Chapter 43 becomes Legendary

    "Small land has talent!"A website editor.

    "Little Lu Ge is good!"A well-known bar owner.

    "Small land is very handsome!"A radio station Host, gender female.

    "Small land…"

    The VIP seat area on the top floor of the Blue Lotus Bar suddenly became a deer farm. The enthusiasm of "Little Deer" and "Little Deer" continued to ring.

    Under the introduction of two bosses, Chang Wei and Chen Jianhao, Lu Chen met many people present in the circle. They were invited by Light Rain Media and Blue Lotus and have their own reputation and status in the industry.

    Regardless of whether it is true or not, Senior in these industry circles expressed considerable appreciation and friendliness to Lu Chen.

    Few newcomers who have just stepped into the new circle can get such treatment!

    Lu Chen's performance is very impressive. No matter what his identity is, his etiquette is impeccable. He is not humble and unhurried, and he is secretly admired by Chang Wei.

    Chang Wei learned from Chen Jianhao's mouth that Lu Chen's family is not good, but now pay attention to Lu Chen's performance, it is definitely not from ordinary ordinary people, because the temperament thing can not be disguised.

    As the old Jiang Hu in the mixed circle for many years, Chang Wei has a pair of sharp eyes, but he can not see the depth of Lu Chen, which makes him have a slight concern about the negotiations to be carried out.

    "This is the general manager of Light Rain Media, Dong Yudong!"

    The last one introduced was a woman wearing a Prada summer dress. Her looks and the black-rimmed glasses that she wore, suddenly appeared in Lu Chen’s mind with three golden glittering characters.

    "Hello, Director Dong."

    Lu Chen gently grasped the hand of the other hand, politely said: "Thank you!"

    Dong Yu looked at the handsome man standing in front of one's own with interest and smiled gently: "You're welcome."

    The nature that Lu Chen thanked was the Music Night, which was organized by Light Rain Media. He stood on the big stage and sang the dream song to thousands of audiences.

    The corner of his eyes was so far away that he was sitting not far away, with Su Guangmei, who was indifferent to his appearance.

    Chang Wei said in a timely manner: "We all talk about it inside."

    The outside performance is still going on, and the noise is not conducive to talking about things, so everyone came to the bar together.

    The largest wine table was selected. In addition to Lu Chen, there were Dong Yu, Chang Wei, Chen Jianhao, Gan Kai, Qin Hanyang, Na Jie, and Su Xiaomei.

    Qin Hanyang and Na sister are very clear, if they are not exposed to Lu Chen's light, the two may not be qualified to sit here, so each cocktail is slowly being tasted, and the right is a passerby role.

    When the wine just came up, Chang Wei came to the door and asked: "Lu Chen, I and Mr. Dong are very interested in the two original works you sang at night, don't know if you are willing to cut and sell?"

    He didn't want to be so eager to perform, but the calmness of Lu Chen's performance made him give up some ideas.

    Simply straightforward!

    Lu Chen blinked and smiled and said: "Since it is always like Mr. Dong and I like it, I am very willing to be the beauty of adults. I don't know how much the two are willing to pay for copyright?"

    Chang Wei and Dong Yu looked at each other and saw a glimmer of color from each other's eyes.

    Lu Chen is not like a newcomer who is new to the beginning. He calmly reaches everyone's expectations!

    Dong Yu indulged for a moment, erected two long, white fingers and said: "Two songs, 200,000!"

    One hundred thousand songs, even if it is a song, it is also a famous treatment, it can be said that it is very sincere.

    Dong Yu was originally prepared to raise the price is not so high, but Lu Chen's attitude made her change her mind, simply lit one's own card, trying to achieve the effect of one hit.

    For a newcomer, such a price is not only a real benefit, but also a stronger one!

    As soon as Lu Chen signed the copyright transfer contract, he was qualified to be among the top names.

    It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a step in the sky!

    However, Lu Chen did not reveal a hint of excitement, as if the price was already in his expectation, and the expression of lightness made Dong Yu feel the punch in the air.

    The atmosphere between the seats suddenly became subtle.

    After a while, Lu Chen said: "Blue Lotus 200,000, all copyrights except the authorship are transferred!"

    200,000 songs!

    Lu Chen actually doubled the price directly!


    Su Guangmei, who was sitting next to Dong Yu, couldn’t stand it anymore. He said, "Would you be Xuan Tingyi?"

    Xuan Tsing Yi is a big coffee in the domestic industry. The top lyricist has produced albums for several Singer swords. He has created many classic works over the years.

    It is not easy to ask him to take action for 200,000 yuan, but it is also possible to take a personal relationship.

    Perhaps it was because Lu Chen had touched the wall, so Su Liangmei now looks at Lu Chen, but it is not pleasing to the eye, and 200,000 is not exactly the price she bought for Lu Chen? It’s just face-smacking on the spot!

    Miss Su Da is such a good bully?

    Lu Chen laughed and said nothing, as if he did not hear the roar of the Su Director.

    Whether it is "Blue Lotus" or "In the Spring", he took it out at night and was ready to sell it.

    Lu Chen is very short of money, very very short of money, the heavy debt is like a mountain that is pressed against him and his family, so that everyone can breathe.

    He wants to make one's own mother, sister and sister live a happy and happy life. It is undoubtedly the fastest, most convenient and easiest way to take out some of the wealth that the dream world has to sell.

    However, how to sell is very particular about it. If Lu Chen wants to find someone else or an entertainment company with a thick stack of music, the result will be that gold will be sold as copper and iron, and the other party will not be able to give the price.

    Lu Chen is not so stupid.

    What he did was to prove to everyone the value of one's own work and then wait for the price.

    Want to buy, please bid!

    I want to be cheap, dreaming!

    Now Lu Chen has such a sigh of relief, even if the light rain media does not, there will be some people tempted.

    For example, sitting next to Chang Wei, obviously showing a nervous look of Gan Kai.

    Although Lu Chen is not aware of the Captain of the North Arrows band, he was beaten by one's own to lose the courage to go on stage, but he believes that the other party will be willing to take out the savings to change the real good song.

    As for Chang Wei, "Blue Lotus" and Blue Lotus Bar are more suitable!

    Dong Yu reached out and took a shot of Su Xiaomei, and asked quietly: "What about another song?" Are you one's own sing? ”

    In her opinion, "In the Spring" is more valuable than "Blue Lotus."

    "Do not!"

    Lu Chen shook his head unexpectedly and said: "In the Spring is not suitable for me to sing, so I am going to sell it to my own boss. I think this song should be suitable for Daqin's singer band."

    He smiled and looked at Chen Jianhao, who looked like a stunned color.

    what? !

    Qin Hanyang never imagined that Lu Chen had to sell "In the Spring" to the grass and give one's own sing!

    He was almost stunned by a sip of alcohol in his mouth, and his face suddenly rose red.

    After all, Chen Jianhao was a long time storm, and soon he woke up, Shen Sheng said: "I bought it!"

    If such an opportunity is missed, he will no longer have to mix in Houhai!

    There is no need to talk about prices.

    "In the Spring" has its mainstay, and the pressure of Dong Yu and Chang Wei has suddenly increased. Gan Kai has almost stood up.

    The band got "In the Spring" and it was easy to crush the compass!

    He wants one's own to buy "Blue Lotus".

    Su Xiaomei was staring at Lu Chen and asked: "Since it is not for you, how did you write this song?"

    Although it is a bit aggressive, this problem is probably something people want to ask at the venue.

    The song "In the Spring" is really not like a young man can create, there is not enough experience, no precipitation of Era, how can you express that vicissitudes?

    There is also the content of the lyrics, it seems that it does not match Lu Chen.

    However, this song is indeed an original work. Since Lu Chen dared to take it out and sell it at a high price, it is naturally not afraid of copyright issues. The people present here are all in the eyes without sand.

    Everyone’s eyes are concentrated on him.

    Lu Chen smiled lightly and said: "Not long ago, I happened to have a chance. I met a wandering Singer. He once walked through the Tibetan side and used to wander around…"

    "He is very tired, very embarrassed and very strong."

    "He told me a lot of things and taught me a lot…"

    "He is my Teacher!"

    After listening to the story told by Lu Chen, everyone is silent.

    After a long time, Dong Yu asked: "Lu Chen, can you tell me his name?"

    "Xu Bo…"

    Lu Chen said very seriously: "His name is Xu Bo!"

    Although I can't tell the truth to people, I can make your name and become the Legendary of this world!


Ask for a ticket, ask for a ticket Ahhhhhh!

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