The first lesson of the 87th chapter

    In Lu Ya's beautiful eyes, there was a glimpse of ignorance.

    She has been debuting for more than a decade. Although she is not among the top cadres in the circle, she was once a singer of A-list. Even if she is a bit too angry now, when she has not finished speaking, she has been interrupted so rudely?

    The judge who interrupted her is called Zhuang Hao, and is the editor and commentator of the fashion magazine "Xi Mei".

    On the fame in the circle, Lu Yazhen is at least three streets!

    However, Lu Ya did not directly express the anger of one's own. Because Chen Zhenni lit up the red light, she felt something was wrong, as if the player named Lu Chen was intentionally targeted.

    Mixed in the Entertainment Circle for so many years, Lu Ya has always been self-satisfied, but also very clear how deep the water in this circle, she has seen the darkness and filth hidden under the glamorous appearance!

    So she instinctively kept silent.

    Those who are not flattered are unable to stand in this circle.

    Zhuang Hao did not look at Lu Ya, but stared at Lu Chen and said: "I agree with Zhang Xiao'an that your song style is too old, and the melody seems to have met, lacking enough originality, too amateur, so can't pass."

    His Voice is very peaceful, and it seems to be a boring report, but the disdain and embarrassment in the words makes people feel embarrassed and embarrassed.

    However, beyond the expectation of four judges including Lu Ya, Lu Chen was neither embarrassed nor angry after listening to it, nor even defended or protested, or begged to give another chance like many young Singers who were eliminated.

    He nodded and said politely: "Thank you for the review of four judges…"

    what a shame!

    Lu Yaxin has a bit of intolerance in her heart. In her opinion, Lu Chen is very good and should not be suppressed.

    Yes, Zhuang Hao’s face is not written with the words “squeezing”!

    She did not know who Lu Chen had offended.

    The next moment, Lu Chen straightened up and stood up and looked straight at Zhuang Hao: "But I don't agree with Zhuang Hao Teacher. My song has been registered in the Greater China Music Library very long. There is no plagiarism. Or imitate, another person has 100,000 yuan to buy…"

    He smiled confidently: "But I didn't sell it."

    What is face-smacking, this is face-smacking, and it is face-smacking!

    Zhuang Hao is not evaluating "You at the same table" "Is the melody like a definite lack of originality?" Then Lu Chen told him that the song was registered in the "Greater China Music Library".

    Are you more authoritative than the Greater China Music Library?

    Someone who bought 100,000 is also true. Lu Chen certainly didn't sell it. This classic is reserved for one's own.

    Too old and too amateur? Is the person who buys the money foolish?

    Zhuang Hao’s face instantly rose red.

    Zhuang Hao is not the first time to be the judge of "The Strongest Singer". He is used to high-level evaluation of the contestants. Although he has seen many unruly guys, he is so targeted face-smacking. once.

    His face is thicker and he can't stand the heavy blow!

    In addition to Zhuang Hao, Zhang Xiaoan and Chen Zhenni also felt that the face of one's own was cut off by Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen did not give them a chance to fight back. He nodded at Luya and then left the underground.

    Inside the four judges, he only had a good impression on Luya.


    Zhuang Hao took the pen in his hand on the table and screamed with anger: "Now the young people are becoming less and less polite, not at all humbly, no wonder the popularity of the popular Musical World is getting worse and worse. !"

    Zhang Xiaoan said with a calm face: "Yes, so we should strictly control it. If it is not good, it should be eliminated. Otherwise, it will make Xiangnan Satellite TV lose face in front of the people of the whole country."

    Chen Zhenni picked up her notebook and fanned her fan. He smiled and said: "This kind of temper, no wonder someone wants to give him a color look. I really don't know Immense World, when he cries!"

    Zhuang Hao and Zhang Xiaoan turned their heads to see her at the same time, and they looked strange. How can this be said?

    Lu Ya was stunned and did not feel much surprised.

    Chen Zhenni doesn't care about their strange eyes, even if there are four cameras on the scene. This video is 100% cut, and no one cares about a Xiaoxiao newcomer Singer.

    The sea election of "The Strongest Producer" continues.

    Lu Chen walked out of the Capital Gymnasium, and the afternoon sun shone on his face, still hot.

    He took a long breath and spit out resentment.

    Although such a result is expected in Lu Chen, there is no illusion in his heart. Maybe Chen Jianhao is biased against Jin Hongwei and loses accurate judgment?

    The bloody reality gave him a lesson!

    Don't think that you are awesome. In some people's eyes, it's just a piece of chess piece!

    Lu Chen clenched his fist inexplicably.

    He became more determined and determined to walk the path of one's own.

    Cell phone rang.

    Lu Chen picked up.

    "Lu Chen, I just heard a very regrettable news, you have not passed the sea election of the strongest singer?"

    There was Jin Hongwei's Voice on the other side of the phone, and his tone was very sorry.

    Lu Chen said: "Yes, thank you Kim for your concern."

    When he replied, he smiled and laughed at his face – sure enough!

    Jin Hongwei couldn’t see Lu Chen’s look and continued: “It’s okay, it’s not terrible for a young person to fail. The door of our company is always open for you. We can provide you with a pass-through ticket for the knockout. !"

    "In the evening, I arranged a meal and asked two judges to come and sit down. You apologize to them, I think…"

    beep! beep!

    His words have not been finished, and the call is broken.

    Jin Hongwei suddenly stunned and quickly dialed Lu Chen's cell phone number.

    The answer is: "Respected users, the cell phone you dialed is not in the service area…"

    "I fuck!"

    Jin Hongwei finally understood that he was stunned and shouted out the cell phone!

    This System Notification tone represents Lu Chen adding his number to the blacklist and does not want to talk to him anymore.

    Also in other words He Jin Hongwei engaged in the wind and spent so much thought, completely in vain.

    Lu Chen simply does not eat this set of him!

    Jin Hongwei has never encountered such a new person who does not know how to lift, hard and hard to eat.

    His lungs are almost blown up!

    Lu Chen can ignore the reaction of the other party. It is just that he has no desire. He has nothing to do with Jin Hongwei. He is still insulting under the situation calculated by the other party. It is better to buy a piece of tofu and kill it.

    Give me a go!

    Dragging Jin Hongwei's cell phone number into the blacklist, Lu Chen is a refreshing thought.

    As a result, just after 3 seconds, his phone rang again.

    This time, the call was made by Chen Jianhao, and Lu Chen doubted whether he had discussed with Jin Hongwei.

    Of course, this is the idea of ​​jokes. Lu Chen immediately picked it up: "Jian Hao Ge?"

    Chen Jianhao laughed and said: "Is Jin Hongwei just calling you?"

    Lu Chen was surprised: "How do you know?"

    Chen Jianhao smiled and said: "As far as his virtue is concerned, I can guess what he said to you. Is it for you to sign a contract with Juxing Company to ensure that you can advance to the strongest producer? Do you want to put a few judges with you? Apologize for the wine?"

    Lu Chen was completely speechless – all told by Chen Jianhao!

    Chen Jianhao Hahaha: "You are really powerful. The Entertainment Circle hasn't been mixed yet. Instead, you have offended a few insiders. I heard that Zhuang Hao's face is swollen by you, and you can beat you!" ”

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "I am impulsive."

    "What is impulse?"

    Chen Jianhao smiled and said: "You played very well. The grandson is owing it. You don't have to worry about it anymore. You are ready to sing the live broadcast of China and the qualifier on the 10th. Let's go!"

    Chen Jianhao asked Lu Chen for the Beijing Satellite TV "Singing China" sea-selected pass-through card, so he did not need to go to the preliminary election of the sea election held at the Capital Workers Stadium today, and directly entered the official sea election.

    Chen Jianhao also believes that Lu Chen can easily pass the sea election promotion qualifier!

    "But you have to remember what is going on today, this is the first lesson you entered into Entertainment Circle."

    "I think you should have learned a lot."

    |||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_START|||”Work hard, boy!”


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