Chapter 10 is to be a Man of One Piece

    Out of the East Gate of Jingming Community, cross the road and walk 50 meters south along the sidewalk, then turn right into Yangliu Lane. I'm free to go to the end of Master Chen's private kitchen.

    Master Chen is a Huainan native. He is not a special or professional chef, but he has a good Huaiyang cuisine. After retiring in the past few years, he came to Beijing to settle with his wife in order to take care of his grandchildren.

    Beijing is not easy to live in, and the daily expenses are very high. So Master Chen rented a set of old houses in Yangliu Lane to open a private kitchen, relying on craftsmanship and conscience to attract business, and earning some living expenses.

    The old alley is deeply squatting in the small courtyard, and there are dozens of dining tables in five or six wooden tables. When Lu Chen and Li Feiyu touched the door, they were basically full and could not find the vacancy – the business was very good!

    Fortunately, Li Feiyu often came to patronize, pulling Master Chen’s wife, part-time customer service personnel, “Auntie Auntie” called intimacy, sweet words, and the other person’s eyebrows opened their eyes and finally deceived the extra position in the small courtyard.

    A student desk and two plastic Little Fang stools are gone.

    But both Li Feiyu and Lu Chen are very satisfied.

    Master Chen’s private kitchen is truly a model of good value for money. Many old ladies have come to the place in advance without going to the meal. If Li Feiyu can tell the truth, where can I add it!

    Braised lion head, three sets of ducks, squirrel squid, big boiled dried silk and two cages of crab powder steamed bun, all of which are authentic Huaiyang cuisine, and then served with four bottles of Yandu beer, so that the land has not been opened for a long time. It was a tear in the morning.

    When the plate was empty, the beer drank three bottles, and Li Feiyu, who was full of wine, opened his voice.

    It is still talking about the live broadcast of the network.

    Li Feiyu played online live broadcast for almost a month. He also deliberately purchased a dedicated high-quality microphone and high-definition camera. He thought that he could make a fuss on the Internet and make a small amount of money by the way.

    The first live broadcast was on the whale TV, the way to the game anchor, but the most popular three online games of whale TV – CKG, Hero City State and Planet Overlord, he played very badly, mixed for half a month audience Few, even the electricity bill was not recovered.

    Half a month ago, I went to the star show, didn't play the game and played the life show. I told people to tell the story, and then sang and sold the ugly. I also mixed the popularity and earned a full 0.3T star.

    0.3T is 30000 starlight, equivalent to 300 yuan, but according to the rules of the star show, the "wild" like Li Feiyu is the unsigned anchor, only 50% of the share.

    Well, the electricity bill is earned back, and it’s better to go to the bricks of the day for two weeks!

    Speaking of one's own hearty anchoring career, the bitterness of the little Brother Fei children's shoes is endless, and I can't stop it, so that Lu Chen can't help but swear a tear of sympathy.

    "Small land, you know?"

    Li Feiyu poured a large beer and said: "Our company's Xiaomei earned more than 20,000 30,000 discounts in the Starlight show last month, five or six times more than the salary in the 4S store, she will be next month. I won't come to work!"

    Xiaomei, Lu Chen, who knows, Li Feiyu went to work at the reception desk of the 4S shop, with big eyes, awl face, water snake waist, big long legs…The most important thing is that she has no boyfriend at 20, and it is a flower in the company. It has undoubtedly become the pursuit of many mad bees, and secretly!

    The reason why Lu Chen knows this is not that he knows each other, but he has heard about N times in Li Feiyu’s mouth.

    Well, this is one of the members of the Xiaomei Dark Lovers Alliance!

    "She is very talented?"Lu Chen asked curiously.

    Li Feiyu explained: "She can't sing or dance, just live broadcast makeup, eat, sell, chat…"

    Lu Chen is speechless – is this OK?

    "Really can!"

    Li Feiyu stirred up his spirit and said: "Don't say that you are selling and chatting. The live broadcast of the star show is sleeping, watching TV, cooking, and writing novels. Only you can't think of it, there is no inside!"

    "Xiaolu, with your talent and strength, is really promising in the star show!"

    He took it seriously and said: "Now the star-studded seven-star superstar, with a monthly income of at least 100,000, the most famous Yan Manni is said to have signed more than five million, and also endorsed a lot of advertisements. At the Starlight Show, the attention has reached two million. Do you think about how much she can earn?

    Lu Chen couldn't help but nod. He also used Li Feiyu's number to play casually. It seems that he has earned a lot of rewards.

    2 million + star powder attention, think it is terrible!

    Li Feiyu smiled bitterly: "I can't mix this part, but Xiaolu is different. You sing well and handsome, and his mother can still write songs one's own, and there is a huge potential in the star show!"

    "Don't say anything else. You just sang three songs. I saw 2.8T for the reward. If you withdraw it immediately, you can get 1400 yuan. You can say that you are better than going to KFC, no better than going to the bar." ?"

    Lu Chen really hearted!

    His family owes a huge amount of debt. If you only work part-time by one's own, it is estimated that it will not be possible to get it in this life, and the family will be the same.

    Now that he has a treasure house, it is not a simple matter to change this treasure house into a real interest. Think about the harsh contract that Su Xiaomei took out, and he is anonymous like him. Small people, mixed in this circle, only talent and talent is not enough!

    The anchor platform such as the Starlight Show is a stage for the grassers, and it is definitely a shortcut to making money!

    Li Feiyu continued to fight the iron and continued: "Small land, I am not going to play anymore, my star account will be given to you, the name information can be changed, the anchor device is also given to you, anyway, useless."

    Lu Chen was shocked and said quickly: "How is this going…"

    "Where is it?"

    Li Feiyu said with a squint: "This is called rational use of resources. I don't suffer too much. The rewards in the account are not for you, otherwise there is no such price for selling second-hand!"

    Although Li Feiyu’s words are like this, Lu Chen knows that even if the two pieces of equipment are sold at a discount, a thousand dollars will definitely not be available, and the account is originally his.

    "Li Ge…"

    "It’s a brother, don’t talk nonsense!”

    Li Feiyu waved his hand and said with domineering: "It is so decided!" If you really want to see your brother, then wait for you to mix into superstar, let me give you an errand assistant! ”

    Lu Chen dumbfounded: "Li Ge, you are drunk!"


    Li Feiyu said disdainfully: "Two bottles of swallows can make me drunk?" Adding a zero is almost the same, don't say it, we will go back and change the number now, pay the bill! ”

    He bought the order and then rushed to the rental room.

    Back in the dwelling room of the basement, Li Feiyu couldn't wait to open the computer and re-login the account.

    He first cashed out a total of 3T points of the one's own account, and then began to change the information.

    The starlight show anchor platform allows the anchor to change the data, including the account nickname, secret security, binding cell phone and easy payment information, etc., so it is very convenient to change to Lu Chen.

    Of course, very few anchors will change the nickname at will, which will affect the popularity, and also have to send a message to inform the star powder, so it will be more troublesome.

    Lu Chen was the first to play, and Li Feiyu’s account was taken without loss, and the popularity earned in the morning was retained.

    "Small land, first give your anchor a nickname!"

    Li Feiyu slammed his hand and reminded him: "Be sure to be domineering, and you can make a shock to the audience!"

    Lu Chenhe, he used the keyboard to enter the name of one's own "Lu Chen", and the result immediately popped up with System Notification.

    Nickname is occupied!

    Lu Chen was replaced by "Small Land" and the result was still occupied!

    Li Feiyu smiled and said: "The good name has been taken by the dog. I originally wanted to register the little Brother Fei, and the result was also taken up."

    Lu Chen thought about it and knocked in the word "Lu Fei".

    To his surprise, the name passed, and the display can be used!

    He pressed OK without thinking, and changing succeeded!

    "Lu Fei?"

    Li Feiyu was amazed and immediately excited: "This name is good, okay!"

    Lu is the land of Lu Chen, flying is the flight of Li Feiyu!

    Although Li Feiyu didn't want to play the anchor show again, he still had a lot of affection for this account. He hoped that Lu Chen would carry it forward and become a shining Celebrity in the star show!

    It is precisely because of this, so seeing Lu Chen's nickname for "Lu Fei" is exciting and moving.

    He couldn't help but punch his fist and slammed on Lu Chen's shoulder: "Good brother!"

    Lu Chen laughed and said nothing.

    He used this name as a nickname. Except for Li Feiyu's relationship, the most important thing is because of a sentence that just sounded in his mind.

    "I want to be a man of One Piece!"

    Really domineering!

    After changing the nickname, this anchor account is completely owned by Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen did not immediately open live broadcast, but first familiar with the various operating functions in the live broadcast platform.

    Log in to the anchor account, naturally have all the permissions of the live broadcast, such as basic settings, accompaniment, subtitles, kicking, ban, blessing, message and so on. Li Feiyu is pointing around, he is very quick to get started.

    Then Lu Chen sent a message to all the star powder groups, telling people to change their names.

    Interestingly, there are hundreds of messages in his anchor mailbox, most of which were sent just a short time ago. They are all greetings from Star Powder, admiring the touted, flying signals, seeking thighs. of…

    Then in less than half a minute, new information came back, expressing congratulations and joy!

    "Great, finally no longer tortured by the magic of Little Brother Fei, sprinkle flowers!"

    "Lu Fei, I like this name, handsome pot keep it up!"

    "When do you open live broadcast? I still want to listen to you at the same table, 10,000 times! ”

    "Support in the end!"


Lu Chen looked very happy and became more and more interesting.

    Li Feiyu said: "Star powder can be signed for over 10,000. The contracted anchors are divided according to the level, and the proportion of the shares is different. According to your powder speed, up to two live broadcasts should reach the minimum requirement!"

    Lu Chen nodded, and his eyes flashed with the light from the screen.

    It’s like a star!

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