Chapter 509 is a problem

    In the strategy, we must despise the enemy and attach importance to the enemy in tactics.

    Although Lu Chen has strong confidence in one's own leading filming of "Ghost Story", he will never look down on any of the opponent, especially a very competitive type of film like "Painted Skin".

    "Painted Skin" is the heavyweight that Huaguan Films has invested in Xiangjiang. This film, adapted from "Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio", claims to have a total investment of over 100 million yuan. The cast is strong and has gathered a large number of popular Celebrity across the Taiwan Straits. The later Special Effect production signed a new visual image of Xiangjiang.

    The new visual film is the famous special film production company in Xiangjiang. Its founder has worked in Hollywood's large Special Effect company for ten years and has accumulated rich experience. He returned to Xiangjiang to recruit a large number of professionals to participate in the production. A number of large-scale Xiangjiang and mainland China have a good reputation in the industry.

    Director Ding Tai of "Painted Skin" has two trophies for the best director of the Xiangjiang Academy Awards.

    Huaguan Film and Star Art Entertainment teamed up to make such a big battle. Under the "painting skin", such a large capital, Cui Xingxian naturally does not allow failure, the quota for the green channel is bound to win.

    He is motivated to come to Xiangjiang to make movies. Of course, it is not only for Xiangjiang's film support policy, but also to expand Xiangjiang's film market, while radiating Baodao and Southeast Asia.

    This is an important part of Huaguan Film's southward plan.

    Under such a situation, Lu Chen's "Ghost Story" naturally becomes a rather stumbling stumbling block. If Lu Chen is just an unknown newcomer, Cui Xingxian will not care, just use the works to crush the past. .

    However, Lu Chen is now a hot new star in Domestic, and the great success of the two drama series has made him a well-known existence in the film and television circle, which is ignored by Cui Xingxian.

    The most important thing is that Lu Chen’s second drama series, “Full House”, once defeated the powerful opponent with a weak enemy, and made Shonan Satellite TV almost wipe out the face.

    When "Full House" first premiered, it was Shonan Satellite TV's annual drama "Love Sea", which was not broadcasted. The latter was forced to change the broadcast time to avoid it.

    In the past, there is a vivid example. Cui Xingxian naturally took Lu Chen as the number one threat. Even if the "Ghost Story" is much weaker than "painting skin" in terms of investment scale and cast, he does not dare to take it lightly.

    If you repeat the mistakes of "Love Haiyan", Cui Xingxian's troubles will be big, and TV can also change the broadcast time. It is impossible to change the movie release. A defeat is the result of defeat!

    It is from Cui Xingxian's emphasis on Lu Chen, coupled with the personal emotional factors, so it was the occurrence of Honghua's harassment of "Ghost Story".

    Although Cui Xingxian’s claws were cut off cleanly, he obviously wouldn’t be willing to give up, and it would be obvious if he couldn’t do it. Now Huaguan Film and Xingyi Entertainment have recognized “Ghost Story” as the number one opponent. Look at it and arrange the corresponding publicity plan.

    Jiang Wei’s provocation to Lu Chen is rooted here.

    Such a complicated internal situation, Ye Xuan has a little understanding, but it is unintentional involved, he changed the topic very wisely, and talked to Lu Chen about the theme of this salon.

    The Musical Salon of the Campanile has been successfully held for hundreds of games since its inception. Almost all the popular coffees of the popular Musical World in Xiangjiang have participated in it, so it has great influence in the industry.

    By convention, each Music Salon has a discussion topic. The content of the theme can be broad or focused, such as the development trend of Chinese popular Music, or the style of Cantonese Love Song.

    The free and relaxed discussion atmosphere is the hallmark of the Clock Tower Music Salon.

    Today, the theme of this Music Salon is a bit big – the past, present and future of Xiangjiang Pop Music!

    To be honest, such a big problem is enough to write a thick collection of essays. Xiangjiang popular Music, as the founder of the Chinese popular music, really has too many things to say.

    Ye Xuan certainly knows that this topic is too big. It is simply unclear for a moment and a half. Therefore, he does not talk about the past and future of Xiangjiang popular Music. He only said that he wants to listen to Lu Chen’s views.

    Xiangjiang popular Music now faces the dilemma, even if it is seen outside the circle, but in the bureau, it is undoubtedly very difficult to breakout.

    The so-called authorities are spectator clear, maybe like the excellent Music people from the mainland like Lu Chen, perhaps can give some useful advice.

    Perhaps this topic is very interesting to the guests attending the salon, so many people will soon come around, either in good faith or in a less well-meaning preparation.

    Although most of the people present in the circle met with Lu Chen for the first time, they basically knew the origin of Lu Chen.

    This young artist from the mainland has recently been very active in Xiangjiang.

    Faced with all sorts of gaze from around, Lu Chen was a bit speechless.

    Ye Xuan gave him a big question. If he really said it, he couldn’t finish talking for a few days and nights.

    Xiangjiang popular Music began in the middle and late 1970s, Xiangjiang music world began to popularly sing Japanese songs, the same as Xiangjiang's economic status, entered a rapid rise period, popular Singer one or two sheets a year is a common occurrence.

    Due to the lack of local creators, the “Japanese Qu Yue Ci” became a trend, and there were also a number of Celebrity songs that became famous by cover, until the 1980s.

    In the 1980s, Xiangjiang was innocent and bright, and had a fantasy of the pre-sales program in the future. The times rushed forward and everything was not enough.

    In the mid-to-late 1980s, Xiangjiang people began to emphasize “sensible consumption”. Everyone pursued a unique personal style and tried to get rid of singular consumption to show personal taste.

    This kind of social thoughts has brought new demands, including the popular Music, and the cover of “Japanese Music Cantonese Words” has not been able to satisfy the appreciation needs of the majority of fans. The record companies have begun to pay attention to originality and recruit a large number of professional songwriters.

    As a result, Xiangjiang's popular Music has entered a new era of development. Good songs and classics have emerged in an endless stream, and a large number of inputs into the mainland have had a huge impact on the popular Music in the Mainland.

    In the 1980s and 1990s, it was the golden age of Xiangjiang popular Music. The Heavenly King of the music world took the lead, and the songs and songs were all endless, and the flowers were pissed off.

    However, entering the new century, the popular Music of Xiangjiang gradually failed to keep up with the times. Heavenly King gradually grew old, and the inspiration for the songs was lacking. The Singer artist of New Generation learned Japanese and Korean Celebrity to embark on the idol route.

    History seems to be in reincarnation. Today, the popular popular Chinese Musical World, imitating plagiarism and sings into the wind, but the object of imitating the cover is increased from Japan to Japan and Japan. Singer has long stopped making money by selling albums.

    Celebrity Singer sells the face to sell handsome is the mainstream, the interests of major entertainment media companies, how can you abandon this good way to make money?

    As for the popular Musical World of Xiangjiang, who will live and die!

    The dilemma is that the breakout is difficult. The current situation of the popular Musical World in Xiangjiang has many similarities in the mainland. Where can Lu Chen be able to resist the blame?

    But if he doesn't say anything, or just say something, he will be ignored.

    After thinking about it, Lu Chen decided to say something.

—————(To be continued~^~)

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