13th Chapter Cinderella

    "How can you fall in love with you?

    I am asking one's own.

    I can give up anything,

Actually, it is difficult to leave today.

    You are not beautiful,

But you are so cute!

    Oops, Cinderella,

My Cinderella.


    The sound string is twirling, and the simple melody, Lu Chen’s singing voice is slightly low, with a touch of nostalgia and sentimentality.

    In Lu Chen's dream world, this song was created by a very talented rock and roll Singer, used to give one's own first love girlfriend, which also contains a very moving story.

    Although the final ending of the story is not perfect, the Charm of this song is undoubtedly. It has touched countless people and was used by many people to play and become a truly classic.

    In the emotional aspect of the song, this song has many similarities with "You at the Same Table", all with the meaning of fate, but it is more sensible, expressing the singer's self-blame and the pursuit of love.

    When this song was sung by Lu Chen for the first time in this world, it still touched everyone's heart.

    Especially the couples present were deeply moved.

    The boy held the girl's hand tightly, even if the latter stared at Lu Chen on the stage.

    Because you are my Cinderella!


I am always hurting your heart,

I am always cruel,

I will let you not take it seriously.

Because I can't believe it.

    you are so Beautiful,

And you are so cute,

Oops, Cinderella,

My Cinderella.


    It seems that the whole world is quiet. Everyone is listening to the songs of Lu Chen. Many girls have quietly added a layer of water in their eyes, and the surplus is lingering, and even the breathing becomes stagnant.


If this is a dream,

I am willing to be drunk and not want to wake up.

    I used to be patient,

I am waiting like this,

Maybe waiting for you to come,

Maybe waiting for you to come,

Maybe waiting for you to come,


    Until the end of the concert, no one spoke.

    "A Cinderella…"

    Lu Chen said softly: "The first time I sang, I hope everyone can like it."

    Then the applause sounded.

    First, there were two sounds, like the squally showers in the summer night, but they soon became neat, and many of the guests stood up and applauded to Lu Chen. There was no noise, no loud noises, only warm applause!

    Especially those girls, even more red palms.

    This "Cinderella" has no impassioned melodies, nor is it ups and downs.The tide paragraph, not listening to burning with passion, but it can quietly break into the hearts of the listeners, people can not help but be moved by the subtle and blazing emotions in the song.

    Most importantly, they are first-time listeners.

    If one day Cinderella becomes a classic that everyone is familiar with, then they can show off proudly to others – I am the original appreciator of this song, I have witnessed its appearance!

    Can Cinderella be a classic?

    The answer perhaps is varied, but no matter who you have to admit, this is the first real good song.

    Love, love, and soul!

    The applause lasted for a few minutes. This scene has never appeared in the Forgotten Grass Bar. It is a treatment that has never been seen before.

    Someone said aloud: "Come on again!"

    His request was unanimously endorsed by everyone, and he strongly urged Lu Chen to sing again.

    Lu Chen smiled and shook his head. He said to the microphone: "Thank you for your support, but this song only sings tonight, because I saw girls there and tears…"

    He pressed the guitar on his lap with his elbow, and both hands apologized to the right side of the stage.

    Lu Chen’s right position is the 035 table, which is the table of Xiaomi and her three bosom friends.

    Four girls, two of them have already lost their eyes.

    Seeing that everyone's attention was transferred to them with Lu Chen's movements, the girls were embarrassed to blush, and the two quickly wiped the tears from the corners of their eyes.

    College girls, romantic and passionate, are easily moved by sad songs.

    Lu Chen continued: "My mother once told me that the girl's tears are the most precious. She said that I can't let the girls drop the tears anyway, otherwise it is a crime."

    There was a soft laugh in the bar.

    After a pause, Lu Chen sighed: "I think I am already sinful now, so I can't sing anymore."

    The chuckle turned into a big laugh, and the atmosphere of the injury that had been scattered in the bar suddenly vanished.

    Xiaomi’s big sister, second sister and third sister are all unbearable, and they are very happy with tears in their eyes.

    Xiaomi wants to laugh but doesn't laugh. The heart still secretly swears: "Hate!"

    Lu Chen didn't know that one's own was "disgusted" by a girl. He didn't repeat "Cinderella" because it was not because of arrogance or appetite. Instead, he sang two times in a row, "You at the same table" plus On Cinderella, the atmosphere created is enough.

    The so-called too much is too late, when you see it, it is the king.

    He took the opportunity to step down and gave the location to the host, and he would go to the stage to sing two songs around 9:00.

    Resident Singer has a fixed singing time and a guaranteed salary.

    Real big head income or rewards share, this morning Lu Chen can earn a lot more than yesterday!

    However, Lu Chen knows very well that this rhythm of making money is only temporary and unsustainable. It relies on the two original songs he plays. Although he can come up with more and better songs, he is still in the bar. Not worth it.

    "You at the same table" and "Cinderella" are enough to be his reserved songs here.

    The stage of the Forgetting Grass Bar is too small to accommodate the heart of the morning.

    Of course, at least for now, he has not planned to leave.

    Back in the background, Na sister gave Lu Chen a big hug!

    She smiled and said: "Small land, you are too surprised me, too surprised, sing well, really good!"

    Ms. Na has been in this circle for decades. Although she has never been in the first place, she knows more about Music than ordinary customers and can judge the potential of an original song.

    Whether it is "You at the same table" or "Cinderella", she makes her look at Lu Chen.

    Compared with the sincerity of Najie, the smiles of Li Hong and Ye Zhenyang and others will be much stronger, especially Ye Zhenyang, watching Lu Chen’s eyes with a cover that can’t be concealed.

    The two real originals are good songs with a deep potential. How is Lu Chen’s luck so good?

    Ye Zhenyang's time of entry is much earlier than that of Lu Chen. He is also a member of "Beijing Drift". He also has one's own dreams and ambitions. He also wanted to write a few good songs.

    In the circle of popular Music, some Singer wrote a famous work with the help of a moment of inspiration, and then ate a song across the southeast and northwest, mixed with nourishment.

    Just let Ye Zhenyang rack his brains and fight together. The songs he wrote can't be said to be rough and uncomfortable. It's also plain and unbeatable. It's not worth spending 500 yuan to register in the "Greater China Music Library".

    In the end, only the disappointment gave up.

    Now seeing Lu Chen actually create two good songs in succession, it seems like a poisonous snake, constantly biting his heart, not to say that Congratulations congratulates Lu Chen, the false smile is almost unbearable.

    "I am going out to see…"

    Ye Zhenyang casually found a reason to leave, he is afraid that one's own will stay here and will be burned to ashes by the fire.

    Just opened the door, Ye Zhenyang saw Chen Jianhao appear in front of one's own.

    He couldn’t help but was surprised and greeted: "The boss…"

    Chen Jianhao nodded, then rushed to Lu Chen in the room and said, "Small land, come with me, someone wants to buy you a song."

    Buy a song?

    Actually someone is looking for Lu Chen to buy a song!

    Ye Zhenyang listened to it, and didn't even know how one's own went out.

    Lu Chen was also stunned. Na sister smiled and patted him on the shoulder and said, "Go ahead!"

    She is obviously a bit uneasy, and added a sentence: "Remember that you can't sell cheap!"

    Lu Chen woke up and smiled. "Thank you, Ms. Na, I passed."

    When he left with Chen Jianhao, there were three sisters, Li Jie and Wang Xiaoshuai in the big room. The latter two looked at each other in dismay. It seemed that they could not believe the facts that had just happened.

    Li Hong hesitated for a moment, said to Na sister: "Ner sister, are you too, too…"

    She is careful and voicing what words are most appropriate.

    Li Hong is also a woman who has passed 30, and her appearance is not good. Therefore, in the Forgotten Grass Bar, her relationship with Na is very good. They have many common languages.

    Therefore, some people dare not say anything, she dare to ask.

    Sister Na smiled and said: "You want to say that I am too tall to see Xiaolu?"

    Li Hongxiao smiled, but it defaulted.

    Sister Na whispered: "The time for Xiaolu to enter the line is very short. His original level is not high, but he has the potential for talent, and now he has revealed his talent, so I want to forget the grass and can't keep him."

    "I can be sure that Xiaolu will not go immediately. I understand Little Ye's thoughts very well, but I know that Xiaolu is a very affectionate person and respects Senior, isn't it?"

    Li Hong nodded silently.

    She knows that Na's words are true to one's own and to Ye Zhenyang and Wang Xiaoshuai. The meaning is obvious.

    Regardless of conviction, he is able to come up with two outstanding original works, Lu Chen, and they are not the same level of Singer, his future is boundless.

    Such a person, a colleague is a fate and an opportunity. If you are just like Ye Zhenyang, you will miss the opportunity in vain, and you will not be able to get any light.

    But is Lu Chen really going to have a day of flying?

    Li Hong is still a little unbelievable, or more accurately, unwilling to believe.

    The subtle change in Li Hong’s face did not escape the attention of Na’s sister, but Na’s sister did not say anything more.

    Opportunities need one's own to grasp, and some things need one's own to understand!

    As for whether others can understand, she will not worry about it.


Note: "Cinderella" word / song: Zheng Yi.

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