Chapter eleven sister

    Just after 7 o'clock in the evening, Lu Chen arrived in advance to forget the grass bar.

    He did not forget the lesson of last night, plus the rest during the day, so when he didn't arrive at the evening peak time, he took the subway to the back sea and casually made a simple dinner near the pedestrian street.

    When opening the door and entering the bar, Lu Chen unexpectedly did not see the boss Chen Jianhao in the bar.

    Instead, the bartender, who was tall and thin and had a beautiful Little Hu, smiled and nodded.

    Before yesterday, Lu Chen really did not have such treatment.

    "David brother early!"

    He walked over and greeted each other and curiously asked: "The boss didn't come?"

    Chen Jianhao invested his life savings in the Forgetting Grass Bar, so he managed very hard. He usually was present every night unless he had an accidental situation. When he was busy, he personally gave the guests tea.

    Bartender David poured a cup of mint water to Lu Chen and shrugged and said: "BOSS is estimated to be something…"

    David's Mandarin is not standard, with an awkward taste. Although he is also a Chinese, he grew up abroad and returned to Domestic life a few years ago.

    "Thank you, David!"

    Drinking the water in the glass in one breath, Lu Chen is going to the background, he still does not know the performance arrangements at night.

    "you are welcome…"

    David put away the cup and said very seriously: "I really like the song you sang last night, Cool."

    He gave a thumbs up to Lu Chen; "keep it up !"

    Lu Chen smiled and hugged him, and then walked to the big room in the background.

    To the surprise of Lu Chen, he came not to be the earliest tonight, and there are already several people in it.

    In addition to the Singer Rainbow Sister Li Hong, Ye Ge Ye Zhenyang, and Wang Xiaoshuai, there are even Lian Na sisters, and five people sitting around the site are chatting together.

    "Little land!"

    Seeing Lu Chen coming in, Na sister first got up and smiled and gave him a big hug: "Congratulations you upgraded!"

    Lu Chen was very embarrassed to say: "Thank you Na sister…"

    Na Na Zhang Nana has just turned 40 this year. She is the oldest in the Singer circle of the Forgotten Grass Bar and even Houhai. She is said to be away from home when she is 17 years old, pursuing the love of Music.

    Sister Na is the official signing of Singer, she has a very ordinary appearance. She can even say that she is a little ugly. Her lips are thick and her nose is a little bit collapsed. When she smiles, she has deep crow's feet.

    But no one will look down on Na, because she has a unique talent in singing, a wide range and rich experience, so that she can easily control many difficult songs, belonging to the powerful Singer.

    Chen Jianhao once said in private that the reason why Na sister has been mixed for more than 20 years without red is that she has not encountered a good song belonging to one's own and a real understanding of Music. Bo Le.

    If this is not the case, it is impossible for him to recruit Na’s sister and sing in the grass.

    However, Na's temperament is very open-minded, and she does not have the kind of depression that she has never had. No matter whether it is the most ordinary waiter in the bar or the biggest band, her attitude is warm and friendly.

    So her popularity is also the best!

    Lu Chen and Na sister's relationship is also very good. At the beginning, he was able to sing in the go to stage, or the big sister said a few words to help Chen Jianhao nod.

    In this regard, Lu Chen has been grateful.

    With Na Jie taking the lead, others have also expressed their congratulations. They all know that Lu Chen is already resident Singer.

    Originally in the Forgotten Grass Bar, Lu Chen was the only one to sing Singer, the status is the lowest, and now at least with Li Hong, Ye Zhenyang, and enjoy the same treatment conditions.

    "Na sister, Xiao Lu sang the original song last night…"

    Li Hong said with a smile: "There is a lot of people, and everyone wants to sign him into the entertainment company!"

    Although listening to ordinary laughter, but the sour taste in the tone, how can not hide.

    In addition to Na Jie, Ye Zhenyang and Wang Xiaoshuai's face are not natural.

    The Forgetting Grass Bar is not big, and the number of employees plus Singer is not much, so if there is any news of the wind, it will soon be spread in the small circle.

    Lu Chen won the favor of all customers with an original "You at the Same Table" last night, and also received the favor of Light Rain Media, to sign him as a new artist to cultivate packaging.

    If this is the case, they will at most envy it. After all, in the circle of Houhai, there is no shortage of examples of Singer being stunned and swift, and Lu Chen is nothing but one of Luck.

    But what is shocking is that Lu Chen actually refused!

    This makes them unable to understand, and the precious opportunities that others can't ask for, Lu Chen does not cherish?

    Let them feel embarrassed!

    Ye Zhenyang laughed and said: "Unfortunately, Xiaolu has a high heart, otherwise he will be able to take the deed as a superstar in the future, so let us follow it!"

    Compared with Li Hong, he is even more uncomfortable with Lu Chen. He doesn't feel uncomfortable without saying a few words.

    You must know that Lu Chen was a small shrimp that he could ignore two days ago. Now he has become the same resident Singer as him, even more attractive than him!

    Lu Chen frowned.

    Ye Zhenyang said that he is not really good, not really good or bad, and he does not want to fake the virtual and the snake.

    "Small land will definitely be a superstar in the future!

    Na sister patted Lu Chen’s shoulder and said, “I was late last night. I didn’t hear you singing a song written by one’s own. I must sing it again this evening!”

    Lu Chen quickly said: "Well, please ask Na sister again to give pointers…"

    Compared with other people, Na’s attitude towards Lu Chen is undoubtedly much sincere, and she has solved it for three sentences.

    Ye Zhenyang’s flow is absolutely not afraid to spur.

    Sister Na smiled: "I can't be afraid to do it. If you have such talents in Xiaolu, you should take it out early, and then write a song of nice to you, how about?"

    Lu Chen thought for a moment, right color: "Good!"

    Seriously answering the sister Na Nai stunned.

    What she said just now is just a joke. It is not really a song to invite Lu Chen.

    The originality is not easy now, and the atmosphere of Domestic is not suitable for originality. Except for a few real big coffees, many professional songwriters have not produced one or two boutiques in a few years.

    Like amateur creations like Lu Chen, the accidental character broke out and a good song is a great Luck. Where can I write a wonderful work continuously, and still create it!

    She thought that Lu Chen was also joking, but the attitude of Lu Chen was very serious, so I was surprised.

    Of course, as the old Jiang Hu, Na Jie just took a moment and immediately smiled: "Then I will wait for your song!"

    She did not entangle this topic again, and took a clap and said: "Time is coming, the evening performance will be arranged by me, Xiaoshuai, you will sing two songs first…"

    The boss Chen Jianhao is not there. Na is a small BOSS who is not allowed to do anything. In addition to the band, Li Hong or Ye Zhenyang have to obey her. No one will dispute her arrangement.

    Even if the lead singer of the band, Qin Hanyang, is also polite to Na.

    Since it was the last night of the weekend, after eight o'clock, there were more and more customers in the lobby of the Forget-Loss, and most of them were college students.

    Near the sea is the university town, gathering more than a dozen nationally renowned universities, including the midrange and Jingyin.

    Many college students like to visit the bars of Houhai and Sanlitun, especially couples. After eating dinner on the pedestrian street, they will come over to occupy a two-person seat, then order some cocktails or beer to enjoy the live performance while talking about love. It is very romantic and not too much.

    Seeing that the bar is almost full, Host rushed out to warm up first, and Wang Xiaoshuai then sang.

    When it was Lu Chen’s turn, it was already nine o’clock in the evening.

    He just sat down on the stage with his guitar, and immediately the customer blew a loud whistle.

    "Small land, sing you at the same table!"

    Lu Chen smiled and nodded. He could blow the rogue whistle so magically, only the old customer.

    It is an old customer who likes to tease children.

    Definitely want to give face!

    "Tonight, I first brought it to everyone, or the song I wrote by one's own…"

    He gently plucked the strings and said to the microphone: "You at the same table, I hope everyone can like it!"


    Lu Chen’s voice just fell, and someone immediately shouted: “Sing twice!”

    The cheerful laughter sounded in the bar, like the water that was thrown into the rocks.

    Many newcomers are amazed because they have never heard of this song and are still original.

    Naturally, I don’t understand why those old customers are so enthusiastic, and such enthusiasm is rare in the Forgetting Bar, at least not for younger singers like Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen didn't talk nonsense much. After playing the prelude, he started singing this evening.

    "Will you remember tomorrow, the diary you wrote yesterday…"

    The singing sounds like magic. Under the accompaniment of the guitar, the atmosphere inside the bar was quickly changed. Those who whispered softly, those wine glasses touched, and even the ring sound of the cell phone gradually disappeared.

    Whether it is an old customer or a new guest, they quietly listen to Lu Chen’s singing.

    In the old customers, this "The Same Table" Lu Chen played better and sang more emotionally. They even closed their eyes and tried to feel the emotions in the songs, memories, and embarrassment. Nostalgia

    For new guests, the first time I heard "You at the same table", I felt very fresh first, and secondly I felt very nice.

    Then I was deeply moved.

    A classic good song Charm can ignore the time and space barriers, even in different worlds, still able to shine brilliantly!

    In just five or six minutes, the Forgotten Grass Bar is very quiet.

    It wasn't until a song ended, and after a while, the warm applause exploded!

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