the lead in setting up the Branch Office in Xiangjiang. Cui Xingxian personally oversees Hong Kong Island. The new film is already in the process of intense shooting.

    Jiang Chenghua said: "I met Cui Xingxian at a reception and intended to cooperate with him. Then he proposed to deal with your request and promise to participate in my film company after the event."

    "Do you know why he is going to deal with us?"

    Lu Chen is very puzzled, he knows Huaguan Film, but he does not know Cui Xingxian at all, there is no grievances entanglement between the two sides.

    Jiang Chenghua sold Cui Xingxian directly: "The first film you made is in conflict with them. Your movie is called "Ghost Story" and his movie is called "Painted Skin."

    Painted skin!

    Lu Chen suddenly became stunned. "Painted Skin" is also a story in "Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio". So the two sides are similar in type of subject matter. When applying for policy support in the future, they will inevitably face direct competition.

    Xiangjiang's new film support policy has only 20 places in the first batch. The competition is very fierce. The film of the same type hits. Huaguan Film has every reason to give eye drops to "Ghost Story".

    Lu Chen couldn't help but sneer: "Hua Guan Ying can really see me."

    Regardless of the size of the strength or the status of the industry, Lu Chen Studio, who has just set foot in the film circle, is far worse than Huaguan Film. He even provoked Cui Xingxian to make the nephew. Lu Chen is a little drunk.

    Jiang Chenghua hesitated and said: "And, I heard that Cui Xingxian once pursued Chen Feier."

    Lu Chen is speechless.

    This kind of daring is still the pursuit of Chen Feier. It is estimated that the pursuit of failure has hated one's own.

    At this point, the truth is clear!


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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