The one who defeated you in the fifty-eighth chapter

    In Xiangjiang's Entertainment Circle, Lu Chen is completely new. Although he relies on a "Life in Love" and "Ghost Story" drama crew event, he has considerable popularity and fame on Hong Kong Island, but it is not really People in the circle.

    Therefore, although Lu Chen was invited by the Clock Tower Music Salon, he had no friends or acquaintances here, including the one who greeted him, and he only saw one side.

    However, Ye Xuan’s enthusiasm makes it easy for people to misunderstand that they are friends who have known each other for many years.

    He smiled and said: "I am just calling you and asking when you will come over!"

    Said, his eyes fell on Chen Feier's body, revealing a surprise look: "This is your girlfriend Miss Chen Feier?"

    According to the rules of the Clock Tower Music Salon, invited guests are allowed to bring a companion, male partners, female companions or assistant managers are all possible.

    Ye Xuan invited Lu Chen, he did not expect Lu Chen to come with Chen Feier.

    This made his inviting person feel very face-like, and his smile was sincere.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Yes, thank you for your invitation, let us have the opportunity to participate in this Music event."

    "Feier, this is Mr. Ye Xuanye."

    Chen Feier smiled lightly and nodded. "Hello, Mr. Ye."


    Ye Xuan's enthusiasm and smile, even a little more diligent taste inside.

    This scene, just happened to be seen by a few young people standing in the distance, one of the thin-skinned men snorted and said: "This Ye Xuan, the mainland is also flattering, not afraid of shame. ”

    One of his companions laughed: "I have heard that Ye Xuan intends to enter the mainland market. It is normal to shoot these two."

    As a popular local Singer in Xiangjiang, Ye Xuan's coffee is not high. It belongs to Celebrity of the second C-list, but his own talent and talent is good. He can write songs and can play guitar Bass and keyboard. Less occasions are quite popular among fans.

    In dealing with people, Ye Xuan’s character is sleek. He never easily offend people, and he does not take the initiative to calculate other people. He does not say bad things about others, and he does not play the big name with a temper.

    This makes Ye Xuan's popularity in the circle very good, so I can participate in the Clock Tower Music Salon many times.

    However, in the eyes of many popular idol artists in the popular fragrance of Musical World, Ye Xuan is neither a big coffee senior that can be convinced by them, nor a peer who has a common topic with them. It is quite disdainful to talk about.

    The thin man's eyes swept to another tall, handsome young man, smirking: "Da Wei, who is taking the ghost of the ghost, Lu Chen, is your opponent? Don't you say hello? ”

    He added a meaningful sentence: "Chen Feier is really beautiful, the days of the mainland music!"

    The young man named Dawei heard a smile and said, "What do you want to do?"

    The thin man shrugged innocently and said: "Which is a ghost, I am telling the truth."

    "If you don't want to go, it doesn't matter at all. It's not a friend anyway."

    Dawei snorted and scorned the sloppy man of the thin man.

    But he was slightly indulged, and he still took a glass of champagne and walked toward Lu Chen.

    Although he knew that his companion was intentionally motivated one's own, his arrogance made him unable to choose to back down.

    When I saw Dawei really greet Lu Chen, the thin man’s lips smacked a smug smile. He also picked up a glass of wine and gently shook his glass and said, “There is a good show.”

    The other two companions also laughed.

    "You are Lu Chen?"

    Dawei went straight to the front of Lu Chen and asked directly.

    Lu Chen, who was chatting with Ye Xuan, suddenly stunned. I don’t know who this awkward guy is.

    The avant-garde pioneer's dress, handsome and handsome looks and low height, the other's age and image is the popular "new emerging artist" type in the Entertainment Circle, including the arrogance and confidence between the brows.

    Or Ye Xuan is sleek, and quickly introduced: "Lu Chen, this is Jiang Wei of Star Art Entertainment, the star of hope of our popular Musical World in Xiangjiang, has a Music album for one year."

    However, Lu Chen did not hear Jiang Wei’s name, but nodded politely and said, “Hello.”

    The other party’s posture made Lu Chen not happy, so his attitude was not enthusiastic.

    Is the star of hope in the popular Musical World of Xiangjiang popular?

    However, Lu Chen’s cold attitude made Jiang Wei very uncomfortable, and what annoyed him was that Lu Chen did not respond to his name as if he had no such character in his eyes.

    As an idol artist of Xiangjiang Entertainment Circle New Generation, Jiang Wei is the most unbearable thing.

    He curled his chin and said, "Please remember my name, because I will be the one who defeated you!"

    After that, Jiang Wei turned and left.

    Just when he left, he couldn't help but look at Chen Feier.

    There have been many guests who have come to the Campanile Bar. There are several female Celebrity and ladies in the circle. In addition, there are many guests who come with their female companions. There are not many Belle.

    But no matter how beautiful and temperament, no one can compare with Chen Feier.

    Jiang Wei also has a dim move.

    However, his arrogance is like him. He will never choose to pay attention to Chen Feier at this time. His provocation to Lu Chen is also to give Chen Feier a deep impression.

    However, Chen Feier looked at the champagne glass in her hand with a smile, as if there was no such thing.

    Jiang Wei was forced to run, and Ye Xuan introduced him for him. He said with a smile: "Jiang Wei, he…He is the leading actor of Star Art Entertainment and Hua Guan Films co-production of new film "Painted Skin". ”

    Ye Xuan really never said bad things behind him, even if the other party just hit his face.

    But he pointed out another identity of Jiang Wei.

    Lu Chen suddenly stunned, and the daring is really competitive. It’s no wonder that you have to beat one's own!

    Front section time Due to the accident of the drama crew, Lu Chen specifically asked Chen Wenqiang to collect information on the new film that Xiangjiang was filming in the same period and interested in participating in the policy competition.

    Knowing oneself and knowing each other is not awkward. He used to neglect this point until Huaguan Films came out and wakes up.

    Mixing in this circle, many times is not a matter of one's own, but also often pay attention to the direction of the opponent, so that you can adjust at any time to make one's own invincible.

    In the opponent information collected by Chen Wenqiang, the new film "Painted Skin" co-produced by Star Art Entertainment and Huaguan Film is undoubtedly the most important, because this film is undoubtedly the biggest competition opportunity of "Ghost Story".

    Really, I didn’t want to get together. Lu Chen didn’t expect to meet the male starring of “Painted Skin” at the Music Salon. He finally remembered Jiang Wei’s name.

    Xiangjiang’s Entertainment Circle is really small.


First, send it to you, I wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

    The author gentleman Here is the storm, the power outage all stopped for half a day. (To be continued~^~)

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