Chapter 14—The Deep Pride

    Following Chen Jianhao, Lu Chen came to the reserved seat area on the upper level of the bar.

    The Forgetting Grass Bar was converted from an old warehouse. Because the height of the floor is nearly seven meters, it is transformed into two floors. The middle position is left to the stage. The layout is very clever and the whole space will be Fully utilized.

    Like most bars in Houhai, the Forgetful Grass Bar has a reserved seating area with three wine tables that are empty and waiting for VIPs who may not appear.

    Because opening a bar to do business, personal connections are very important. Chen Jianhao has always had a wide range of contacts. If there are good friends or people who can't be offended, they suddenly touch the door. Sometimes, when the bar is full, there is no place to sit. It is a very embarrassing thing.

    Therefore, there is a reserved seat area.

    Those who come to Lu Chen to buy songs can sit on reserved seats, which will certainly not be ordinary characters.

    Perhaps it is to see that he is a little nervous. Chen Jianhao whispered when he was on the stairs: "Don't worry, sell and not sell with you, there is me, no one will deliberately make you difficult."

    Lu Chen breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Thank you for your boss."

    Chen Jianhao is really a very good boss, although he is usually strict with people.

    Two of the three wine tables in the reserved seating area are empty, and the table near the wrought iron fence sits two men and one woman, the male is about thirty years old, and the suit is equipped with a pair of gold glasses. The hair is well combedanely, and at a glance it is the kind of elite in the workplace.

    The woman is much younger, she can play eight points in a petite appearance, and she is dressed casually. She holds the glass in her hand and looks around curiously. It seems to be very fresh to everything in the bar.

    "Song Manager, I brought people over…"

    Chen Jianhao took Lu Chen and walked over and smiled and said: "This is Lu Chen, Xiao Lu!"

    The suit man waited until Chen Jianhao walked over to one's own and stood up. His face showed a faint smile, and he nodded to Lu Chen.

    The woman on the side hurriedly followed, but forgot to drop the glass, and the wine was sprinkled.

    Chen Jianhao introduced: "Xiao Lu, this is the deputy general manager of Light Rain Media, Mr. Song Xinwei, manager of manager, this is Assistant General Manager Dong Wei."

    Light rain media? Is that temperament and arrogant Su Guangmei still not giving up?

    Lu Chen thought about it, and at the same time did not humble to the suit man to take action: "Song Manager, hello."

    Song Xinwei reached out and shook him: "Hello."

    Lu Chen reached out to Miss Dong Wei: "Miss Dong, hello."

    Dong Hao quickly grasped the grip and said a little bit: "Well, hello, hello…"

    Lu Chen smiled.

    The assistant to the general manager is so tender that he is a freshman who has just entered the workplace.

    Of course, he didn't need to care if the other person could be qualified for the position of assistant general manager. After the set, everyone sat down at the wine table.

    Song Xinwei opened the door and said: "Small land, this is the case. We came over this evening, and we are entrusted by Su Light Eyebrow Director Director to buy the copyright of a song."

    As he said, he nodded to Dong Hao, who immediately took out a few sheets of paper from his briefcase.

    Song Xinwei continued: "Our company's legal department has confirmed that the copyright of this name is 'you at the same table' is entirely owned by you, so you are willing to buy all the copyrights at a high price. Please refer to this contract."

    Lu Chen took the contract quietly.

    Light Rain Media confirmed that the copyright of the song is very simple. Just know it through the “Greater China Music Library”, whether it is the song name, lyrics or music scores can be searched.

    This is the authority and convenience of the "Greater China Music Library". Although the registration fee is very high, it avoids possible copyright disputes in law and saves a lot of trouble.

    And as long as Lu Chen is willing, he can also complete the copyright transaction through the "Greater China Music Library".

    But these are not the main points.

    His gaze quickly swept through a list of terms on the contract and quickly locked the focus.

    That is the price of the copyright, the black and white words clearly read: ¥

There is also a capital of 10,000 yuan.

    20,000 pieces!

    At the first sight of this price, Lu Chen really had a dim move.

    He used to work hard to make two jobs. The time spent working every day is more than 15 hours. The amount of money earned is less than four or five thousand dollars per month.

    Now, as long as he signs the name of one's own on this contract, he can easily take 20,000.

    The most important thing is that there are countless good songs in his memory. It doesn't really matter to sell one.

    Opposite Lu Chen, Song Xinwei was keenly aware of the change of the former's look through the ultra-thin resin lens of gold wire glasses. His eyelids flashed a smudged disdain.

    If it wasn't for Su Liang's eyebrows, as the deputy general manager of Light Rain Media, he wouldn't personally bring someone to come and talk to a kid who was still stinking and talked about a small contract with only 20,000 yuan.

    Of course, the two thousand dollars are definitely a huge sum for this kid, and it is estimated that they are dizzy.

    Luck's kid!

    However, Lu Chen was not stunned. After understanding the price, he began to carefully review other terms.

    The more you look at your face, the more ugly you are.

    All the copyright terms except the authorship of the "Same at the Same Table" are normal, Lu Chen also recognizes, but does not allow him to continue to sing this song in any public place?

    Also in other words After he sold the song, he couldn’t sing in the forgetful grass bar?

    Another is that Light Rain Media has priority over his work. Before the former has not confirmed his waiver, he cannot transfer the works created by one's own to a third party!

    Really a dog!

    If Lu Chen did not carefully look at the contract and signed it in a hurry, it would be tied to the light rain media ship and lost the initiative to one's own work.

    Behind the high price and lure is the ambush trap.

    Lu Chen understood that he had resolutely returned the contract: "Sorry, I can't sign this contract."

    In the same way, he said it to Su Xiaomei yesterday.

    Song Xinwei was waiting for Lu Chen to sign, and did not expect Lu Chen to refuse, could not help but stunned: "What?"

    Lu Chen retelled the words again.

    This time Song Xinwei finally understood it. He had a feeling of being humiliated. Now he changed his face: "Can I know why? Is it because of the price? ”

    "Then I think you should know that this price is impossible for others to give!"

    In fact, Lu Chen is aware of this.

    The current era is not in the 1980s and 1990s. The rise of the Internet and the prevalence of piracy have led to a great decline in the recording industry. Today, Singer Celebrity is fighting the fan economy and the eyeball economy, all kinds of crazy hype, all kinds of blogs. It’s time to earn a lot of popularity, and it’s not a good time to make a best-selling record.

    The popular songwriter of Music, the status is naturally not as good as before.

    Moreover, nowadays technology is developed, even ordinary people can use the software such as "Sing Master" to create, the threshold for composing music is greatly reduced, and the market is full of countless third-rate inferior works.

    The amateur author writes the first song that can be sung, and does not have to spend money to register in the "Music Library of Greater China". As long as it is uploaded to a Music website to prove the copyright of one's own, three hundred and five hundred will be sold.

    The price of the professional songwriter is much higher, but the new author or the third-rate author writes a song, and the price is at most two or three thousand. It must be someone, and more people are not interested in the discount.

    Light rain media out of 20,000 to buy Lu Chen "you at the same table", has been a famous family treatment!

    To know that this is Lu Chen's first work, his work has not yet passed the test of the market.

    So Song Xinwei will be so annoyed – now newcomers, why don't you know Immense World?

    But Lu Chen is not the price.

    "The price is not a problem…"

    He said very seriously: "I am willing to sell copyright for 20,000 pieces, but I can't agree with other terms."

    The value of "You at the same table" is more than 20,000. However, Lu Chen considers the relationship between Chen Jianhao and Su Liangmei, and he is not willing to offend a media company, so he does not matter.

    However, the premise is limited to this song!

    Song Xinwei understood the meaning of Lu Chen, and there was no slight change in his attitude. He smiled and said: "Xiao Lu, you have to think about it. If there are no such clauses, will our company have such a high price?" who do you think You Are? And your right to sign is still there, this is a chance to give you a name, you have to know how to cherish! ”

    He pointed to Lu Chen’s nose and said, "You don't want to know in any case"!

    Lu Chen Jianmei picked one, Shen Sheng said: "Song Manager, I am a nameless pawn, a big company like Light Rain Media can't really climb, you still have to ask for it!"

    His last two remarks, if you let Su Xiaomei hear it, it is estimated that he will be angry with the smoke.

    Lu Chen is also a man with temper. His pride is deep in his bones. Although he has bent over his head because of the pressure of life, his knees are always strong!

    When he finished, he stood up and nodded to Dong Hao, and then said to Chen Jianhao: "Boss, I will go down first, and I will play if I wait."

    When Lu Chen and Song Xinwei were negotiating, Chen Jianhao had never spoken. Now he smiled and said: "Let's go, I am here to spend two more drinks with Song Manager."

    "thank you boss!"

    Lu Chen did not look at Song Xinwei and left the reserved seat area.

    Song Xinwei was so mad that he fell off the glass. His eyes looked at Chen Jianhao and said coldly: "Chen Bo, your buddy is really a bone, I am a knowledge today!"

    "Haha, young people…"

    Chen Jianhao hit a haha ​​and said: "All this, who is not young? Come, drink and drink! ”

    Where Song Xinwei can still drink, he is feeling unprecedented defeat.

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