Chapter 69: Re-inviting songs

    On a quiet and beautiful afternoon, the negotiations between Lu Chen and Wu Hongming are also friendly and sincere.

    It is precisely this kind of sincere and friendly atmosphere that makes him not adhere to the goal of one's own. The agreement reached by the two parties is 650,000 signed gold + 2 years contract, [Whale TV] has early termination and priority renewal.

    While Lu Chen was satisfied, he also thought that he should find a manager for one's own.

    Originally, negotiations like this were most appropriate for the manager. A qualified and competent manager always puts the interests of the employer first, and dares to dare to open the mouth and oppose it.

    Lu Chen's own will not work, although he took Zhao Deping as a stepping stone, occupied a considerable initiative in the negotiations, but because of his character, he could not force one's own cold heart, for the benefit of Wu Hongming.

    For [Whale TV] and Wu Shanshan, Lu Chen always has a grateful feeling.

    Therefore, the memory experience from the dream world tells him that he really needs a manager. He wants to know that his future is not on the live broadcast platform of the network, but on the broader world. There will be countless negotiations!

    Lu Chen can't be one's own every time.

    After finalizing the new contract, Wu Shanshan took the laptop and went outside to find a place to print.

    Lu Chen and Yunjing Music's Editor continued to discuss with the security.

    Even if it is a network album, it is not straightforward to come out. First, Lu Chen will prepare 10 songs for one's own, which is the number of standard songs for a popular Music album.

    This is of course very simple for Lu Chen. He has already sung "The Same Table", "Love in the Wind", "Brothers Sleeping in My Upper Shop", "Cinderella", "Youth Jinshi" and "Beauty" Six Songs So, just add four more songs.

    Lu Chen has even thought about it, which four songs to use to complement one's own's first album!

    But the problem is that the album is different from the live broadcast. In order to ensure quality and sales, 10 songs must be arranged, recorded in a professional studio under the accompaniment of the band, and post-production.

    In this respect, Lu Chen did not have much experience, and the memory he got from the dream could not help him, because even Xu Bo did not have a real album.

    However, as long as the determination is made, all the difficulties can be overcome, especially when a new contract is signed with [Whale TV], and Lu Chen has the money to complete the previous work.

    As for the cooperation with Yunjing Music Network, it is only intended.

    Sui An is very talkative, and his understanding of the popular Music and Entertainment Circle makes Lu Chen very admire.

    Wu Shanshan came back with a printed contract.

    Lu Chen solemnly signed the name of one's own.

    That night he was at the Furi Hotel, and invited three guests from afar to have a rich dinner.

    "Wu manager, Shan Shan sister, with the big brother…"

    After using the dinner, Lu Chen asked: "What arrangements do you have at night?"

    Wu Hongming and Sui An looked at each other. The latter replied with a smile: "I will go to see a few friends tomorrow. I have no arrangements for this evening. How come Lu Chen to arrange activities for us?"

    Sui An is very fond of Lu Chen, young and handsome and talented, and he is modest and acquainted with the number of people. Unlike many peers, he is a little bit savvy, and the old man is the best in the world.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "If nothing happens, then how about I ask you all to sit in the bar?"

    Wu Shanshan's eyes lit up: "Is your forgotten grass bar?"

    Lu Chen nodded.

    Wu Shanshan smiled and browed: "That's great!"

    Wu Hongming has no objections.

    So Lu Chen took the taxi with three people and went to the Forgotten Grass Bar in Houhai.

    Because it was Sunday night, and they came a little late, there was no empty seat in the bar.

    Lu Chen quickly found Chen Jianhao to explain the situation. The latter not only provided a reserved table for VIPs, but also personally greeted three guests from the deep sea.

    After Lu Chen introduced the two sides to each other, they came to the back of the bar.

    The back room is also very lively. In addition to Li Hong, Wang Xiaoshuai and other old colleagues, Na Jie is also there, and there are four men and women Singer. He is very strange and should come to the run.


    Just seeing Lu Chen, Na sister immediately exclaimed exaggeratedly: "Look who is coming, it is a rare guest!"

    Lu Chen was very embarrassed to touch his nose, smiled bitterly: "Na sister is forgiving."

    He now focuses on the live broadcast of the network, so there are fewer and fewer times to forget the grass.

    After all, compared to [Whale TV], Lu Chen’s money in the bar is really too much.

    One day, when he became famous, he will no longer worry about money. Then he may return to the bar and hold the guitar to go on stage. He will sing along with his friends, talk to friends and talk about music, and wear away Era.

    But not now.

    Na sister gave him a hug and smiled and said: "Ner sister is joking with you, you are very happy to come to me, we go inside, Daqin and I have something to tell you."

    "it is good!"

    Lu Chen quickly agreed to come down, and Li Hong said hello, and then went to the small suite with Na.

    When I walked over, Lu Chen asked more: "Is Ye Ye not coming at night?"

    He noticed that Ye Zhenyang was not there.

    Ms. Na said: "He is no longer forgetting the grass, and he knows that one's own resigns and leaves, otherwise…"

    Speaking of Ye Zhenyang, Na's tone is a bit more disdainful.

    Lu Chen nodded and did not speak.

    He knows that Ye Zhenyang’s departure from the Worrying Bar is related to one’s own, but he has no responsibility.

    Ms. Na said again: "Small land, you must definitely enter the Entertainment Circle in the future. That circle is too complicated. You must remember that the heart of the victim is indispensable, and the heart of the person is indispensable. Some people say good to him, say Maybe when he will slap you a knife!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I know, thank you Na sister for reminding."

    When she spoke, she opened the door and the two came to the small suite where the imitation band was.

    All members of Qin Hanyang and the band were there. They were rehearsing new song. They met Lu Chen and Na Jie. Everyone stopped practicing and the drummers stood up.

    Today, Lu Chen is not the singing singer of the part-time customer service personnel. His creative talents have a wide reputation in the whole Houhai circle. The price of a song of 200,000 is very popular.

    Lu Chen original, "In the Spring" for the band, is Chen Jianhao's exchange of 5% of the bar shares, and this matter is even discussed as a Legendary story in the circle.

    Qin Hanyang put down the electric guitar and smiled and said: "Xiaolu, you are coming right, my sister and I are looking for you!"

    Lu Chen asked curiously: "Qin Ge, what is it?"

    Sister Na smiled: "Let's sit down and talk."

    The fact that the two of them want to talk to Lu Chen is actually very simple.

    Ms. Na joined Light Rain Media with her band, and their new songs "In the Spring" and "I want to have a home" will be publicized on the Internet and radio stations next month.

    If the list is successful, then Light Rain Media agreed to make a mini album for them.

    The so-called mini album is actually a shrinking version of the complete CD. Usually, it is filled with 5 songs. The selling price is lower than the album, and the distribution method is more flexible. Therefore, it is used by many Singers, also called fine disc.

    Since the band joined the sister Na, as the lead singer, Light Rain Media hopes that the two can invite Lu Chen to invite the new songs of the first men and women to sing the contents of this mini album.

    Qin Hanyang said with sincerity: "The original thing should be made by the company, but the company considers our personal relationship, so let us talk about one's own, of course, how much the price of the song is!"

    Lu Chen understood and thought about it: "There is no problem, will you give it to you in two days?"

    Sister Na smiled: "Of course, no problem. The song you wrote is most reassuring. It is definitely not bad!"

    Lu Chen smiled.

    After a few more chats, Lu Chen borrowed a guitar from Qin Hanyang and went out to perform on the stage.

    He has sang "Love in the Wind", "Beauty" and "Junior Jinshi", and the three new songs have given great surprises to the new and old customers in the bar. The cheers and applause have never been broken.

    The next morning, Lu Chen sent Wu Hongming to the high-speed rail that returned to Shenzhen.

    At 2 pm, he received a text message from the bank.

    There are 650,000 more in the account!


happy New Year!

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