Chapter 86—Outgoing

    "Will you remember tomorrow, the diary you wrote yesterday, whether you still remember it tomorrow, once…"


    An original "You at the same table", Lu Chen just sang the first few words, was interrupted by the female judges.

    The judges, who are still in their 30s and 40s, still smiled and said: "Yes, I will pass you."

    She turned her head and looked at the other two judges: "What is your opinion?"

    The two judges nodded: "Over!"

    Female judges smiled at Lu Chen: "Congratulations you, you can participate in the official sea election, keep it up!"

    Lu Chen first stunned and immediately responded and said: "Thank you for three Teachers."

    He went to the stage, which is less than half a minute, so passed?

    This is too fast!

    In fact, Lu Chen underestimated the strength of one's own. His strength is not only the skill of originality and singing, but also his external conditions. Simply speaking, it is the value of the face.

    1.80+ height, handsome and handsome appearance and good health, will not be easily eliminated in the preliminary test of any popular draft of the popular draft – the privilege of handsome guys.

    So as long as Lu Chen can play and sing, the three judges will not care about his original level and will pass it directly.

    This is an era of looking at the face, and Lu Chen belongs to this era!

    After he came off the court, a staff member sent a plastic color printed cardboard, printed on the front of the "strongest singer" logo and his new sea number – 0580.

    As for the reverse side of the paper jam, it is printed in the background of the blue sky, with two large "promotional" gold characters.

    Very beautiful cards, even if they are in the next round, they can be collected as souvenirs.

    Lu Chen did not rush to leave the big tent, but waited for the little girl behind one's own to play.

    The 17491 Xiaoxiao girl performance is very good, the guitar is a little level, so she quickly got the promotion card, she saw Lu Chen after she came down, and also proudly raised the rounded small chin.

    Lu Chen was dumbfounded and accompanied her to the initial pilot.

    The little girl’s family had long been outside, and she saw her proudly waving the promotion card in her hand, all excitedly screaming, and wished to immediately declare the world with great fanfare.

    Lu Chen felt very interesting, silently blessed, and then left the stadium.

    In the evening, he received a call from Chen Jianhao.

    The other party simply asked Lu Chen to participate in the preliminary test of the sea election during the day and the promotion number, did not say anything.

    Lu Chen feels one's own. This former boss seems to be hiding something, or planning something.

    It’s just that everyone has one's own privacy and he doesn't have to explore it.

    The five-day time is short and short, and it doesn't last long. It quickly passed away in a busy job.

    On June 25th, Qing, the "strongest singer" officially elected.

    The official sea election site is still in the Capital Stadium, but it has moved from the open-air football stadium to the indoor basketball court. The scale has been reduced a lot, but the specifications have improved a lot.

    After the initial trial elimination, although Singer, who has been promoted to the official sea election, has not saved one, it can not be completed in just one or two days. Lu Chen’s luck is still in the first day.

    The basketball venue was divided into two by the organizers, forming a live broadcast stage for the two north and south seas. Many staff wearing the uniforms of Shonan Satellite TV were busy, and the number of seats inside and outside was set at ten.

    Said to be live broadcast, in fact, is the recording and broadcasting, the process of sea election will be played on the network and TV after the late editing, live broadcast content is also there, but they are all things like on-site interviews.

    Therefore, most of the sea election players will not appear on the screen unless they advance to the first round of official competition.

    The contestants were seated in the auditorium of the basketball court according to their promotion numbers. They were still called the admission method. Lu Chen had a visual inspection. The competitors on the first day were about three or four hundred people.

    Then there is a long wait.

    Many players are very experienced. They gather together in twos and threes. Everyone chats and talks about Music. They encourage each other to relax. They also practice singing repeatedly on the spot, but most of them only have clips.

    At noon, the staff sent a lunch lunch.

    Although it is just a fast food, the content is quite rich. The beef and shrimp eggs and the fresh vegetables are not the kind of cheap goods of ten or twenty pieces. The taste is quite good.

    Lu Chen didn't eat when he was half full, not because he was wasting food, but eating enough was not good for singing.

    By 1 pm, Lu Chen finally heard the staff calling the number of one's own.


    Under the guidance of the staff, he quickly came to the background, and after another 2 minutes, official go on stage!

    The official sea election's judges increased to four, two men and two women are not the nameless generation, Lu Chen recognized at least two of them, the other two names are a bit impressive, but not familiar.

    The layout of the venue is very luxurious, with four cameras on the front and rear. In addition to the four judges, there are as many as seven or eight on-site staff. Even if there is no audience, the atmosphere and the primary election are completely different.

    Facing the gaze of four scenes and four judges, Lu Chen did not have a slap in the face, and said with pride: "Yes, judges Teacher, I am 0580, Lu Chen, from Zhedong."

    I haven't eaten pork, I have seen pigs running. Lu Chen has seen a lot of videos on the Internet in the past few days. I have already understood the sea selection process, so I will introduce one's own in the middle of the game.

    "Today, the song I brought to everyone, called you at the same table, please ask four friends."

    A female judges smiled: "Let's get started, you have 2 minutes of time and sing well."

    Lu Chen knows the judges. She is a well-known female Singer Luya of Domestic. She is good at singing Love Song. It should be more than 30 years old and 40 years old, but it is more like 20 people, full of mature and beautiful charm. .

    Lu Chen nodded and started playing with the guitar.

    "Will you remember tomorrow, the diary you wrote yesterday…"


    After playing a simple prelude, he just sang a few words, and the harsh screams suddenly sounded.

    One of the judges' tables lit up with a striking red light!

    According to the rules of the sea election, this means that the judges do not recognize Lu Chen’s singing and will not be promoted.

    Lu Ya looked at the other person with horror.

    This judges is the variety show host of Xiaonan Satellite TV, Zhang Xiaoan, who is very famous in the industry. He is so quick to veto Lu Lu, how many are unusual.

    Lu Chen had no problems with fingering, and he was quite skillful. The melody of the work was quite good. How did he sing a few words and was lighted up?

    Zhang Xiao'an was expressionless, as if he did not notice Lu Ya's gaze.

    Lu Chen picked up his eyebrows and said that he was not affected by the red light that suddenly appeared, it must be fake.

    However, he is not a fledgling newcomer after all, so he continues to sing one's own.

    “…Do you still remember tomorrow, the one you ever loved to cry. ”


    The second red light is on!

    This time, another female judge, Chen Zhenni, who has returned to Domestic Development from overseas in recent years, is currently in the limelight of the popular Musical World.

    She doesn't seem to like Lu Chen's style of work, frowning and looking impatient.

    According to the rules, if the four judges light up three red lights, they will be eliminated directly!

    Lu Chen, who had been shown two red lights, was completely calm, and he played half a song "You at the same table".

    "Thank you!"

    He thanked the judges with his guitar.

    Even if the front was disturbed by two red lights, Lu Chen’s interpretation of the song was still perfect, and there were no shortcomings.

    Zhang Xiaoan said faintly: "The style is too old, the melody is average, and we must continue to work hard."

    Chen Zhenni commented: "Your guitar is playing well, but we have chosen the strongest singer, so we can only say Sorry, I hope you will work hard next time."

    The implication is that Lu Chen’s song is not good.

    Lu Ya smiled and said: "Lu Chen, I think your work is very good…"


    Her words have not been finished, and the fourth judge sitting on the far left is lit with a red light.

    Three red lights, out!


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