19th Chapter banned!

    "Lu Chen, hello!"

    Inside the earpiece of cell phone, there was a warm greeting: "I haven’t seen you for a long time, how are you doing recently?"

    Lu Chen’s memory was instantly activated, and a familiar face appeared in his mind.

    He immediately asked with a smile: "How are you, Cao Da, how do you suddenly think of calling me?" Miss me? ”

    There was a crisp laughter over there.

    Calling Lu Chen is his class leader Cao Xiuzhu in the computer department class of Jianghai University.

    In the university, the female students in the computer department have always been fewer than the boys. Cao Xiuzhu has been a squad leader for four years. Although her appearance is ordinary, she is very enthusiastic and generous, so her relationship with the students is very good.

    In addition to the good relationship between Lu Chen and the squad leader of Cao, there is another layer of origin. That is, Lu Chen’s ex-girlfriend was introduced by Cao Xiuzhu. The breakup between the two also made her guilty for a long time.

    "Pooh! Pooh! Pooh! ”

    Cao Xiuzhu said: "My family is next to it! He wants me to ask you a good question, when will you come back, say that you haven’t appeared in the group recently, still in Beijing? ”

    Cao Xiuzhu’s boyfriend is also the same class of Lu Chen. The students who live in the dormitory next door often play together.

    "I am still in Beijing, and I have been diving in the group…"

    Lu Chen said: "Look at your love show every day, I don't dare to speak. I will be back at the beginning of next month."

    Lu Chen will graduate next month, and his credits are enough. Go back to get a diploma and attend the graduation ceremony.

    "Lu Chen, you learned to talkative in Beijing!"

    Cao Xiuzhu said, "Hate hate" said: "Now the squad leader will arrange for you to have an important task. On June 9th, the graduation ceremony party, you will prepare a Program to represent our class and be honored!"

    "Let me prepare for the graduation party on Program?"

    Lu Chen screamed: "So many people in the class, how come it is my turn?"

    He represents the class to go on stage. The performance is not twice or twice, but the college graduation party is really different from before.

    Only this time in life!

    Cao Xiuzhu reluctantly replied: "You also know that letting them play the game is a hero, to go on stage. All the performances are soft eggs, so it can only make you hard!"

    "And they all said, you will sing and play the guitar in the morning, and you will be handsome. Who are you not?"

    "Is this all my guilt?"

    Lu Chen dumbfounded, thought about it and said: "Well, Cao squad leader, you must obey your orders, but I also have a Xiaoxiao condition."

    Cao Xiuzhu curiously asked: "What conditions?"

    Lu Chen said: "Last year, the same students took out the wind collecting activities, the student council took a lot of photos over there, I need photos of all the girls, both single and group photos!"


    Cao Xiuzhu was alarmed, and the geology asked: "What do you want to play?"

    She is a student of the Jianghai Student Union. I want the photos to be sure, but Lu Chen’s motives are suspicious!

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "The squad leader, you said that I must get the prize, then I have to prepare well?" These photos I need to make a MV, when it is released on the auditorium stage, the effect of the performance is good. ”

    "It turned out to be like this, your idea is good!"

    Cao Xiuzhu said with embarrassment: "Then I went to the office late and found the package and passed it to you."

    She is a very embarrassing character, she doesn't have much thought, and she doesn't think too much.


    The two talked a few more words and hung up the phone.

    Lu Chen left the dwelling house, went out to have a good meal, and stuffed his stomach back.

    In the afternoon, he continued to work, and he compiled a total of twenty complete songs.

    This efficiency is extremely high, but these songs are the most familiar in Lu Chen's memory, so it is easy to rewrite them. The latter estimates will become more and more difficult and require a lot of time.

    At present, for him, twenty excellent works are more than enough. He will not throw it all at once, but will try to find out the value of each song.

    This is worthy of these popular classics from the dream world!

    Five of the twenty songs were sent to the "Greater China Music Library" by Lu Chen for copyright registration.

    It’s not that he doesn’t want to register all, but because the money in Easy Pay is really bad.

    A song copyright inquiry Additional Stakes book fee is 600 yuan, five songs 3,000 oceans flew off, if Lu Chen had just earned two pens yesterday, I am afraid that it can not be paid.

    He secretly ridicule "Greater China Music Library" black feeding the dog, while opening the "Starlight Show", ready to first exchange the money in one's own account should be emergency.

    As a result, the online anchor platform was just opened and an eye-catching System Notification box popped up.

    [Lu Fei anchor broadcast Hello, you have reached the signing requirements, please click contact administrator, thank you for your cooperation]


    Lu Chen was surprised and happy. At this time, he noticed that the number of star-shaped attention of one's own had reached 10,142!

    [Starlight show] signing requirements are 10000 attention number, when last night live broadcast, Lu Chen's star powder attention is only 7000+, and now it has reached 10000+!

    However, Lu Chen was not too surprised this time because he knew that the increased number of attention was definitely from the publicity and promotion of the "Lu Jiajun" headed by the imperial Li Bai, which allowed him to meet the contracting requirements in advance.

    With a moving and excited mood, Lu Chen clicked on the administrator in the System Notification box and immediately opened the chat interface.

    The dialog ID displayed on the chat panel is "Super Administrator 002".

    Lu Chen: "Hello administrator."

    Super Tube 002: "Hello, is it a contract?"

    Lu Chen: "Yes, what should I do?"

    Super Tube 002: "I will send you the electronic contract first. You should confirm it first."

    Super Tube 002: "If there is no problem, then you can print the signature as required and send it to our company."

    Lu Chen: "Okay."

    Super Administrator 002 sent a document to Lu Chen, and Lu Chen received the view and opened it.

    Counting this, this is the third contract he has seen in a few days.

    Then I looked at my heart and it was cold.

    In addition to the relevant provisions on the anchor, the contract is at least 70% identical to the contract of the new artist that Su Xiaomei originally gave him. The feeling of giving him a complete re-processing of the new artist contract, such as creation Copyright, portrait copyright, breach of contract liability, nothing more than the contract period changed from 10 years to 5 years!

    The world crow is generally black!

    Lu Chen couldn't help but smile. Originally, he expected to be able to sign a contract in the [Starlight Show], so that he could get a higher chance of sharing and recommending. If you don't ask for a million dollars, you can satisfy it if you can mix and drink.

    It seems that he thinks too naive.

    Super tube 002: "Is the contract finished? After I finished, I will confirm that I have to register for registration. ”

    Lu Chen thought about it and replied: "Can this contract be changing? Mainly the issue of creating copyright. ”

    If the other party agrees to change the copyright requirements, then the other terms are even harsh, Lu Chen can still accept, after all, [Starlight Show] is a profitable platform, the pursuit of benefits is understandable.

    Super tube 002: "changing? You think too much, the contracts of all the anchors on our platform are the same, it is impossible for you to change alone, you either choose to sign, or not sign, it is as simple as that! ”

    The overbearing tone is the familiar taste of Lu Chen.

    All anchors are the same contract?

    That is a big joke. The contract between the popular Celebrity and the unknown artist will be the same.

    I think with the toes and I know that it is impossible!

    The attitude of the Super Tube 002 is hard and cold, and Lu Chen is also a rookie who can be deceived at will.

    Lu Chen pressed his anger and replied: "Then I will think about it again, don't sign it first, thank you."

    The mistake is not right, Lu Chen does not want to turn over the face with the super tube, after all, relying on the other side of the platform to make money, so the rumor declined, anyway, not signing the contract is nothing more than a small share without website recommendation.

    In any case, he will not let out the copyright of one's own original works in vain!

    Super tube 002: "just!"

    The dialogue between the two sides ended.

    Lu Chen shook his head helplessly, and his heart was still a little depressed.

    The next moment, the System Notification popped up on the computer screen made him instantly chilling, and almost gasped the lungs!

    [System System Notification: Lufei live broadcast is temporarily closed due to violation of regulations, if you have any questions, please consult the administrator]


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