Chapter 12—The Hatsune Listener

    When Lu Chen went to the stage, Xiaomi was sitting on the 035 table not far from the stage.

    The beriberi bite the straw in the freezing point, her eyes drifting on the faces of the other three girls at the same table, a pair of "I will see if I don't talk".

    However, the hint of awkwardness and playfulness revealed in the eyes of the gods reveals her nature.

    The name of Xiaomi is called Mi Fu. This nickname is still taken by the big sister of the dormitory. She is a freshman of Beijing Normal University. She just finished one's own 19th birthday a few days ago.

    This evening, she originally planned to go to the library to study her homework. As a result, she was brought to the back of the sea by the big sister, the second sister, and the third sister in the dormitory. She said that when she is about to say goodbye to the freshman, I will look at a few handsome guys. !

    The atmosphere of this bar, called the Forgetful Grass, is still very good.

    Xiaomi used to go to Sanlitun's bar before, but the crazy, degenerate and violent atmosphere there scared her a young girl who used to play obediently female characters and a little rebellious.

    Houhai Bar is undoubtedly quiet, rather and too much, of course, it is also a lot of petty.

    But what about a good guy? Where is the handsome guy?

    The Singer who just went down is very young and should be a good singer. Unfortunately, I like the dagger and I think that one's own looks very handsome and charming, and often winks at the customers – vomit!

    Xiaoxiao took a sip of ice, and she thought about how to make the big sister, the second sister, and the third sister who were just laughing at the eyebrows to cook the simmer, to vent their depression.

    Just thinking about it, when the devil's tail is coming out, Xiaomi hears the song from the stage.

    "Will you remember tomorrow, the diary you wrote yesterday,"

"Don't you still remember tomorrow, the one you ever loved to cry…"

    She suddenly stopped.

    The song was clean and clear, with a hint of sadness, a melody and words she had never heard before.

    But really very nice!

    Xiaomi looked up and looked at the stage. He saw a young man in a blue T-shirt and jeans sitting on a stool and playing in a soulful manner with his guitar.

    What's the name of the song? What is the name of this handsome guy?

    Xiaomi eyes looked at each other without hesitation, and suddenly all the depression in my heart was gone!

    She didn't wake up until the other party sang, and the first one slammed the palm of her hand.

    "Small land, sing again!"

    With warm applause, someone shouted: "You at the same table!"

    At this time, Xiaomi finally knew the name of Singer and the song. Although it was not completely certain, the proposal of others was undoubtedly greatly recognized by her – I have not heard enough yet!

    "Chick, come back from the soul~"

A white palm appeared in front of her eyes, shaking her left and right to block her sight.

    The big sister in the same bedroom laughed at the thief: "Is it a good guy?" Spring heart is moving, right? ”

    "big sister!"

    Xiaomi’s pretty face suddenly felt a faint blush: “What are you talking about!”

    Seeing her shy appearance, big sister, second sister, and third sister are all unhappy, laughing almost to overturn the glass.

    Fortunately, the atmosphere at the scene is very lively, there are applause and there is a rogue whistle, otherwise they really don't know how many people will attract attention, so she has to follow the ugly.

    The handsome guy on the stage did not live up to everyone’s expectations, smiled and promised to sing the song again.

    Xiaomi’s heart moved, taking advantage of the timing of others’ attention, and quietly took out the cell phone in his pocket, turned on the camera function, and started shooting on the stage.

    When she photographed more than half of the time, she suddenly felt that the atmosphere around it was a bit strange and instinctively turned her head.

    I saw a waiter standing next to me, staring at the cell phone in her hand, his face was not very beautiful: "This lady, the bar is not allowed to take pictures, please forgive me, thank you!"

    Many of the customers who come to Houhai Bar often have career elites, and there are also many insiders and even Celebrity. Most of them focus on privacy, and they don’t like to be photographed by other people’s scenes.

    Therefore, the door of a bar like Forgetting Grass has a signboard of “No Camera” in a conspicuous position.

    Xiaomi spit out his tongue and quickly collected the cell phone and said, "I'm sorry…"

    She was beautiful and lovely, and immediately apologized. The waiter was naturally not good enough to say more, nodded and left.

    "Millet girl!"

    Big sister stares at her with a sinful look – Old lady is bringing you to play, not to shame!

    Go back to the big punishment in the evening!

    Xiaomi shyly bowed her head, as if confessing one's own mistake, but in fact she still holds the cell phone in her hand, her finger clicks on the touch screen, and she is very skillful to play a long line of text. .

    “At the Houhai Bar in the evening, I found a handsome guy and a very nice song!”

    This is the title of a new post, Xiaomi attached the video just taken in the post, and then sent it to the North Sea City Forum where one's own is often visited.

    The Beihaicheng Forum, also known as the Beihai University City Forum, is well-known in the student body of Beijing. The number of IP and PV in daily visits is very high. There are a large number of students from the capital universities. Any university has a lot of wind and grass. A time is reflected in the corresponding section.

    Xiaomi was purely out of fun, and posted the post with one's own account.

    Generally speaking, such a post has a very short time to survive in the Beihaicheng forum, and will soon be brushed down by a large number of new posts, and then disappear into the eyes of everyone.

    Perhaps was accidentally turned up at some point, but basically it was silent.

    But Xiaomi doesn't care, she just wants to express one's own love for this song. As for singing people…

    There is also a little bit!

    At this moment, Lu Chen did not know that one's own had a fan.

    He seriously sang "The You at the Same Table" for the second time, and then regained a beer reward.

    Many of the guests who come in the evening are student couples. Compared with those business person elites, they have limited economic conditions, so they basically won't reward Singer. At most, they mean one or two meanings.

    But this evening is different, two times "You at the same table" sang, Lu Chen actually received a 100+ reward, according to the 70% of the resident Singer, that is about 1500 yuan!

    It is a pity that such a good thing is not every day, that is, more customers on weekends, spending more money, or relying on such a rich rewards, Lu Chen can also be mixed with moisture, no need to worry about the huge debt of the family day and night.

    Among the more than 100 rewards, the student couple contributed a lot, many of them are girls to let the boys pay.

    There are also boys who are not willing, but without exception, they are blamed by their girlfriends.

    Petite: "Do you love me or not?"

    Cold proud: "Forget it, I am one's own to buy it."

    Abdominal black type: "Oh, you will not be jealous, right?" Don't think too much, I just like this song! ”

    刁 型 type: "One is not enough! Add two more! ”


    But if a boy with a bit of emotional intelligence, if you don't want to be a single dog, then you only have obediently saved money.

    Even if you want to pick up the pickles in the wolf tomorrow.

    This allowed Lu Chen to reap the rewards of many students while rewarding him.

    Is it so handsome? !

    And their resentment is so strong that even Lu Chen, who is sitting on the stage, feels it.

    After thinking about it, he said to the microphone: "Thank you for your support. The song I want to sing is still the original work of my one's own, and it is the first time I sang in the grass, so there are people at the place. It will be the Hatsune Listener of this song!"


    There was a sudden sensation in Xiaoxiao in the bar. Many guests unconsciously straightened their waists, and their expressions became more serious. Many people showed excitement and excitement.

    The so-called Hatsune listener is initially an NPC character in a certain online game. Any player who uses Singing with a voice microphone can get different rewards.

    Later it was widely borrowed, meaning the original Music, the first or first appreciator of the song.

    "The Hatsune Listener…"

    In the big room in the background, Ye Zhenyang screamed at the disdain. His eyes slammed into the door that was tightly closed inside the small suite, and whispered: "Even Qin brother does not dare to say this!"

    If the "Hatsune listener" is treated as a title, then the title is not easily added to others, because it is also an honor added to one's own.

    There are a lot of Singers in amateur music creation, and there is not enough confidence and confidence. No one can say that the person who listens to one's own original work for the first time is the Hatsune listener, because this title is only used on really outstanding works, otherwise it will Being laughed and generous!

    Lu Chen He De He can, dare so boast shamelessly?

    You must know that even if you are the real brother in Singer, the soul of the band, Qin Hanyang, who sang one's own original songs in the bar, never mentioned this name!

    Li Hong and Wang Xiaoshuai both showed their approval, but Na’s sister smiled faintly: “Small land is very talented. You have the potential to be popular at the same table. I believe that new song should not disappoint.”

    Ye Zhenyang's face was a bit awkward, but he did not dare to refute.

    Although she has a separate lounge with the band, she usually prefers to stay in the big room and chat with other Singers, listening to their singing and the Voice from the bar.

    If Lu Chen did not prove his strength with "You at the same table", then Na sister perhaps would not agree, but she now has a great expectation for the new song that Lu Chen will sing!

    Even her one's own did not notice that this expectation actually contains other meanings.

    On the outside stage, Lu Chen played the prelude of new song.

    Inside the bar, it became quiet again.

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