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Chapter 60: Undercurrent

    The fourth song is still a new song.

    For this PKlive broadcast show, Lu Chen prepared a full five new songs in [Whale TV] first sing.

    He has already sang "Love in the Wind" and "Brothers Sleeping in My Upper Shop" in front. The third "Cinderella" is a foreshadowing. The fourth song is new song, keeping the current high popularity and further Upgrade!

    The audience is always happy and new, and Lu Chen relies on a steady stream of original innovations to conquer everyone.

    However, before the opening of the sing, in accordance with international practice, he wanted to express gratitude to those local tyrants who were rewarded.

    The rewards and rewards are the daily life of the anchors. Many small anchors even give others a reward for 100 fish balls. This is to thank the fans for increasing the popularity and let the rewarding audience have a sense of accomplishment.

    Lu Chen can't do this. It's not that he plays big cards, but there are too many people who reward hundreds of thousands of fish balls. If you thank the past one by one, then he doesn't have to sing in this live broadcast show. Thank you. Thanks for it.

    The most important thing is that he wins the love and support of fishmeal. It is not the selling of the brush, but the strength!

    Of course, local fans like Li Bai and Big Brother, thank you for your thanks.

    “…Here to…Express my heartfelt thanks, with your support, I have the motivation to fight! ”

    "The following song is also my original work. It is also a folk song. It is also the first time to sing…"

    "Hope you like it!"


    When Lu Chen thanked the local tyrants and the fans, he went into the live broadcast of Lu Fei.

    It’s certainly not the real name of a person. The real name is Diane, the editor of Yunjing Music Network.

    Yunjing Music Network was established in 2007. It is the top five Music category website of Domestic scale. Chunan joined this website as a circle insider. It has been a senior editor for 5 years.

    In addition, he has a temporary status, that is, one of the 12 judges of the [Whale TV] PKlive broadcast show, who has the power to rate 24 participating anchors and has the ability to influence the ranking of finally.

    When I entered the live broadcast room of Lu Fei, I was very upset when I was in trouble.

    The live broadcast that he entered in front of him belonged to a female anchor called "Huge Gege". He said with conscience that the anchor is very beautiful and has at least 8 points under the elaborate dress.

    It’s a pity that what she is doing is a sing. The song that sings for 1 minute is to be sprinkled for 3 minutes. It’s not singing, but frowning, frowning, squeezing, shaking chest…That chest is still a B cup hard squeezed into a C+ cup!

    Diane was defeated after watching it for 3 minutes. If it was not the responsibility of judges, he would not be able to stay for 3 seconds.

    As for Lu Fei, the theme of the theme show is called the graduation season. It seems to be a bit interesting, and it is also suitable for the current season, but what kind of ghost is the campus folk? And in the theme profile, it is actually called the original works, the New Generation folks…

    Nowadays young people, bragging are not blushing?

    As a real industry person, Diane is helpless. On the one hand, it is the decline of the original Strength of the popular Mexican Music. On the one hand, all the new people claim to be able to write songs. The result is a saliva song that was bought for money. Even if the title of the song is one's own work, the fans are still spending a lot of money.

    As the Editor of the Music website, Diane has encountered too many such things, and now I want to spit when I see the original!

    Therefore, he did not have any expectations at all, and he was totally evaluated in the professional attitude of taking money to do things.

    As a result, just after entering the live broadcast, Diane saw a young man holding the guitar against the microphone.

    His impression was suddenly bad.

    Diane instinctively wants to click on the "Exit" option in the upper right corner, forbearance or move the cursor to "playback".

    Diane is registered with the official account issued by [Whale TV]. The privileged account does not see the barrage or reward information in the live broadcast, and the entry and exit are Stealth status, which can play back the live broadcast content that has passed.

    He wants to start from the front, and also gives the young man a three minute time.

    If the 3 minute time doesn't make Diane interested, then he said goodbye to the anchor.

    As for the 10 blue whales in the account, he will not be wasted 1!

    Live broadcast playback begins.

    After 3 minutes, Diane sat still and looked very surprised.

    Because he found that one's own almost missed a talent.

    He never dreamed that the song of the anchor called "Lu Fei" was actually an original work, but it was still a very good boutique. At least few folk songs in recent years can be compared!

    "Love in the dust", campus folk songs, the original innovative people…

    Chunan suddenly had the feeling of scouring the treasures in the utility room. He couldn’t help but get excited.

    After the first Singing is finished, Diane presses the idea of ​​listening again, and drags the progress bar to advance to the second song.

    "Sleeping in my upper brother"!

    It is still an original work, the similar style is very perfect and very moving, and Diane is completely speechless.

    When did the folklore, which had already declined, come out with such a talented young man?

    Diane is 100% sure that these two songs have never been heard before, and the faces of the anchors are very strange.

    Then the third "Cinderella."

    Diane's face is red, not moved. He has already passed the moving age, but is too excited!

    He didn't have the slightest hesitate, and sent 10 blue whale points in his account to 5!

    One blue whale represents one praise, and the more praise the anchor receives, affects the ranking of finally.

    The reason why Chunan did not send all the blue whales was that he could only send 50% of an anchor according to the rules!

    Even after sending 5 praises, Diane is still not satisfied. He copied the link address of live broadcast, opened the Fetion sticker and sent it to two friends in the circle: "You should look at this young man and listen to him. s song!"

    His two friends are also the judges of this [Whale TV] PKlive broadcast show.

    Diane is willing to ruin all the praises in the account, and will never be easily sent out, but for the anchor called "Lu Fei", he only hates one's own vote is limited.

    So he needs the support of his companions.

    If this PKlive broadcast show puts those who are coquettish in the upper position, Diane feels sorry for one's own!

    Lu Chen didn't know anything about it. When he played live broadcast in Diane, he was singing the fourth song of the graduation season.

    The name of this new song is called "Junior Jin Shi".

    "Go back to the end of the spring of May,

There are not many market people in the early hours of the morning.

    The child sang in front of the door,

The sun warmed the river.

    The catkins are blowing in the wind,

People under the tree shadow want to sleep,

Silent people start to be happy from this moment,

Take off the cold winter.

    My melancholy white shirt,

The first cigarette in the pocket of youth,

I started with love,

Never dare to tell you…


    The first song of the graduation season, "Love in the Wind" tells the romance, the second song to the boys, "The Brothers Sleeping in My Upper Shop" represents friendship, and the third "Cinderella" for girls is love. Fantasy.

    Then this "Junior Jin Shi" is the main nostalgia, nostalgic time for young people, miss the era of pure innocence, nostalgic love, nostalgia for simple life and carefree days.

    Inside the lyrics – the house full of ivy, the neighbor under the eaves, the persimmon tree, the radio…All show a strong nostalgic color, listen to him sing, as if to return to that very beautiful Era.

    The most resonating of this song is undoubtedly the one born in the seventies, eighty and nineties.

    Because they have a deep memory of that era!


The playful teenager does not let go with the Manhua book.

Accompanying me to sleep,

It’s the sorrow of the moon,

And pillows filled with dreams,

Splattered pillow…


    Vaguely in the dream, do you often recall the past years?

    Many fans who listen to songs are touched.

    "Good nice song, reminds me of my childhood…"

    "When I was a child, when I was still in the country, I played every day, fishing and catching frogs and catching mud."

    "There is no country now, only farmhouses."

    "I want to eat maltose, big rolls, fruit oranges, arctic popsicles…"

    "I am waiting for the food in front!"

    "My favorite radio was lost by my mother, 5555~"

"Have you seen comic books?"

    "I want to say…"

    "What broke the song, sings hard to hear, and this is also held? It’s a big joke! ”

    "The heat list is about this level? Brush it? ”

    "It's too old, what campus folks are, it's funny."

    "Ha ha…"

    Suddenly, in the large and sturdy barrage, there was a dazzling ridicule.

    And the number is getting more and more!


Note: "Youth Jin Shi" word / song: Zhao Lei.

    PS: In response to the requirements of the reader, to reduce the content of the lyrics, we vote to support it!

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