Chapter 64—Ace

    "What do you think of this new anchor?"

    Fang Shaohui dropped the signature pen in his hand, and the pen sticked out half a meter away from the smooth tabletop.

The projection picture on the wall is fixed at the moment when Lu Chen puts down the guitar after singing "Blue Lotus".

    His gaze was swept one by one from the faces of all the company executives present, which meant it was difficult to understand.

    This evening's PK theme show is the biggest promotion of publicity activity in [Whale TV] in the past six months. It was also set up by Fang Shaohui, the general manager, and invested more than 5 million yuan before and after.

    Although the project and funds are not large, but as the famous young marshal in the industry, Fang Shaohui is eager to use this activity to enhance the popularity and morale of [Whale TV] as a foreshadowing before reviving the past.

    So all the executives gathered at night and watched the PK theme show together in the conference room.

    The performance of the 24 anchors is about to end, and the ones who stand out from the crowd!

    An executive hesitate for a moment and said: "The real name is Lu Chen's anchor, which should be the biggest highlight. I think we should give him a better contract."

    In front of them, there is a detailed information of the participating anchors.

    Lu Chen is actually a signing fee of +5 million for the ordinary signing, which obviously does not meet his current popularity.

    Fang Shaohui nodded facelessly.

    Another senior official said: "His songs are very good, are they really original?"

    Immediately, the manager of the manager explained: "I am really original. I don't believe it at the beginning…"

    The 30-year-old female business person is full of praise for Lu Chen: "We have already inquired in the "Greater China Music Library", all the songs are copyrighted under his name, very talented young people!"

    “I also think that we have to give him a contract and promote him to a bigger market!”

    After Fang Shaohui took charge of [Whale TV], he intentionally spread the platform anchor resources to a larger field and set up a corresponding entertainment company. The main responsibility of the manager department is to discover new stars worthy of training.

    The Big Entertainment Circle is the real big cake, and of course the competition is the most intense.

    [Whale TV] does not immediately mean to fight with people, but to make reasonable use of its own resources and earn more and greater benefits is undoubtedly the strategic goal of the company toward the future.

    The same thing, their biggest competition opponent [Starlight show] is already done, and it is doing very well!

    Fang Shaohui’s face showed a smile.

    The manager of the manager was keenly aware of his change and continued: "We can customize the project for him, buy his copyrights, produce an album, and package it into a talented idol…"

    "Manager Wang, please wait a minute…"

    She was continually telling about the plan of one's own idea. When the eyebrows were excited, the voice from the side of the cold could interrupt her words.

    It’s a lot of uncomfortable for Manager Wang to be upset, but interrupted her is Wu Hongming, the head of the operation department. Therefore, she can only hold back the dissatisfaction and squeeze out a smile and ask: “Wu manager, what do you think?”

    Wu Hongming is one of the founders of [Whale TV] and a senior element of whale technology.

    Although Manager Wang is Fang Shaohui's confidant, Wu Hongming's opinion she can't help.

    Wu Hongming asked in a deep voice: "How much do you pay to buy his copyright?"

    Manager Wang stunned. She didn't think that Wu Hongming was actually asking this question. She thought about it and replied: "My idea is to sign the artist's contract for 5 years, give him 300,000 annual salary plus 10% benefit dividend, contract. Be sure to include all creative copyrights!"

    In the view of the manager of the manager, the contract is undoubtedly very generous. For young people like Lu Chen, the opportunity to promote packaging into the Entertainment Circle is not too happy.

    I don't know how many new people are there, eager to embark on the road to becoming Celebrity!

    300,000 annual salary plus 10% benefit dividend, she feels a bit too rich.

    Wu Hongming is undecided. He pointed to the projection screen and said: "This song that Lu Chen just sang is called Blue Lotus. As far as I know, he has sold the copyright of this song to Beijing's Light Rain Media Company."

    "The price is 200,000!"


    Manager Wang first yelled and squinted and said: "This is the price of top famous artists!"

    The executives in the room have learned about the market and are very surprised: "Really?"

    The 200,000 song is definitely a high price among famous people. Without the verification of the market, a newcomer in the district can sell one's own works to 200,000, which sounds like a fantasy novel.

    Wu Hongming said faintly: "There is nothing impossible. I have already inquired about friends in the Beijing circle. Many people know this thing. It was rejected by Manager Corporation who wanted to sign him."

    "So I suggest that you still abandon the copyright requirements, and don't expect to sign an ordinary artist contract with him, or talk to the top anchor contract!"

    Manager Wang is not convinced: "Mr. Wu, can you be sure that he will not sign?"

    Wu Hongming sighed and said: "Then you can talk to Lu Chen. This young man is actually very assertive and thinking. I think unless we give a top artist contract, it is unlikely to impress him."

    Wu Hongming's understanding of Lu Chen is mostly from one's own niece Wu Shanshan, who has a close relationship with Lu Chen and usually maintains a high level of attention.

    As the head of the operations department, he is also unlikely to ignore the new anchor that is rapidly becoming popular in [Whale TV].

    Lu Chen’s live broadcast on the PK theme show this evening has deepened his inherent impression.

    Top artist contract?

    Executives are looking at each other in dismay – how is it possible?

    Manager Wang couldn't help but want to refute again. Fang Shaohui first asked: "Let Wang manager talk to him about the artist contract first. If you can't talk about it, how about the new contract of the anchor?"

    Wu Hongming replied quietly: "I have no opinion, just don't forget that we have a lot of competitive opponent."

    Fang Shaohui’s breath suddenly lags.

    In the past two years, "Whale TV" has been dug up by people, especially in the "Starlight Show". The corners of the wall have been dug to the point where [Whale TV] is hurt, and there are many new live broadcast platforms. It’s cheaper.

    The activities of the PK theme show can enhance the popularity of the website, and it will also attract the attention of the audience.

    Newcomers like Lu Chen who only signed ordinary contracts are the best targets!

    If this time [Whale TV] still hesitates to both ends of the first mouse, maybe you will lose a new star!

    Fang Shaohui did not see Lu Chen as very heavy. He wanted to erect a typical one's own project. Now, when he heard Wu Hongming, he finally got serious.

    "I will talk to him about the new contract when the event is over…"

    The general manager hesitate a bit and said: "Is it still manager Wu talk to him, talk about the new anchor contract!"

    At the crucial moment, he chose Wu Hongming. The vision and character of the old courtier are trustworthy.

    Wu Hongming nodded and said: "I will bring people to Beijing tomorrow morning and talk to him in person!"

    The executives present here were all shocked. They never expected Wu Hongming to pay so much attention to Lu Chen.

    The last time Wu Hongming personally met with the anchor to discuss the contract was last year, when the signing was the current [Whale TV] first female anchor Qinger baby!

    And also run Beijing so far.

    A senior official couldn’t help but say: "That should have given him a better contract."

    A better contract has a longer time limit and a higher degree of binding.

    But for this low-level post-horse gun, Wu Hongming is simply despising: "On the contract of 50,000 yuan, almost all the finance department gave it back!"

    [Whale TV] has a large amount of venture capital, and the finance department has a lot of authority in fund management.

    The other party suddenly became speechless.

    Old Wang, the manager of the finance department, pumped his face and decided to be a dead dog.

    Xiaohong Xiao Xiaoxiao slaps his face and then asks: "What is the negotiating authority that the company gave me this time? If you are less than 500,000 signings, don't say it, who is willing to talk about who to go. ”

    He looked at the manager of the manager intentionally or unintentionally.

    This eloquent young woman is not angry. If Wu Hongming just said that he would give Lu Chen at least 500,000 signings, it is estimated that no one will agree.

    Now that I understand the situation, I know that Lu Chen sold 200,000 songs, and that 500,000 signings are really nothing.

    Her heart is even regrettable. If she can sign Lu Chen with an ordinary artist contract, her manager will hold a trump card.

    The real trump card!


Ask for a ticket, ask for it!

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