Chapter 404, fearless challenge

    Since the beginning of contact with Chen Feier, Lu Chen has been enlightened by hatred.

    As the long-lasting Singer of the popular Musical World, Chen Feier is definitely the most talented person in the circle, and the natural pursuit of the public.

    And with confidence and ability to pursue her, it is certainly not a general generation.

    Unlike many people who fall in love like eating and drinking, Chen Feier is very conservative in his feelings. Although he has heard anecdotes several times, he has finally proved not to be false news or to be intentionally hyped.

    Therefore, when her relationship with Lu Chen was open, it caused a shock in the circle.

    In those who are painstakingly pursued, it is really too little to say that there is no sorrow or resentment in the heart.

    Lu Chen just didn't think that he would come to Xiangjiang and would also hit a former pursuer of Chen Feier.

    “Would you like to give Cui Xingxian a color look?”

    When he came out from Yunding Hotel, Li Mubai eagerly tried: "Let him know that we are not irritating."

    Under Liu Zhenghao's Host, Jiang Chenghua's tea was wronged, and he took out 10 million as compensation. The two sides were shaking hands and the storm came to an end.

    As for the troubles that Honghua is currently facing, it will not be a matter of Lu Chen.

    Overall, this ending is not bad.

    But the Li’s three young masters are afraid that the world will not be chaotic: “Dare to play the idea of ​​Fei’s sister, we marry him!”

    Lu Chen was dumbfounded: "Forget it."

    He owes a lot to the Li family. If Li Mubai is to deal with Cui Xingxian, it would be too ignorant.

    Even if it is against Cui Xingxian, Lu Chen will rely on one's own Strength!

    Li Mubai is dissatisfied: "I just let him go?"

    Lu Chen shook his head: "No, we are walking!"

    He wants to fight back, naturally to counterattack from the film being filmed, as long as "Ghost Story" can win the policy support quota, and the opportunistic "painting skin" is squeezed out, it is the biggest victory.

    This incident also made Lu Chen realize that he not only had to take a movie of one's own, but also had to understand the situation of the incident.

    Inquiring about the news, Lu Chen handed it to Chen Wenqiang.

    He took out the envelope containing the 10 million cash check and handed it to Li Mubai.

    Li Mubai couldn't help but rolled his eyes: "What?"

    Lu Chen said: "Of course it is for you. You have the biggest contribution to this matter. Can you always help?"

    Li Mubai rushed his vertical middle finger: "Is this money?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Your sister has called me, don't hold it, we don't have to be polite between us."

    Li Mubai, who was exposed to the old end, couldn’t stand the shelf and said with a bitter face: "My sister is too stingy. Let me come to Xiangjiang to open the company and give me millions. It is not enough to eat with friends!"

    Lu Chen laughed, but he put the envelope in his hand: "You spend it first, not enough to find me."

    Li Mubai smiled and was a little embarrassed to put away the envelope.

    The friendship between the two people does not require you to push the fake guest set that I let, not to mention the 10 million.

    The night is deep, and Li Sanshao’s nightlife has just begun. When he takes the money, he calls and calls friends.

    Of course, Lu Chen was not allowed to accompany him, so that Zhang Xiaofang drove one's own back to the home of Repulse Bay.

    At home, Chen Feier has not fallen asleep and is doing beauty maintenance.

    She is born with beauty, the skin is better than most people, but no matter who's face can not withstand the ruin of the years, youth can not be eternal, can only delay the aging through maintenance.

    Especially for actors who often make up, skin care is an extremely important daily task.

    "Back is it?"

    Her face was covered with a mask and asked vaguely: "How is the matter?"

    Lu Chen took off his coat, hugged his girlfriend and sat down at the bedside. He said, "Talk about it."

    Chen Feier chuckled: "It’s a good thing to make money, but then, what are the purposes of doing so many things, do you want to invest in your movie or studio?"

    Lu Chen hesitated for a moment, or answered truthfully: "It is what others have instructed."

    "Is others instructed?"

    Chen Feier was surprised. She took the mask off and asked, "Do you know who it is?"

    There are enemies not terrible, mixed in the big dye tank of Entertainment Circle. If you want different streams, you must be offend people. The terrible thing is that the enemy can't see it in the dark, and the knife is at a critical moment.

    Chen Feier has debuted for more than ten years and has seen people in the circle sinister, so he is not particularly concerned.

    "It is Huaguan Film…"

    Lu Chen Shao can not explain: "They also filmed in Xiangjiang, the same as our theme, but also based on the story in "Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio", then there is direct competition."

    "Hua Guan Pictures?"

    Chen Feier twisted her eyebrows and said: "I have seen the general manager of Huaguan, but Cui Xingxian is this person…"

    She shook her head and showed a trace of disdain in her eyes: "Very arrogant, I feel good."

    "Don't say this…"

    Lu Chen smiled and held her into her arms: "Nanny, let's rest early!"

    Said, he went to Chen Fei's lips to kiss.

    Chen Feier smiled and reached out and blocked his mouth: "I haven't taken a shower yet!"

    Lu Chen had to reluctantly let her go.

    Chen Feier got up and walked to the bathroom. He walked out a few steps and stopped. He gave Lu Chen a look of sorrow: "Would you like?"

    Lu Chen suddenly rejoiced and jumped up.

    One night.

    The next day, the filming of "Ghost Story" continued, and the performance of Chen Feier began to enter the state. The number of NG was so poor that Director Wan Xiaoquan was very satisfied.

    Now that the trouble has been completely solved, the drama crew is working smoothly, and the members of the drama crew are very high-spirited. It is expected that all the shooting work should be completed within the limited time.

    In the afternoon of the same day, Chen Wenqiang gave Lu Chen a piece of information.

    This is not a very detailed information to let Lu Chen more or less surprised, because he now know that the original domestic existing more than 20 film and television organizations in Hong Kong filming new film, together with the local film company has been filmed or just started filming film, Next year to participate in policy support quota competition film at least Stemona, the competition is absolutely fierce.

    According to the information that Chen Wenqiang has learned, as with the theme of "Ghost Story", in addition to Huaguan Film's "Painted Skin", there are many new films such as "Amazing Love" and "Linghu". .

    "Ghost Story" faces the competitive pressure of strong opponent. Can it stand out in these same types of films, and it is undoubtedly unknown to get that valuable pass.

    But Lu Chen is not afraid to challenge!


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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